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I'm running Windows 10. It did the splash screen, and then it was just blue.

Yes, I ran into the problem of not knowing what's best to press when having my friends playtest it after the jam ended. It should definitely be changed to have more commands be viable. Most options have two keys that will work, and I should have let "Forward" work for the end. However, if you press a command anytime during the sound it should work. Thanks for the review!

It was fun to play, and looked and sounded cool, but I was unsure as to what was going on or what my goal was. I was entertained, but didn't manage to get past the first level. Still can see a lot of work went into it. Very good audio.

Thank you! I didn't bother to check what the rating categories were until after the jam ended. So I'm sure to get rated highest in the graphics category. I'll check yours out now.

This is a really cool and fleshed out idea for a LRJ, the only thing it's missing is audio.

Even downloading the bugfix version it was really hard to get anything to work, like the inventory and crafting system, and a lot of errors popped up on that side window.  However, it was really interesting, and I like the idea as well as the music.

It gets stuck on the loading blue screen, so there wasn't a game to rate for me.

Managed to complete it my second try, pretty fun! rate5/5

Hahahaha this was entertaining for a (only one) minute

Literally the best battle royale I've ever played.