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Hi, rriegs! Thank you for your feedback c:

I've tried faster autosell\autoreplace in previous version, but it damaged balance and especially idle progress, so I had to increase them.

As for this annoying thing with selling bad humans for first screen and good humans for farm - for now you can just turn off autoreplace or autosell by clicking blue circle near the timer title. I tried to solve this problem in more elegant way, but nothing better crossed my mind. I guess I still have to think of a better solution

Thank you for your comment!

Appearance for humans is generated semi-randomly. 

It just depends of human's stat: there's array of images and appearance is picked by index which equals human remainder of dividing farming stat by length of images array. And because human appearance can be calculated at any time just by stats data I don't have to bind human appearance itself to stored object of human

Aww, it's nice to hear it. Thank you!