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Show me your results. Here is my best so far:

I like the game! It would be great if after an incorrect answer (not that that would ever happen to me) you could see which answer would have been correct.

Oh, that's sad. 

Just send me an e-Mail with the last Karma level and I can generate an importfile for you.

Thanks for your comment.

I am very happy that you liked the game.

After playing all reincarnations, they will be chosen randomly.

So the game goes on (theoretically) endlessly. With more bonus and higher requirements.

However, you should continue with your current reincarnation until you have exhausted everything. Then it goes very, very quickly to prestige.

You have to see that once. :-)

Very very cool! Surely you won the private jam with it. :-)

If you work on the balance a bit more, gain some more upgrades, add some long-term fun and a prestige system, it will become a class A game.

Keep it up. Hope you continue with the game.

So, I could finish the game now.

Nice game!

I played endless mode.

What I didn't like:

Slow scrolling with the keyboard. Here I would prefer arrows for jump with the mouse so that you don't overlook something.

The mining upgrades can be bought very quickly (too quickly) and then nothing more happens.

Mining ore becomes useless very quickly. After that you have a lot of ore and a lot of money and you can't do anything with it.

But all in all very nice. Keep it up.

A really nice game.

I like it very much!

Short question: Does it make sense to do a 'Ichor Prestige' after getting the idle Ichors? Don't see the sense in it yet.



PS: I will buy you the coffee as soon as I got enough revenue with my games to afford it. Sorry :-)

Thanks for the update. :-)

But it seems that you run in the same problem I had with my first updates here on itch.

Meanwhile I switched to cookie save to avoid the problem. This also works much better for Firefox.

So, I start over with your game now and look forward to see the improvements. :-) 

Hi, I like the idea of your game and the start.

But I have a few problems in the game:

1. I can't buy the miner for 15k even though I have the money and
2. I can't unlock Smelting even though I have the 50k.

Somehow I can't go on without these two things.

I find the money bags of the birds a bit overpowered at the start and a bit underpowered later on.

An indicator of how many miners I already have would be great too.

I'm looking forward to trying the game again and hopefully I'll be able to play through it.

Keep it up!

And with a great performance! No delays in the game... :-)

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Hooray, I got the first rating for 'Pirate King'. 

It's always nice to get feedback on your work. :-)


the build with the Brotli compression doesn't start for me. Maybe you should try Gzip for itch?

Looking forward to play your game. :-)

I love games, where you have to click to get carrots! :-)

this is just a promotional page for a game but no game. 


Nice little shooter! But where is the idle part? Is there a long-term goal that I just can't see? 

If I lose the level it starts right back where I was. No chance of progressing in the long term. 

The most upgrades are at the limit so it seems that the game ends with endless repetition at the moment. 

But the start is really very nice and you can certainly make a nice "long-term" game out of it. 

Keep it up!

it's a bit sad that many released games get lost here because they're released at the wrong time.

I know there is a filter for games 'not in jams', but how many players use it? Your (Itch.IO) stats might tell you something about it.

The effect I see is that the visibility of a game, that the developers had invested weeks or months of their time in, sometimes goes to zero when just a 'program something in 2h about xy topic' started at the same publishing time.

This then leads to the fact that many (there are of course exceptions and wonderful games in the jams) unfinished, prototype or even bad games ensure that the 'serious' releases slide down in the all-important first few days after release.

So my suggestion would be to set the 'not in game jams' filter as the default.

If the jam developers are convinced of their game and have it in a state to present it permanently, they could maybe (supported by Itch.IO) additionally flag it as finished somehow.

I hope I don't offend anyone with my opinion, but I wanted to put it up for discussion.

Thanks for reading and hopefully some other opinions on this.




Great. Please send me a mail so I can contact you when the time comes. (Soon :-))

Thank you for the comment and especially for looking 'beyond the surface'.

It's not a bug. :-)

As with the PP, there is also a logarithmic formula behind it. That means for the first generators you get the underlying item almost 1:1 and to increase the growth rate you need more and more generators.

The formula behind it: (int)Math.Ceiling(1 + Math.Log(gd.Level[i],2));

I'm looking forward to your next post.  And if you have time, I'd like you to be a beta tester for my next game. :-)

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Thanks for your comment!

This text will not change.

After Reincarnation you get a (non-visible) Karma level factor.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

You're right!

But it makes a big difference with Generator Items...

That's what I like most at this game.
You CAN do a lot, but some choices are better than others.
That's karma. :-)

On my own behalf:

I got my first ever rating for my games on Itch.IO and I look like the cat that got the cream. :-)

Feedback is extremely important for me to see how I can make my next game better.

In the rating, the player says he would like speed increases on certain numbers of upgrades.

In case anyone else is wondering:

I deliberately didn't program it because the PP makes it possible to completely adapt the game to your own needs. (income, speed and price)

Hope you still enjoy it.

I think I found the reason, but am not sure how to handle it.

I asked the community for help: 'Community'

Maybe somebody there has an idea how to solve the problem without making it worse for all the web players.

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I got a comment that my game 'Dark Idle' doesn't run with the itch app.

To be honest I didn't test this before publishing the game.
I tested for weeks in several browsers but didn't even know that the itch app exists. :-)

The error when starting the game in the app is:

Of course I could build the game without compression or activate the compression fallback:

But this would result in larger download files and longer startup times for hundreds of players to make the game playable for at the moment approx. 10 players who uses the app.
In my opinion this isn't worth it but maybe there is a different way to solve this problem I just don't see.

Has anybody an idea and can help me with that problem?

Kind regards,


Thanks a lot for your comment!

To be honest I never tested the game with the launcher.

