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You mean me? Hello..

You can make any kind of game based on the Jam’s Theme which will be announced soon. (When the Jam’s submission period starts)

Yes you can, by the way. You should ask questions in the Pinned Thread on the Community Tab instead of creating a whole new thread.

I know, I did use it for a time but it was kinda confusing for me + I was a beginner at programming in general back in that time so didn’t continue.

Ohh, I used GDevelop once. I kinda was uncomfortable with using Visual Scripting so I tried using JS but I was really confused so I did quit :3

What’s the name? I’d like to check that out.

I just searched about PowerPoint Gamejam and now I see what it can also do xD. Pretty cool and interesting.

You just use any engine to make your game. Anyway, how are you even supposed to use PowerPoint as a game engine?



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You just normally submit your game in Then, in order to submit your game to this jam, you have to click submit on the Jam’s Overview page and select your game. It’s that simple.

In case if you don’t know how to submit to in the first place or you find it confusing, you can refer to the’s official guides here.

I think it is. Even if you can’t finish a game in time, you’d at least learn something helpful.

You mean 10 years Indie or you’re part of a Game Studio as a job?

Then I guess I’m not the only one.

I see, it makes sense now. Sorry if I said too much :3

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Just the answer: You can join regardless of your age. The rules don’t state anything about age. “The only rule we have is that your game must not include any NSFW and offensive/discriminatory content.” - states the jam overview. I think you should read it if you haven’t.

Extra: Your age has almost nothing to do with game development at all. Sometimes a Kid can be smarter than an adult, and also an adult being smarter than kids is considered normal and is normal as well. It depends on the person, not their age. (Sorry for bad English though, I hope you at least understood what I mean)

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I’ve joined several jams but never published to a serious one(by “serious”, I mean a not-a-loosy-goosy jam).

Hopefully this would be an exception.

Anyway, good luck!

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I’m planning on using Godot. I originally wanted to use Unity but it’s kinda slow on my Potato Computer.

Makes sense, I kinda knew it from the beginning but I asked to be sure. Thanks!

Are we allowed to work on our game further after the jam’s voting/rating period has finished?

Do you make games completely from scratch or use a game engine?

I only played 3 levels because I found the control hard. (No worries, everyone prefers different types of controls!) However I really like your idea, I’ve never seen a game where you’re literally an Ice-Cream who has to hop inside the refrigerator. Overall I like it.

Try not to be stressed and try to enjoy the event instead. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend not making anything too complex, specially because this is a gamejam. Even some pro gamedevs avoid those kind of games on gamejams because it might put you in some real stress.

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"Rolling Handyperson Run"
Idea: An endless runner where player character is a Rolling handyperson

And I'm making it.

Edit: Well... I didn't.

Hey there again!

I came to tell you that I used your music in my game once again :3

This time I used Mind Bender which I think sounds awesome and suits my game Square's Mirror.

Hey guys! I've been working on a game I named "Square's Mirror".

In this game. You play as a Square (or even squares). Square can't really jump. But don't be sad! There's a bug in square's mirror. And now there are more than just one Square! Play with those effects caused by the mirror's bug to complete levels!

I see, I get what you actually mean now. Sorry if I was rude lol :3

Most people here know that but it gets annoying and old. Everything has a limit.

Coincidence! I'm also 15 and I also only have 2 published games!

This tileset is great!

Which game engine did you use?

Thanks a lot. It's great to see people like my game.

Gee thanks, It was one of my first games. I'm glad you find it nice!

Hello there! I used the music "Spaceships" as my simple game's (Up or Down?) background music and it makes the gameplay feel great

It was a gamejam game. How long could you expect?

I gotta say that you're cool man!

This is great! I'd use this for the upcoming gamejams!