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Starbones: A Paragon Playset

Piratey playset for the Paragon System (AGON) · By Greg Soper

Feedback wanted! ◀️◀️ Sticky

A topic by Greg Soper created Jan 23, 2021 Views: 113
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I'd love to hear how any of your Starbones sessions have gone! What worked and what didn't?

What I'm most eager to hear about are designs where I've diverted most from Agon, primarily the following:

  • Stations instead of Epithets. What kinds of Stations have players come up with? Did they struggle at all?
  • Recharching stars via giving each other "marks". What was that part of the session like? Did it drag at all?
  • What has your experience been following the "Spoils" and "Voyage" parts of the game? 
  • How have your "Endeavors" gone? Do Peril Players feel confident putting one together or improvising one?