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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. · By Nimble Tools

Some suggestions

A topic by stefaneke created 9 days ago Views: 20 Replies: 1
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I love Nimble Kick for it's accessibility and workflow enhancement but at the same time I feel there are some things really lacking (at least for my workflow). These include;

- Pitch ability for the punch. By either using a knob or the midi roll. Preferably both. A knob would help in kick design and being able to trigger pitching the punch through the piano roll would make it much more easy to make dem raw kickrolls during composition (Preferably using 2 instances of Nimble Kick each on a seperate channel track, one for the punch and one for the tail). I can use the 'seperate tail' function to pitch the whole kick but if I solo the punch only nothing remains. Though I could use the ADSR, the pitch would than be dependent on the note played in the piano roll. Also, I can pitch the punch with external plugins, but this often creates artifacts.

- Being able to offset the start of the punch. I would love to be able to skip the first ms of a punch to have another instance of nimble playing a different attack sample to replace the first few ms of a kick or for instance being able to increase or lower the volume of these first few ms. This first part is very defining for how a kick sounds in the mix and how I want the same kick to sound in different tracks differs a lot.  This would greatly improve my workflow with Nimble Kick.

Let me know what you think of these suggestions. I'm communicating them from my own experience but I think a lot of people are also quite eager for the features I'm proposing here.   I'm eager to know when the plug-in is updated and new features are introduced ;).


Thanks for the suggestions! For the first suggestion, you can try using the Pogo knob (with "Punch only" checked), which might help for you, although of course it's not ideal. I know some people have used it for that purpose though.

The second suggestion is interesting, but I'm afraid that adding things like that could make the plugin unnecessarily complex - eg. it might be better to layer different kicks/punches over each other, render them out, and then put that into Nimble Kick.

I'll definitely be keeping your suggestions in mind though!