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I'm experiencing plops / clicks at the end of my tail using Nimble. This isn't when I play my kick through Kontakt.

for example:

How is this happening? Are others experiencing this problem? It bleeds into the punch and alters its sound. This has been on both my producer computers.

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I love Nimble Kick for it's accessibility and workflow enhancement but at the same time I feel there are some things really lacking (at least for my workflow). These include;

- Pitch ability for the punch. By either using a knob or the midi roll. Preferably both. A knob would help in kick design and being able to trigger pitching the punch through the piano roll would make it much more easy to make dem raw kickrolls during composition (Preferably using 2 instances of Nimble Kick each on a seperate channel track, one for the punch and one for the tail). I can use the 'seperate tail' function to pitch the whole kick but if I solo the punch only nothing remains. Though I could use the ADSR, the pitch would than be dependent on the note played in the piano roll. Also, I can pitch the punch with external plugins, but this often creates artifacts.

- Being able to offset the start of the punch. I would love to be able to skip the first ms of a punch to have another instance of nimble playing a different attack sample to replace the first few ms of a kick or for instance being able to increase or lower the volume of these first few ms. This first part is very defining for how a kick sounds in the mix and how I want the same kick to sound in different tracks differs a lot.  This would greatly improve my workflow with Nimble Kick.

Let me know what you think of these suggestions. I'm communicating them from my own experience but I think a lot of people are also quite eager for the features I'm proposing here.   I'm eager to know when the plug-in is updated and new features are introduced ;).


I notice that I tend to use your plugin more and more as a general sampler. It's really simple to use and the pitching algorithms give it that extra edge above my DAW's sampler (Studio One) and Kontakt (which is quite heavy and not user friendly for doing things quickly).

In that sense I like to program my drums such as snares and claps as well in your program. On that note I do miss more and more the option to easily pitch the punch only, and an offset modifier to delay the punch / whole kick sound within the plugin itself.

Oh and another suggestion, a button to have the EQ before or after the distortion ;).

it was specific to the project and I don't remember which project it was.

oh yes. if you do the punch only on the pogo modifier, it creates some weird artifacts.

yes that helps. However I cannot put exact values into the ADSR to cutoff the punch then so sometimes I have a few ms overlap or a few ms of silence which actually isn't that much of a problem.

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Good day,

Loving the plugin, its such a workflow enhancer, definitely worth the money!

Some suggestions:

1. Some knob to be able to able to pitch the punch as well (like a switch maybe). I'm using Nimble Kick on 2 channel tracks with one for the punch and one forthe tail. However, if I want to pitch my punch I need to bounce the punch channel track and pitch the punch manually in my DAW.

2. Being able to enter precise values into the ADSR.

3. Reverse button. This way we can easily reverse our kicks and make that ' sucking' character you hear a lot in raw kicks and still make it tonal easily.

4. Make the root knob go to G#0. Now I have to put my kicks an octave higher in the piano roll and that's trigging my autism :P.

5. I know you're planning to be able to offset the tail, but can you also do this for the punch? This way I can cut my kick into 3 pieces in my projects (attack - punch - tail) with 3 layers for more control. Not a priority though.

2. you can just solo the tail?

I have the same thing in Studio One, but only if I copy the track. The 2nd track only gets 'activated' (produces audio) once I open nimble.

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Thank you for the update. I've seen you've included timestamps below the waveform. As someone who makes a lot of tracks in triplets, I'd like to suggest also putting the triplet timing there as well somewhere in the future ;).

Oh, and what does the voices knob exactly do?

Also, there are some performance issues once the GUI is open on some heavier projects. I'm using Studio One on a Intel Core i7 8750HQ.

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yeah especially since I like to layer my kick with other punches within a track project. The ADSR workout works for now.

Yeah, but the kick was made in G1 and I like to keep everything organized in my midi rolls so it would be convenient if I could just put it at G1 ;).

Oh and I can't select my root note to be lower than G#

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Thank you very much for this plugin. Previously I used kontakt but this is a real workflow enhancer. I would like to share a few ideas / suggestions:

- Pogo modifier for the punch like in the FL sampler.
- An option to solo / mono the punch and tail. I like to put the punch and tail on seperate channels so I can do the pitching of the punch on the punch channel and vice versa for the tail.
- Reverse option for the tail with an adjustable offset modifier to delay the sample before it plays. This way we can use your tool for creating reverse basses really easily.  (EDIT: I see this has been mentioned already, sowrry)
- It detects my kicks an octave to high. Not a big issue though ;).

maybe in the future you can integrate misstortion so you can expand the tool from only being a sampler to assist in kick making.