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LOVED IT. feels almost like a game i  would play on the bus or any other time crunch if it had more replayability

loved the game a ton. a total must pick if you got the huge bundle. only took a little over an hour to complete, but it was a really great stress releave for me! even for the short experience, totallly worth the 9 dollars, and especially if you got the big bundle on itch

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i found that the game was unable to be loaded, possibly just for my computer, but i found that if i hit new game, i cant start a new game. it gets to the police car parking, then crashes.

i got to agree. the  sword needs a satisfying thwack, and maybe have more windup. also, i feel like the jump needs to be a little more floaty, if not  little bit higher. the jump feels like i am barely jumping at all because i dont get enough time in the air. also, because you dont have a downward or upward atack, it would be apreciated if you made the arc of the sword reach higher up and down


love the game and would totally pay good money for a final version. was wondering how i could replace my pets, as i couldent find that anywhere. thanks!

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Good little experience. interesting and worth a play

also some banger music

well i feel like the problem is the only people i see are posting videos, and the ammount of videos are clouding the comments that could be people who dont post a video

dont allow people to self promote themselves by posting  video links in the comments, so that area can be filled with genuine criticizm instead

on almost every project i view, there are almost exclusively people who promote thier own videos. i hate that noone is giving genuine feedback and instead just advertising themselves

i think a good way to stop this self promotion is to not allow people to post video links in the comments, or to make it so they have to support the developer before they can share links, so that the developer at least benefits from all this self promoting crap

now it miraculusly works. dont know what changed, but thank you for noticing

feels fluid and nice. when and if this game gets a final release, i would certainly pay for it

this game is EPIC

Lu-Lu-Loved it!

really reminds me of non ucldean room and fragments of uclid. 

bestiality be like

love the game, but i feel like you should change the first boss. or just the confusion effect in general. it is always a bad idea to take that kind of controll from the player. 

for the first boss, once you get hit by the confusion effect once, he starts spawning in his minions, making it almost impossible not to get confused again

one way to fix this might be to increase the damage but make the confusion effect only last for something like 2 secconds. or you could remake the confusion effect completly, which i would prefer personally

i cant even install it. when i hit the download link, there are no versions i can select to install, and as such doesnt allow me to install.