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Thanks for the kind words! What changes do you like in particular?

I’ve been brewing this in the back burner for a while - nothing to share, but a few previews!

Awesome! Love to see this.

Hey Jake! Thanks for checking out my game.

"Ice Molten" is certainly a punctuation error. It is "Ice" and "Molten".

I'm totally ok with you making character creation!

Hmmmm... you should be able to get boosts! That's an oversight on my part. Just treat it like the base AGON rules for now. Start with 3 boosts to anything you want.

Excited to delve into this! I think this playbook could go nicely with a Stringer crew I made a while ago (needs some updating however :) )

Just updated the community copies available! I'll share it later today, so I hope you see this and claim your copy in case they run out!

let me know how you find it! Curious to see what you come up with.

Really cool to see this come together! This generator is helping me have plenty of inspiration and excitement for Aria 2.0!

Great thoughts, thanks! Having just finished Roadside Picnic I’m very open to the inscrutable angle - I think your suggestions can be interpreted broadly to fit either style. In conversational gameplay even the most isncrutable forces need to be somewhat scrutable(?)

Question about Battles in Chamber:
The Seize roll decides if the Agents or the Opponent gets to choose the Opponents fate in the finale. I find myself struggling to answer what a plastic ashtray (even a spooky alien one) “wants” out of a finale. Any tips? 

It's probably tied up in answering questions as a table regarding the Signal, the SRMs, and more (which is great) but I'm still just feeling some friction there. 

Sounds like that was a useful play test! Thoughtful changes.

Thank you for making this. Very thoughtful and thought-provoking. I'd love to always be able to feel this way about making games!

Hey, thanks for your interest!

I do have some updates planned. How familiar are you with the Paragon System, which this game is based on? It’s pretty open from a narrative standpoint - players will often come up with their own answers to many of the big questions.

That being said this playset can definitely do more from a world building perspective. I plan to give more substance for the Harbinger monsters, the friendly and unfriendly organizations, the mecha and pilots, and the mysterious kol-field. I also plan to give more campaign structure to help focus the story a bit more.

Thanks for your second round of feedback! I'm hoping to expand on the manager AI and add other flavorful systems like that. I like your ideas a lot.

At some point I want to add "campaign module sheets" that suck the players into different multi-assignment, one being working for an overly ambitious Manager AI...

I'll revisit the perk harm tags. I made the decision to remove them at a time in dev. when perks weren't very common (esp. to lower level employees) and I hoped to make the game "extra lethal" by keeping the focus on the stress track. But things have changed!

RE: the character sheet printing, can you go further into "deciding how to print it"? I'm not against a printout with a single character keeper on it, I'd just like to understand how to offer that better.

Just updated the game! Thanks again for your feedback.

Great thoughts! I will try some stuff out. I have to admit that I hadn’t considered players dying over and over for tons of points.  BTW, if you’re interested in paragon system design discussion, I’m part of a pretty active AGON discord with some dedicated hackers.

Thank you for the incredibly thoughtful review! I'm glad that some of my more ambitious or weird changes struck a chord with you. If you ever get a chance to play it I'd love to hear how it goes.

You bring up a lot of great points and inconsistencies! I'll do a thorough scan and make sure that plugged some of these holes. I might have missed a few things in order to get this out in my deadline 😅!

I will respond to a few of your points here:

  • I must have removed my starting debt step for creating a new character! Whoopsie. Characters are meant to start with 7 debt.
  • Termination gives "points" equal to the dots on the square, 1 - 2 - 3 points.
  • I included the easy resurrection as a semi-comedic option, also hopefully to off-set the low lifespan of the characters. I'm very open to making it a more interesting choice! 1 permanent stress might not mean all that much.
  • Assignments are supposed to give one "point". That is a mistake on my end!
  • Bonuses and "Senior rank" refer to some systems I removed close to release. I'll correct that to "perks".

I'll make sure to make some of those vague rules and edge cases a bit more clear. I really appreciate the feedback!

Fantastic! I love the focused nature and arc of the story. You've also really simplified the presentation of the rules and made it all quite dense and efficient. An inspiration

Awesome idea. Does a "struck down" antagonist completely end their story? Do they exist perpetually somehow?

I love the Canticle! I like your idea - I think you could make it even broader and have it focus on a wide variety of people / orgs rediscovering technology or culture from the old world, seeing how they use and interpret it. While the monastic focus is cool, you could also include luddites, kings, warriors, monsters, regular people, etc.

Depends on what you're going for, of course.

I myself am planning to make a "cursed item" hack that finds its way from victim to victim, a la "The Ring", "The Monkey's Paw", "Jumanji", etc.

Lost & Found Jam community · Created a new topic Jam Ideas!

Super excited for this jam. I've been wanting to make something like Artefact for a while. I'd love to hear what other people are planning to make!

Fantastic work! Love these. Excited to use them.

Love this! The "political / economic" spectrum is an interesting take on the virtues idea. I love the fiction of building out the colony session to session.

I'm sure you could! Obviously very similar tone and subject matter; everything in CHAMBER is pretty abstract and up to your interpretation.

I would also recommend giving AGON/CHAMBER a try if you haven't gotten a chance to try them yet! (Though ECB is certainly very cool and exciting!)

Thanks! I appreciate that. The design isn't quite where I want it to be; I realized only last night that I accidentally designed everything in a4 instead of letter format... so I made some compromises converting it back to letter.

Care to chat about your ideas? Need some feedback or help? Feel free to chat here, post a new topic, or move on over to the Discord.

Climate change is a real threat to the survival of many species on the planet, including humans. 

I've chosen the Coalition for Rainforest Nations as the charity to receive 100% of the profits from this game. Rainforests are one of the best defenses against carbon emissions. This charity helps tropical areas responsibly manage their rainforests through policy, training, and financial support.

I may change the charity at some point in the future; 100% of profits will always be donated. I'll make sure to update here with any changes. If you have any thoughts on the current charity or other potential recipients please email me at

I'll semi-regularly (quarterly?) post profits and donation amounts here in this thread.

Awesome, thanks for clarifying!

Oh, I see. So Beam Saber hasn't hit a final release yet?

It appears from the changelog that beamsaberv0.55 is the most recent version - I’m seeing lots of editorial copy throughout it (like “header art is space battle” on the first page or “to be removed in final version” text throughout). Is this accidental?

I'd love to hear how any of your Starbones sessions have gone! What worked and what didn't?

What I'm most eager to hear about are designs where I've diverted most from Agon, primarily the following:

  • Stations instead of Epithets. What kinds of Stations have players come up with? Did they struggle at all?
  • Recharching stars via giving each other "marks". What was that part of the session like? Did it drag at all?
  • What has your experience been following the "Spoils" and "Voyage" parts of the game? 
  • How have your "Endeavors" gone? Do Peril Players feel confident putting one together or improvising one?

Glad you like it! Please let me know how it goes, as well as any snags you hit or fun moments you want to share!