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That is cool with me! Thanks!

Hi! It's possible your PC has trouble with our voice rec API, so go ahead into the options menu and turn that off before you play. If that doesn't work, then we'll keep our eyes out for a repro of the bug and will fix it if we find it.

Otherwise, I did record a full playthrough for folks who don't have compatible hardware to play:

We have not been able to reproduce this bug on our end. If we find a way to, I will reply here! Thanks again! In the meantime, I did record a full-playthrough for people who don't have the hardware to play: 

Hi! This has been a known bug for some laptop users. We fixed it in v0.2. If you are seeing the bug still in that version, feel free to reply here! Hopefully you're just a version behind and it doesn't happen again!

Thank you! All music in the game came from this awesome composer who does a lot of creative commons work: Rrrrrose @

I'm so sorry you had trouble with the voice rec! It's using an API we don't have control over, unfortunately. So, we included the option to play without voice rec if that's more comfortable for you. Just as an FYI, since it sounds like you finished it anyways! Thanks for playing!

Hi again! I have made the video and a document containing the poem that is read during the game. Both links are available on the Itch page for this game, but I'll put them here too for your convenience!

Playthrough Video:

Hi! I will make a video playthrough for you! I will reply to this thread with a link when it's ready.