I tested different browsers for weeks, but only with the direct link to 'Dark Idle'. Is it possible for you to play there online?

I'll take a look at the launcher issue and see if I can fix it.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

The PP per Prestige level increases with a logarithmic function. This means that the curve is strictly monotonically increasing, but the gain is getting smaller and smaller. When the PP doesn't increase (noticeably) anymore, it's time for a prestige.
You can get more PP on the next run.

Don't be disappointed, it's bad for karma. :-)

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Thanks a lot for your comment!

The game will show you an indicator as soon as you can do a reincarnation (it's after reaching Prestige Level 8). 
If you try the reincarnation before lvl 8 the game will tell you the min. requirements.

You don't have to reincarnate then but I would recommend it. :-)

Have fun playing 'Dark Idle' and please tell me your opinion after the reincarnation.

Hi Turdl, nice start. Even if my eyes hurt a bit now from the shaking turtle. :-) 

Work on it and make it a bit longer. I finished it in a couple of minutes.

Also it would be fine to see what the updates are for after buying the first one.

Go on with making games and I'm looking forward to your next one.

A wonderful game. Very relaxing but also exciting. Just watch the miracle of life (eat and be eaten) and let your mind wander. Perfect! 10/10 I'm actually working on my new idle game right now, but at the moment I'm considering giving up my "career" and retiring. :-)

A wonderful game. Very relaxing but also exciting. Just watch the miracle of life (eat and be eaten) and let your mind wander. Perfect! 10/10 I'm actually working on my new idle game right now, but at the moment I'm considering giving up my "career" and retiring. :-)

I really like the game idea. But this comment, with qualified tips about the game and so many suggestions for improvement, is just fantastic. I'm jealous!

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after running in the problem of persistant saving of Unity3d PlayerPrefs when updating the game (manual or via Butler) I found a solution for me I want to share to others. You can find it here:

When I released my game on Itch.IO I was so happy that everything was so easy.

In my code I used the Unity3d playerprefs to save the game date between sessions. This worked in local tests and worked with my upload as well. I tested on Chrome, Edge and Firefox and everything seemed to be fine.

Then I uploaded a new build and my Odyssey began. 

I recognized that my save data was lost with the new build and started to investigate the problem.

Here what I found out:

Unity3d stores the playerprefs in web in the indexedDB of the browser. For the key it uses the build information of the project AND the domain from where the game is started.

On the first view this shouldn’t be a problem because the URL seems to be the same after a new upload.  (

But the html sources are saved in a new subfolder with every new upload.





This is why the key in the indexedDB is new generated and your game can’t find the old playerprefs.

Way to my solution:

I started to search for “Unity3d playerprefs indexedDB Itch.IO” solutions in the web, on itch and in several forums. I found out that: “Yes, there is a problem.” is the most common answer.  So, I decided to store my game save data in the browsers Local Storage instead of using the build-in-solution. But how?

I started to search for “Unity3d C# Local Storage” solutions in the web, on itch and in several forums. I found out that: “This is possible and totally easy.” But how?

I didn’t find a solution to do this from my C# code directly and only found java or js solutions. So, I decided to use a js plugin to do so. But how?

I found a Unity3d sample project (CallJSFromCSharp) sending  browser messages in the web via html and js and started my experiments. After some hours of testing, crying and finally understanding what I’m doing I switched to my problem. Addressing the Local Storage. After some more hours of testing, crying and finally understanding what I’m doing and found a solution for me. And then I found out that it doesn’t work on Firefox. 

After even more hours of testing, crying and finally understanding what I’m doing I decided to use the build-in-solution for Firefox knowing and accepting that the save games on Firefox are lost between sessions. 

So now, I’m saving the game data in Chrome and Edge to the Local Storage and use the Standard Unity Playerprefs for Editor.

My solution:

I created a jsLibrary.jslib file with:

This file is stored in my Unity3d Assets\Plugins

With this settings in the inspector:

In the C# code the functions are addressed like this:

For save I use:

For load I use:

The Unity editor uses PlayerPrefs 


Chrome and Edge use the Local Storage:

I’m sure there must be easier solution for my problem but I didn’t find any. So I can live with my “workaround” and hope players can as well. 

I look forward to comments on how other developers have solved the problem and hope I can help one or the other beginner (like me) with my solution.

Thank you for reading so far and apologizes for my English. I hope you understand anyway.

Hi SkyCharger,

I tested it with Waterfox G4.0.5.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10 and there it works fine.

So it seems to be a problem either with your OS or with the Waterfox Version.

That's very sad and I am sorry for it. But it is not possible for me to check out (and solve) this problem because I don't have a test system nor the resources to test compatility on every OS - Browser combination.

Is it possible for you to test the game on Chrome? 
Just to give the game a chance. :-)

Thanks and kind regards,


Hi SkyCharger, 

Thanks for your comment.

I am surprised. Did this a thousend times when testing the game on different browsers. 

It is working fine on Chrome and Edge.
It is working on Firefox (but without save persistance!)

Please can you tell me:

  • Which browser (+version) you use
  • The OS of your computer
  • Can you paste text to the importfield? Please try to click on the importfield once and paste any data to it with ctrl+v

Thanks and kind regards,


PS: Has anyone else this problem?

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Hi killereks, 

Thanks for your comment. This is very helpful. 

In fullscreen it was OK for me because the 'indicator' green had enough contrast. But in the 'small' browserwindow you are right of course. Maybe I can make the text bigger a bit as well. I will check my options and change this in the next update. 

There are limited (and expensive) upgrades for speed because the click/idle balance breaks very easy. It will get better after some prestiges. :-) But I will have an eye on it.

Thanks again and have fun with the game.