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Wow, thanks for the kind review @LordCurse! What a nice surprise :)

I'm happy that you are learning with the course, and especially that you are satisfied with it!

Thanks for the suggestion and taking the time to answer! I have gathered enough feedback by email and some from itch (including yours) and I'll post the decision soon.

Thanks for answering!


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Thanks for answering, Matt! Yes, I'm hoping for a LTS.

Updating the codebase with incremental updates would be fine, the problem is the course itself (record and edit videos). A single video can take a whole week - imagine a full course, and then a week later a breaking change of Godot 4.whatever breaks 3 videos.

That's why I'm being careful, I also the course version for v4 to be long-lasting, just like the current version of the course is already definite for 3.5 and won't be deprecated.

I posted this via the course newsletter too, so I already have a few answers and opinions I got by email, I'll wait a week, and soon I'll have a decision that will be based on the average of the answers :)

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Hey, take your time :) Even if you never ever release anything else in regard to it, it's ok, because you already made something great and as you said: the software is useable, it's here, it's available for usage!

Thanks a lot for the throughout review! And I'm happy that you learned with the course - that was my intent when creating it, to create a deep dive into Godot's UI system (as well Resources and dynamic data).

Thanks a lot, @triptych! Glad you are enjoying it :) And thanks again for the nice Udemy review.

Oh I just realized I was being silly, of course the same Blender shader won't appear on PixelOver :)

What I am looking for in PixelOver is the possibility to set your own shader or custom material.

Glad to hear the next update is about materials!

Maybe the same options as the Godot's Standard 3D Material? I.e. Unshaded, etc.

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Considering a model with flat shading:

In PixelOver I tried:

  • Disabled the Directional light
  • Set ambient light to 1 and White
  • Anti-aliasing disabled

But still I can't simulate the flat shading look, I always get a lot of "artifact" pixels:

I tried an auto generated palette with 8 colors. But I still get a lot of "artifacts":


- How can I have the pixels generated as flat as the 3D model?

- Any way that I can just write some GLSL for the canvas?

PS: thanks, great tool! I got it over Steam and I also covered it in my blog:

Bought it!

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The demo is very convincing and warms my heart with fond memories of an era long gone. I like how it perfectly captures everything about the PS1 while being "modern-friendly". Good work!

Thank you!

Thanks, really cool stuff :)

Valeu! Preciso atualizar a lista de matérias, já sai em praticamente todos os grandes sites BR. Lista atualizada no rodapé daqui:

Thank you. I also have multiple comfort objects, even at the age of 35.

Awesome concept! And very well made for a LDJam game!

I was using from the website :)

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REPORT (using Demo): move Layer Up and Down seems not be working. The action is added to the History, but the layers stay in place.

I found out about the Demo, and tested it, answering my questions :)

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Do you have a bullet point list with all of the features in the tool? It's not clear by the video or by this page what you can do with it.

"a pixel art designing tool" seems too abstract to be honest.

Some of my questions:

  1. Does it have all the tools to do pixel art like Aseprite but with the focus on textures?
  2. Can I import photo textures and pixelate them?
  3. Can I import textures to use as stencils?
  4. Is there a Clone tool?
  5. Are there layer blending modes?
  6. Can I import submeshes?
  7. Is the process non-destructive?
  8. Can I export the Normal Maps as EXR or just PNG?
  9. Can I export both OpenGL and DX normal maps?

So on and so forth :) A bullet point with ALL the possibilities would clearly show what is the product.

UPDATE: I just found some answers in the website

Impressive work for a LDJam game! I think this is the hardest category of game to tackle in a gamejam, there are so many variables to balance and tweak, and this is where I want to leave feedback: I think it progresses too fast, I couldn't follow the pace and rage quitted. But at the same time, as I said, I'm impressed - this is such a cool format. I think you should elaborate and make this a bigger game!

You can download the music in the game's repository: (sfx -> lofiludum.ogg -> Download)

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Windows 10:

  • Moving with WASD does not work, the character is stuck, both in windowed and full-screen modes: my mistake, I didn't switch the scheme. Maybe make that clearer?

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for playing it and for the video.

Hmm it's working. I just tested in Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately, I don't know about Chromebook itself.

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Thanks for playing and for the video! The wording was made on purpose to sometimes be taken literally, sometimes subjectively, but I enjoyed your take on the game!

I just want to say that most autistic people, prefer "I'm autistic", instead of "with autism/have autism" - commenting on this because in the end, you mentioned something about this specific wording.

Thank you! The 4 doors are an analogy for the unopened/unique parts of your mind.

Thank you! Good to hear that :)

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Thanks again for the answer. Quite an interesting process, very different from what I thought.

Due to what you explained, I researched a bit and found out about Godot's "-colonly" and other extensions to deal with collision objects. That helps the workflow a lot!

Thanks for the answers! I have just one more, if I may - as I said this game contains all elements I love about a retro game, so I'm curious about the process :)

Are the levels assembled in TrenchBroom + Qodot or do you do lay down the geometry + texturing in Blender?

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  • In the first level, I can go through the car and clip through the level
  • In the first level there is pistol ammo to pick up near the first enemy, but no weapon, so I always die right at the beginning and can't move forward
    • How to reproduce: when starting the first level, as soon as the tutorial message appears, press 'e'.
    • Open the door, pick up ammo.
    • Press 1 for Pistol or brackets. There is no pistol.
    • On the other hand: if I don't clear the tutorial message, as soon as I pick up the ammo, then the pistol also is picked up.
  • When I die at this first level, the first enemy, if I press to restart, the game always crashes
  • If you die and right away press ESC for the menu, as soon as the "You Died" screen appears, the other menu hides, but then the You Died buttons do not work

Windows 10, game on Easy. PS: Awesome music!

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Hey Liam, awesome game! It provided a fun playthrough for me. The game has all the elements that I love.

Technical Questions, if I may:

  1. How do you make the toggle between HD/SD? Is it the Godot pixelize shader? Edited: I figured it out myself, it's `set_screen_stretch`, right?
  2. How did you make the dismemberment? Is it that each zombie has both a "full mesh" and another mesh with the parts cut and split?

Things that could be better:

1. Some of the sound effects and also the hostages' voices are too loud/too distorted compared to the other sounds.

2. Actually just one :D

Thanks a lot for the detailed review and nice feedback! I'm happy to hear, that as an autistic, you also identify with what is shown in the game.

Do you use Windows, Linux or Mac?

I'm the creator of the game and I'm autistic as well, that's why I created the game. I hope you will identify with something in the game :) Let me know what do you think.

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Thanks for reporting. Hmm I tested in Chrome both in Linux and Windows and it works. What's your system?

I know that in Firefox it's guaranteed to work.

Or could you instead try to download one of the binaries then? :)

Thank you!