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Knights of Tartarus

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I'm so sorry that this 1 bit asset pack didn't meet your standards and that you had to look for hours to find that your claim is unfounded, but I thank you for your rigurous and unsolicited search as you have now demostrated that these are in fact original. Any person who has bought this pack can now feel assured about using it for their game. Thank you friend here's a free bow and arrow: 

Ok, so basically you see some patterns or similarities in my work to other works and then you claim that it's ripped off? Great conclusion.

Thanks for reviewing the game, I'm glad you liked it. If you have a twitter I can retweet the link to your blog. I'm always updating and there will be plenty of more updates. Btw this game was done by me (just one person).

Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.

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Knights of Tartarus is a role-playing game where you go into the underworld to fight off a legendary order of knights to save the world. In order to have a chance, you will need monsters to teach you their spells, craft items, solve puzzles and even compete against your rival.


Knights of Tartarus:

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Knights of Tartarus

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Thank you! Yes, you will. I'll try to setup the keys very soon (done ;) ). I used Unity.

Thank you so much friend. Yes this game is on Steam. I'm currently making an RPG UI/Icon pack but it's 1 bit atm. I will then make 8 bit and 16 bit versions.

No problem. What I had in mind was UI/Icons/Fonts for this pack.

I will include some in next update if you wish. Any special requests?

You mean NPC's or characters as in fonts? 

1 bit game assets pack now updated. Contains more than 150 sprites.

Hello and happy holidays. I made a 1-bit game assets pack that contains more than 90 sprites. More sprites and also font characters will be included.  More details in link below:

In 3-4 months from now it is likely that Knights of Tartarus will exit out of Early Access.

Thank you very much. ;)

No, sorry. But if you need art  send me an email at

Knights of Tartarus is an rpg/jrpg game where you travel to the magical underworld Tartarus and face a legendary order of monster knights that reside there. This game has a retro look and feel but has many modern mechanics such as weapon crafting, a skill upgrade tree, spell customization etc.  Another important aspect is the game's open world, there are many places to explore right from the start of the game. There are many secrets and puzzles everywhere.

Knights of Tartarus is under development but the game has plenty of content and more on the way.