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So yeah, let me repeat that, a Squid Game parody made in one day based on my edited Annoying Orange episode. A game that will make you ask yourself, "Do you like beans?"

I made this game in Scratch and I'm not sure how good the multiplayer is, so I hope it works. Yes, I edited Annoying Orange and decided to make a game out of it. However, it turned out quite original, and this whole game is a joke anyway.

So yeah, if you like beans or funny stuff, please check it out as it's a free browser game.

I'm not much of a DDLC fan anymore lol. I make horror games if you're interested, but this place isn't really for self-promotion, so I won't go into too much detail.


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I wasn't able to move when I played it the first time, and I'm not sure about my favourite character.

My Dear Kitsune Forever!

Survival mode might not work, or maybe my computer was still loading the game. That's why I tried arena mode first.

I tried survival mode first. What did you think of Kitsune? (it's fine if you didn't/don't want to play it)

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Okay, thanks! the font on the game page is kind of hard to read, but that's the last piece of criticism so far!

Edit: never mind, the font is fine, I just wasn't focusing.

Have a nice day!

Edit: saving this for when I'm better at game development. I'll either continue here or make a new devlog later on.

Update: I tried arena mode and it's fun, but the robots get really close to you and it's hard to avoid their attacks. Maybe if there is a way to dodge the attacks, it might be easier. I hope you a great evening! (or night, it's past 10:00 PM lol)

I wasn't able to get the controls, but it looks amazing! (I read the instructions) I also made a free game, but this place isn't really for marketing (more for games you've seen and enjoyed). If you want to play my game, here you go: My Dear Kitsune Forever!

The game starts out about the snow, but turns into a life simulator afterward. Still horror after though!

I finished the main plot! It seems the game will be a survival horror/life simulation!

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Step 1: planning the plot. I'm not sure about gameplay yet, but I'll start with the plot.

Thanks! Happy holidays!

Oh, and I will be working on future projects more than Kitsune. Unless it really succeeds. If it gets popular, I might make a side story with the new characters(:

Thanks for playing the sequel! The font I chose was a bit bold, but hopefully the context of each word helps with whether it's an l or i. If you look at the bottom of the screen, there's a skip button for parts you've passed, so if you want to get other endings, you can use that. If you pick anything except for asking Kitsune for help, you will get a much longer story. (unless you pick the wrong choice when you get to talk to Kitsune. So you can save there.) After that, there are 2 main stories depending on who you think the villain is. So you can save there, too. There's more of a fantasy/magic theme in the added parts, so I hope you enjoy it. (the original ended when you talked to Kitsune if you get the bad or neutral ending) You don't need to record these other endings, it's only if you want to look deeper into the story. Thanks for playing the game, thanks for reading this, and have an amazing day (and holidays!)

Doki Doki Literature Club is a free game (there's a paid version but it's not on and I didn't play that version yet) and it's very scary. It was a part of my inspiration to start using Ren'Py, as well as my cousin using it. My cousin's games are also on here. NOTE FOR MODERATORS: No one told me to put that link there, and I didn't help with any games (yet, because we're planning on collaborating.) I'm recommending these games because they are awesome, and... Okay, that's all lol.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing, and have a great day!

From, Makenzie.

Also, here are some explanations for things wrong with the game. If I forget to list one, I may have forgot (or fixed it in the sequel).

Background re-use: rooms often look similar or the same in video games, so it makes it more game-like and obvious.

Game closing when you ask Kitsune for help: just a jumpscare

Music fading out: I don't know how to make soundtracks for a game, so I use public domain music. I did, however, make some remixes in the remake/sequel (you don't have to play it because it was intended to be a paid DLC, chose to make it free but left the about page the same as an Easter egg).

Sudden horror elements: the reason why it's tagged as "horror" and has that warning. If you were to continue the game and not save everyone (you got the good ending first try, good job by the way!) you'd get the neutral ending or bad ending depending on what you do, but don't worry about making a part 2, as the good ending was replaced with a different good ending in the sequel, and those scenes are certain to happen.

No sound effects: there are sound effects, but not a lot. There are more in the sequel.

Thanks for reading and again, have a nice day, Makenzie.

Thanks for letting me know, I will try to remember next time as I thought I posted somewhere else. I guess it was a different person. I didn't remember that I could check my community posts on my profile before (or maybe that post was before I knew how) as this was my first Ren'Py game and a start to developing games without Scratch. Thanks again for both replying and playing the game, and have a good day(:

The remake to My Dear Kitsune is here now! It has new stories added too, so I recommend it! Play the game here.

I know I already submitted here, but the My Dear Kitsune remake is another game I would love to see get played (even more than the original!)! Here's a screenshot, as well (actually a CG but they do appear in the game). The game is a cute visual novel... but it's actually a horror game.

Get the game here!

Edit: the game will now be free permanently! Reason: the game is too short to put a price on, it would probably take a bit less then an hour to get all of the endings. So now, it's just an updated version of the game. The "about" description will remain the same, as an Easter egg referencing the original intention of the game.

If you don't want to create a new topic about the game, you can comment here. I hope you enjoy the game! (:

The game is ready! Play it here

I don't know how long the game will be free, so I set it to free and I will give it a price later. My Dear Kitsune Forever! is a horror game for computers. It's a remake of My Dear Kitsune and it has a longer story than the original. I'm not sure how long it is yet, but it also has more endings than the original, making it also have more replay value. I hope you consider playing my game, and I hope you enjoy it.

Here's an image of the title screen (not a screenshot, just the image I used for the title screen).

Update: the game is complete, but I need to set up payments for it to work (it's a DLC/remake) and I need to export the files.

Update: I finished making the game, but I need to debug it, add custom GUI, and maybe change an illustration or two.  Here's a CG from the first game for anyone here.  It might be a good wallpaper (:

Edit: I can draw again(: The spare pen tips were found.

Update: I lost the tip on my drawing tablet's pen, and I can't find my extras. So I won't be able to finish the game yet, due to me not being able to draw without it (even if I tried drawing by hand, it would look out-of-place with the rest of the game). I'll try to remember to tell everyone when I find it, but I might continue making the game's script. Here's a background from the original game (also in the DLC). Go ahead and use it as a meme template, for example putting Pingu in the classroom. 

I've done quite a bit of writing, but I still need some advice on what to add to the game! I might just self-critique everything if I can't find any advice.

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I am planning on making a DLC/Sequel to My Dear Kitsune. If there's anything from the original game that you would like removed, or anything possibly from the sequel you would like to see, please let me know! The game is a cute horror visual novel, and some decisions will be made for the sequel to be more fitting (like removing the perfect ending so that you're less likely to play for a short amount of time, and leaving the bad ending as an alternate ending). Edit: replaced CG with background to show how detailed some parts are (in the DLC)