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That's alright, it is admittedly a little obtuse. Where you start off in the demo isn't actually where the full game starts so I can see why some players would get confused considering it isn't laid out particularly well.

Glad you enjoyed it overall though, knowing that you'd like to see the full version means the demo did its job.

I will gladly offer up my project, Exit Mask, to the BLM bundle.

Thank you, there absolutely will be more! Currently working on adding new content to the game and improving numerous aspects of what's presented in the demo. 

Thanks a ton mane <3

Hey man, sorry to hear about that bug, actually the first time I've heard somebody report something like that. I'm not too sure what could be causing it, but as a bandaid fix you can also purchase a crowbar from the shopkeeper, equip it and swing it to bust down the door.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for playing man. More is definitely on the way, and I am working on making it a more user-friendly experience as well, as I'm imagining a lot of difficulty came from a combination of jankiness, lack of player direction and some restrictive design choices. Cheers. 

Whoops, should be sorted out. A true x86 version has been uploaded, and both installers have been renamed appropriately. 

Thanks for playing, along with the feedback. Your observations are all very valid. The game is still pretty buggy, so your second and third points are things I've noted and are working towards fixing. 

As for the effects, I'm also in the process of toning them down and allowing each aspect of it to be set by the player so its not as intrusive. 

Thanks for the support mane, films like Hostel (along with Se7en) definitely had a big impact on the game's visual style. 

The game will certainly be added on to as well, since this demo only contained 2 possible paths, whereas the full version will (hopefully) contain 12. 

Appreciate the support, glad to see you liked the game. <3

Thanks for playing man!

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Thanks for the feedback! I definitely don't disagree, up until release I was kinda iffy on how to tackle the content I had planned to put in the game, as I wasn't exactly going for a specific message or theme, moreso just a feeling, so that's where a lot of rawness and abrasiveness comes from, even if it works against itself sometimes. 

While I never considered giving the first chapter a second pass, that could be worth my time. Without going into too much detail, the box cutter (something I assume to be the center of criticism regarding lack of subtlety) is completely absent in the second and third portion of the game, and in general the imagery that is displayed also shifts as the game progresses. The first chapter was supposed to be the "worst" (brutal), the most heavy-handed, but I knew by taking that approach I risked players feeling like it was just too much for the sake of nothing. 

Regardless, your feedback has pointed out what you found flawed about it and gives me something to work with should I modify the first portion, so thanks again. 

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Thanks for the support and video, the thumbnail was a nice touch :)

Appreciate the video man! 

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That totally slipped my mind, and would probably be very suitable. Thanks for the kind words.