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I love the stop and pop tactical rhythmn here - the procedural levels do a good job of creating rocky outcrops, and cover, without becoming too predictable. Having to run back to the extraction point at the end made things tense, and I even died a few times with enemies hot on my tail botching a sneaky hack job. I loved the extra element of low visibility during the night, to make you even more cautious.

Super cute! The music is a wonderful match for exploring the quirky little biomes - my favourite is the wetlands with the birds and lily pads.

This has such great atmosphere, you've nailed sneaking through the backstreet crawlspaces, with every surface bathed in grime and neon.

I found the character controller worked well enough given the stage of development - the biggest improvement I could see would be smoothly moving over rough terrain, as it gets to be a little bit of a bumpy ride.

I like going deeper into the canyon and the little overhangs formations that develop as you go - would be cool to see the outcome with some obstacles thrown in!

Incredible job for the timeframe - I've needed something to scratch that kicking itch ever since Dark Messiah!

This has such great atmosphere - the structure feels appropriately oppressive, and nice touches like whirring vents and hissing steam really bring it to life. Especially zipping past them at mach speed with the grappling hook, which takes the tedium out of navigation; each dead end was kindof invigorating, giving me a push to track back and try other paths. It would be awesome to see the turrets fully implemented - as soon as I saw one, I instinctively shot because it simply looked evil, but it would cool if they were out to get you too. Great work!

Thanks! I think a lot of childhood games seeped in here, like Myst and Spyro; unfortunately I can't take credit for the skybox, it was the Fantasy Skybox Free off the Unity asset store.

Sure thing! I'll look at patching in an options menu this weekend

I love the goofy lizards, and watching chaos ensue as they walk all over each other. Next step, lizard battling ?

Very cute aesthetic - you've really got a hang of the pico8!

This is great! Short and sweet!

I do like the crunchy gameboy sprites; though, I did find myself turned around in the levels a few times as a result. 

I love the diorama style!

Thanks for playing!

I tried to reign in the connections as little as possible to keep things feeling chaotic;  so I'm glad you found they worked for you!

At the moment, multiplayer assumes 2 xbox controllers with mouse and key being for singleplayer only

I hope to work on that in any future releases of the game, but until then I'll make a note of that in the description - sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for the coverage! 

I like the ending!

Thirded - Really looking forward to being able to spin and flip things to my hearts desire  

I also really like the idea of being able to customise the grid snap size 

Having played a bunch with the first few builds of asset forge, I have a bunch of thoughts and feedback I'd like to voice; as well as to hear other people's ideas. From me, basically all positive, especially considering the early stage we're at. 

Even with a pretty small amount of collections at hand, the system feels flexible. The ability to freely add your own models will make this super powerful, and I look forward to seeing the new systems for browsing collections that Kenney has discussed. 

Having some tools greyed out, like a free transform and advanced texturing, is a good way to see whats coming in future updates. It also stops me complaining that they aren't there, because when they are this will really open up ; I sincerely look forward to it

I think it's a really fun tool that fits nicely into two unfilled (as far as I'm aware) roles :

1) Beginners / Lone programmers
It bridges the gaps between using free/open-source assets, and building things yourself.
Usually it's quite hard to find free assets that you can spin into something of your own - and this will make it a whole lot easier.
As a lone programmer with art experience, I can see myself using this a lot when I just want basic assets for layout. 

2) Small Studios / Indie Teams
It makes it far more possible to spread the load of art creation around a small team. 
By creating some smaller modular prefabs, team members with little to no experience in 3D software could start assembling models. 
I'm excited to see if gets picked up in this way, I'd love for something to fill this role. 

Interested to hear how everyone plans to use it! 

Adding support to this thread, and in depth position and scale controls 

Love it all so far, but I keep reaching for a rotate that just doesn't exist yet 

Just using p5.js! nice simple graphics and audio framework, it's pretty lightweight but results can vary between different browsers

I enjoyed this! Have you thought about adding some extra challenges, enemies or obstacles so each level has a distinct flavour? Can't wait to see more!

Hi Ordinal! So glad you enjoyed this, sorry about taking a while to get back to you - I've had a bit of a game dev hiatus. To answer a few of your questions, the only 'conclusion' is leaving the island - but the events can play out differently. The altars are save points, mystery sounds happen from the whole game world being instanced at once ( puzzlescript limitation ).

It sounds like you've seen basically everything, which is awesome - I'd love to come revisit some of this ideas I had here, all feedback will definitely be on my mind as I work forward, so thanks for your comment!