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yooooo jonah! it’s been a while, it’s me Stardust.

Not sure if you remember me, i made a remix of your pony island soundtrack a while back, but i’m glad to see you working on new projects! I really like this one too X3

Evolution is a game that I made a while back, but I didn't know about the forums and wanted to share it on here o3o. Basically the controls and mechanics of the game change every so often. Here is a video of some of the gameplay:

Please tell me what you think, even though I am finished with this project feedback and comments are still welcome! o3o

this was Er.... Interesting X

BoxR community · Created a new topic Update v1.3.0

MAJOR UPDATE HERE GUYS! The major change in this update is the addition of the BOX SHOP! You can use Box-Points to buy in-game boosts, cosmetics, and later you will be able to buy special abilities, new classes, and more cosmetics! I've also added a new enemy (The Rapier) and a new class (The Hunter). More details will be updated on this post as soon as possible!

BoxR community · Created a new topic Update v1.2.8

Many new features added on this update such as enemies, shop upgrades and utilites (utilites are items you buy in the shop upgrade and placed from your inventory)

New Enemies:

  • Regunner- The Regunner enemy is an enemy that stays away from the player at a certain distance and can dodge projectiles. it is able to shoot slow moving projectiles at an extremely fast rate.
  • Resnipper- The Resniper has a similar AI to the Regunner, however it's attack is inverse, in that it shoots fast moving projectiles at a slow rate.

New Shop Upgrades:

  • Utility Upgrades (Cannons, Barricades) now have no limit on how much you can buy.
  • Cannon Upgrade (Utility)- Now you are able to buy and place your own Cannon allies to fight by you! The Utility Cannons are exactly like the enemy Cannons, and when destroyed, they will return some money back to you
  • Player Decoy Upgrade (Utility)- The Player Decoy is a utility that when placed, it is able to trick certain enemies. Enemies will instead attack the Player Decoy instead of the actual Player. However, be careful, as some enemies won't get tricked by this utility! Additionally, the decoys are stationary, and only have 150 health, so you should probably protect them with barriers
  • Utility Healer Assist- Like the archer pawn, the Utility Healer will follow you around. It doesn't attack, but it will heal any Utilities that go into it's barrier!
Random Changes:
  • Changed some of the Shop Upgrade's prices and values
  • Enemies can no longer leave the map
  • Changed around what waves enemies will spawn at
  • Archers can now be Necromanced
  • Changed the stats for Necromanced Enemies
  • Barriers now have 500 health
  • Boss Enemies can now heal and regenerate their health
  • Increase the Archer Pawn's Attack Rate
BoxR community · Created a new topic Updates v1.0.0-v1.2.7

12/5/2016 v1.0.0- first version released. Only 3 classes to select from so far and 3 enemies that mirror those classes: Swordsman, Archer and Bomber.

12/8/2016 v1.1.0- Added a few major things, made the User Interface better and with clearer text. I also gave the Swordsman class a Shield as a secondary weapon, toggle between the primary and secondary weapons with 1 and 2. Added a few new shop upgrades and a cannon enemy as well, I hope ya enjoy!

12/9/2016 v1.2.0- Added quite a few things in this update;

  • Added a Player Stats system with Experience Points, Levels and Box Points (they have no purpose yet but they are now implemented)
  • Added a new enemy, the bandit. Fast melee enemy that can dodge your projectiles! watch out!
  • Added the first boss enemy! It will appear on wave 10
  • Added an HP Regeneration Upgrade in the shop.

12/10/2016 v1.2.2- Two new things in this update, the first unlockable class is out! (reach level 5 to see what it is :3) and I also fixed a minor bug with the wave 10 Boss. The boss is still experimental so I have a lot of fixes to do with that one XP.

12/12/2016 v1.2.4- New class! The Necromancer Class! Unlocked at rank 15, when you kill an enemy with your Necromancy Blade, it will become Necromanced and fight for you! Necromanced enemies however have about half as much health as their counterparts, and lose 2 HP every 2 seconds. I also added a new enemy at wave 12: Doom Factory. Another stationary enemy that spawns doom pawns, it has 500 HP. Please report any bugs you find in the comments!

12/13/2016 v1.2.5- Minor Update with the Shop, a new upgrade in the shop, new prices and new layout!

12/13/2016 v1.2.7- a Few things in this update, all of which involve the Upgrade Shop:

  • Added a new Inventory Menu. the Inventory menu is where placable items you buy from the shop such as Barricades or Cannons.
  • Barricades are placable blocks that are merely there so that you can create a barricade between you and enemies, just in case things get out of hand, they will block damage for you, however, they have 250 HP and once destroyed they will be of no use.
  • Money Magnet Upgrade- The money magnet upgrade allows for money to come to you if you are in a certain distance! just in case you cannot quite reach for it

I saw jacksepticeye play this... AND IT WAS AMAZING, I WANTED TO PLAY IT FOR MYSELF!

Not sure i'll be able to finish a game in 6 weeks, but whatever i do finish i'm posting XD