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Hi, thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it enough to consider speedrunning it haha. 

For the save file, the path should be Users -> You -> AppData -> LocalLow -> Stef Pinto -> Cookies, followed by deleting the .txt SAVE file. That should do the trick. Lemme know if you run into any issues regarding that.

Interesting, can't say I've had that issue crop up before. I just downloaded the game and it was able to complete. I did some looking around the itch forums and the itch creator made this post that you could check out for potential solutions.

As said post suggests, you could try using the itch app itself to download it and see if that works. 

Sorry for the delay, looks like I just never assigned an actual platform for the .exe so the itch client would just bug out when it would try to download. I tried it myself now and the game seems to download from the app properly so you could give that a shot.

Unless you've already played it of course :P. In that case I'll just leave this reply up so that others can see that it appears to be fixed. 

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the kind words dude, really enjoyed going through your playthrough!

The oven's requirements for CBD will only trigger once you speak to Swamp Hound in his suite. After he specifically asks you for for weed brownies  and you finish speaking to him you should then be able to bake them. Give that a shot. 

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Hi Jongus, thanks for the update, don't feel bad about coming back with bugs and such. I'll try to respond to all the ones you listed and afterwards if you feel like deleting your comment you can if you'd like.

- EDIT: I have now made the CBD (and brownie mix needed to bake it) one single item in the shop to clear up confusion. 

- I replayed the assassin quest and entered the Soviet room with an organ before speaking with the yakuza boss, and after conversing with him things seemed to work fine. It's simply the Soviets getting killed, to progress you can speak to the goblin to get a hint as to where to go next. 

- The redneck boss issues can simply be chalked up to this being my first time making bosses, and underestimating the amount of caution needed when implementing duo bosses lol. 

- As for the last bug I am aware of it but never got around to fixing because I never found it to be too big of a deal, and moreso just a quirk.

I'm glad to hear you're still enjoying it though! 

Interesting, I just downloaded the most recent build of the game and played the circus sequence myself and the door worked as it should. 

Do you close the entrance to the maze upon entering? Because I left it open and let the door close by itself when its triggered at the end of the maze. Perhaps doing that will allow the key to work. 

Sorry about any frustrations this might have caused. 

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Yeah, there were some complications with that thread on launch day so I changed it so that once you put in the CBD, and only the CBD, you can close the oven and the Cosmic Brownies will appear. 

It came as a result of requiring both the brownie mix and CBD throwing way too many problems my way with not too much time to delve into the code. 

The timing may be finnicky so close the oven, wait a good second or two and it should be fine.

Sorry for any frustration this quirk might've caused.

Thanks so much man, glad you were able to get back to it after some of my fixes. It's very fulfilling to see somebody who liked the demo return a year later and say they like the final product. Much love.

Looking forward to finishing the vid sometime later this evening.  

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Odd, sorry to hear about that. Can't say I ever had that happen to me throughout all the testing.

No key is dropped from him, the thread just ends after he is killed, so if you can try your best to kill him before he falls off you'll be good to go. 

No worries, so your save file should just carry over to the next version assuming your txt. file that the game generates (somewhere in your Program Files x86) by default is still there. The game will just read that so you should be fine.

As for the roach, he's just supposed to serve as a way to guide the player into playing Black October if they haven't already, since some players may not try exploring that section of the game prior to talking to him. So, if you've completed Black October already, you're done as far as the roach is concerned. 

Very glad to hear you enjoy it by the way :)

Thanks man! Glad to hear you like it, warts and all.

For the first bug, if I'm not mistaken when the cursor stays on screen after pressing ESC if you press 'I' it'll go away. Not exactly a solution, but a workaround nonetheless. 

And I truly appreciate the feedback. It might be a while before any other additions get made since I do need a bit of time away from the game, but I'll keep all of your suggestions in mind.

Thank you Chief Keef, yeah the inventory bug was one of the only bugs I wasn't able to get rid of yesterday when I was uploading hotfixes. I'm getting to it now, there will be an devlog posted for the Day 1 patch once I get that sorted out.

Thanks for the kind words though dude. 

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I plan to do a bit of a hotfix build over the weekend addressing minor issues with the game once I've had a bit of time to breathe. I can definitely add the suggestions you've proposed. 

The page is published for people to view and bookmark, but the game releases next Friday, the 23rd, which can be found under the More Information Tab. I will make a heads up of this at the top of the page.

Hold down on the 'F' button

I will gladly offer up my project, Exit Mask, to the BLM bundle.

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Thanks for the feedback! I definitely don't disagree, up until release I was kinda iffy on how to tackle the content I had planned to put in the game, as I wasn't exactly going for a specific message or theme, moreso just a feeling, so that's where a lot of rawness and abrasiveness comes from, even if it works against itself sometimes. 

While I never considered giving the first chapter a second pass, that could be worth my time. Without going into too much detail, the box cutter (something I assume to be the center of criticism regarding lack of subtlety) is completely absent in the second and third portion of the game, and in general the imagery that is displayed also shifts as the game progresses. The first chapter was supposed to be the "worst" (brutal), the most heavy-handed, but I knew by taking that approach I risked players feeling like it was just too much for the sake of nothing. 

Regardless, your feedback has pointed out what you found flawed about it and gives me something to work with should I modify the first portion, so thanks again. 

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Thanks for the support and video, the thumbnail was a nice touch :)

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That totally slipped my mind, and would probably be very suitable. Thanks for the kind words.