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We aren't having (or had recently) any widespread service disruptions. Things are working correctly from our end. There could be a lot reasons for having issues downloading on your computer. Here are some things you can try:

  • Use our app, It's the only way to have resumable downloads, so if your internet connection isn't reliable it will help a lot
  • Disable any download programs or extensions. If downloading from the website, we only official support the browser's built in download functionality. Any third party software is likely to have issues with our auto-expiring download links
  • Try temporarily disabling any virus scanners or firewalls. Sometimes they can incorrectly flag a domain and block downloads
  • Try another internet connection. Some networks may have firewalls or content filtering (common in schools) that you can't control. Try to download from another place to see if it makes a difference

Lastly, some projects on opt to host their own files on their own servers. For those games, we can't control how files are delivered, so we can't guarantee the success of those downloads. We urge all developers to use our tools, but if you think there's a particular game that isn't downloading you can tell me and I can take a look. Before you report it though, please check other games to see if they download, to verify it's not a problem specific to your computer or connection.

Hope that helps

Thanks for responding to this issue. I've been struggling with this one for a while now.

Could you provide an alternative regular (not the auto-expiring) download link for the I can't download it either.

If not I can understand where you are coming from and why, but it would help resolve the issue for me.