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I'm so sorry that this 1 bit asset pack didn't meet your standards and that you had to look for hours to find that your claim is unfounded, but I thank you for your rigurous and unsolicited search as you have now demostrated that these are in fact original. Any person who has bought this pack can now feel assured about using it for their game. Thank you friend here's a free bow and arrow: 



Your snark is disappointing, disgraceful, and unbecoming of a professional game developer.
What a shame :P


Not sure to which person this was directed at but a little humor doesn't hurt at all. I am not snarked (Is that correctly spelled?) nor disgraceful. It's just shitty of a person like you to degrade someones work by providing "facts" which aren't true. Research better in the future please, this will hurt other people's reputation or in rare cases your own.


My comments were exclusively aimed at the 'developer' of this asset pack (and associated game).  Your contributions to this thread are not desired nor required unless you wish to engage in an actual discussion.  I stand by all statements I made (none of which were statements that I declared were 'facts' but were clearly 'opinions' by default).  If you are unaware of the difference between facts/opinions then perhaps you may ask Google for assistance.