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Bug reports and known bugs - Check here first if you've identified a bug. Sticky

A topic by MagellanicGames created Jan 22, 2022 Views: 121 Replies: 2
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This thread is to catalog any bugs.  If anyone should find a bug they can see if I have already been made aware of it.   Minor bugs will be grouped up and sorted together.  Major bugs, such as crashing I'll try to get on asap.  If you do suffer any crashes, additional info such as operating system and graphics hardware will help with identifying the problem.

  • Camera jitters when looking at Nutlet from the front with keyboard controls.
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Windows 10:

  • Moving with WASD does not work, the character is stuck, both in windowed and full-screen modes: my mistake, I didn't switch the scheme. Maybe make that clearer?

Will do bud.   I'll try warning if you don't have a controller connected, or automatically switching to keyboard control scheme.