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Cool animations ! I like multiple type of shoot !

Pretty cool effects wow :O

Hi Daromaru !

Thank you for you perfect feedback ! This game was designed for mobile device (and we think about a better mobile version)! Graphics aren’t perfect because we didn’t have time to work on compression/resolution in a row ! 

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A really great game I'm impressed ! Keep going :D

Thank you sir :D

Thank you again for your support and love-filled feedback! :D

I like the sound of the menu and the little animations attributed to the characters! The particles of the shots are cool too! Well done!

Les animations entre les niveaux sont cool ! Je trouve la physique du jeu un peu trop lourde.

Nice level editor! Great job!

I like this kind of puzzle game but I don't understand what it has to do with the theme of the Jam.

The Ideas and visuals are cool but the game is a little slow in my opinion.

I like the principle of switching from one style of play to another ! Great job !

I was a little lost despite the tutorial in the first few minutes of play but everything worked out quickly! I really like the sounds and graphics with a fluid gameplay! Well done! Well done!

I congratulate the fact that I can make a 3D game in a few days! The controls answer correctly but I would have liked to have a minimum of audio feedback on my actions or those of the enemies!

Can't play your game :/

I didn't understand how to play but I really enjoyed the music!

Well done! Well done! The idea is good and you completely respect the theme of the Jam.  My only criticism concerns the slowness of the game. Slowing the character down during dialogues while performing an action can be frustrating! 

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