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Squidly Games

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Just using p5.js! nice simple graphics and audio framework, it's pretty lightweight but results can vary between different browsers

I enjoyed this! Have you thought about adding some extra challenges, enemies or obstacles so each level has a distinct flavour? Can't wait to see more!

Hi Ordinal! So glad you enjoyed this, sorry about taking a while to get back to you - I've had a bit of a game dev hiatus. To answer a few of your questions, the only 'conclusion' is leaving the island - but the events can play out differently. The altars are save points, mystery sounds happen from the whole game world being instanced at once ( puzzlescript limitation ).

It sounds like you've seen basically everything, which is awesome - I'd love to come revisit some of this ideas I had here, all feedback will definitely be on my mind as I work forward, so thanks for your comment!