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The jump appears to be a bit narrow towards the end, to clear it requires a very quick tap of the jump key

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The longer you hold "Jump" the higher you go. You quickly tap the jump button.

Ah, I see... good luck on the game!

Ok so the game is actually quite fun! However, I find it difficult to get past the first section without getting ambushed with enemies left and right, attacks could be telegraphed a bit better but not bad.

of course!

Let me know what you guys think.

Its a nice little game! However, I found her at times to be really easy to loose and other times nearly impossible to avoid her.

I really like the artstyle you guys went for! Very impressive!

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It's quite polished, however there was an issue with loading the game but other than that, it was amazing!

This project looks interesting! I'll give it a go...

I really like the art for this game! Keep up the good work!

This is a really well put together project! Impressive!

Alright! Thank you for the feedback, I will do my best to improve the game, also, nice job on the score!

No problem!

have you downloaded the .pck file and the exe file? As of now, I'm not able to submit a zipped .exe file because Extra Credits is reviewing submissions and I cant update the game.

looks interesting!

I love the minimalist artstyle! However when I attempted to  move the player, the game just froze. It was a one time thing but after I restarted my browser it was fixed.

Amazing game! I hope to see more games like this in the future!

The artwork in this game is outstanding.

No problem! Can you play my game too? I could use the feedback.

The game was fun! I don't know how, but there was an issue with my character, this is probably just a one time thing but when I tried opening the game, the game just crashed. It worked after I tried again though...

What a neat little project!

sorry i sent it to the wrong person, do you still want to collaborate? 

My email is you can send me the audio files there. And brainstorm and discuss.

Yeah ok! I'll do the programming, art and level design, you could help with the audio and sfx, can I email you?

like 3 minutess their characters are easy to draw.

I'm an artist if anyone wants to parter up, if you wanna check out my skills, ive made some games and I got a DA page you could visit

I'm an artist if anyone wants to parter up, if you wanna check out my skills, I got a DA page you could visit


This is outstanding! Can you try my game?

This is a neat concept. I hope to see more projects like this in the near future.

Understandable! Well, i wish you luck on future projects. I hope we meet again in another jam!

This audio is SPECTACULAR! You gotta colab with me sometime, im an artist, and I could learn a thing or two with you around!

Thanks man! Glad you liked it 😃

This was a nice simple game!

I also love the "Paper's Please" reference in the title.

I love the music in the game! Nicely done!

If you could help by providing a tutorial or source code on slope movement, then Id be extremely grateful!

This seems like an interesting project! I agree, game dev is hard sometimes, but don't worry, just know that you will always have at least one person, family or friend who will cheer you on! I look forward to seeing more projects from you!

Don't fret! I know we have stuff we have to do on our own time. Totally understandable.