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Canvas size requests

A topic by Srekel created Feb 17, 2019 Views: 119 Replies: 2
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Wishes for the Canvas W/H widgets:

1) Snap to powers of 2 (64, 128, 256, etc). 

2) A button that sets it to the most "optimal" size, i.e. whatever's needed for rendering to sprite without going outside the border. Maybe this should be under Render?

2b) With possibility to round up to the nearest power of 2. It really is crucial to be able to get Po2 textures. :)

3) Hold down ALT or SHIFT to set by steps of 1 instead of 10. (Maybe not necessary with 1))


Hi there!

I've just added the suggestions to the todolist, not much else to say, they look helpful :)

Ok :) Thanks for the quick reply.

Is the TODO or a roadmap published somewhere?