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+1 to this. There are a lot of clicks right now to export a model. Being able to do that with just a hotkey e.g. Ctrl +E or some other one-button way would help a lot to get a fast workflow of modelling and seeing the changes in the engine.

Nice one! I'd love to see an option for larger models, like 64x64. (A warning noting if it'll be bad for performance is ok)

On thing I'm not sure, is there a way to switch between the shapes on the left without clicking? Like shift + scroll to make the selection go up/down instead of rotating the shape?

Sure :) Check out my progress here: or come and chat on the Tiled Discord:

Hey, I'm trying out Tiled's automapping feature and it seems like it's going to work decently, though I'm not through mapping the whole set yet. Feel free to poke me to see to check my progress.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, the setting could probably have less exposition dumping - the important stuff is really only the last part, which is sort of the wrong way to go about it! :D

The D20 rule - yeah you're right, I should've mentioned this. It's perfectly fine to use other another die when it's a better match.

Glad you liked the map generation! To be honest, it felt a bit thrown together (the rest is things I've been thinking about for a long time), but it's a good start. 

The first page may be a bit off-putting, which was not my intention of course :) I didn't have time (nor energy!) to go through and do an edit pass on the game before submission unfortunately. 

Nice! :) 

I would've liked to know more about the sort of problems the hero would encounter, how to (for the GM) think about their goals and what they are doing, and more of worldbuilding in general.

The tables make good work of adding mechanics and lore at the same time. Would be nice with another table for potential monster goals, as the monsters are currently a bit under-written, it's not completely clear what the player is playing and how they're expected to act.

Ok :) Thanks for the quick reply.

Is the TODO or a roadmap published somewhere?

There are two bugs that I've noticed with the PNG exporter (on Windows)

1) If you select a png to overwrite, so it says, for example "fire.png" in the filename box, it'll create a file called fire.png.png

2) If you simply write "fire" and there already is a file called fire.png, nothing happens. (That file isn't updated)

And a request: A checkbox to render to a power-of-2 texture. Right now I think it tries to place them in a square, so that there are for example 6x6 sprites if there are 36 frames in the animation. But it would be better to put them as 8x5 (and leave some blank space at the end), if that aligns better to a power of 2 texture.


Wishes for the Canvas W/H widgets:

1) Snap to powers of 2 (64, 128, 256, etc). 

2) A button that sets it to the most "optimal" size, i.e. whatever's needed for rendering to sprite without going outside the border. Maybe this should be under Render?

2b) With possibility to round up to the nearest power of 2. It really is crucial to be able to get Po2 textures. :)

3) Hold down ALT or SHIFT to set by steps of 1 instead of 10. (Maybe not necessary with 1))

Ah right! Yes, that'd been nice. :)

Thanks! Actually, the number lists both count as one word each. I spent a fair amount of energy trying to get the most out of my 200 words :) 

You're right, leveling would have been nice to have something about, though it's fairly easy to make up your own rules about that (e.g. after a mission gain 1 in two skills or something) compared to the other stuff which I think is more unique.

Could you clarify what you mean by "point values"?


Thanks :) You're right, the system itself is quite generic. I've tried to build a sense of the world through which skills are available, for example Surfaceology and Survivalism hints that you may sometimes have to venture to the surface. In retrospect I should perhaps have worked on this more!

I would just like to ask for a confirmation that I'm all submitted and good :) My game shows up under Entries (named Underneath) but under Overview it still prompts me to "Submit your project".