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Yeah, the Android gamepad support is sadly broken on my Kishi (and I suspect most devices) because even after I remap buttons, the mapping used for the menu conflict with both the default mapping and my custom mapping. E.g., if I try to use the whip by pressing B, I get the menu and the whip simultaneously and the jump button A will simultaneously exit the menu  and jump in the game :(. Probably a really simple bug to fix.

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Nice game! Plays nicely on Chrome. The caravan and party are great innovations on the standard RL formula. Play intuitively and visually very appealing for a text-based game. Game could benefit from some sort of story elements or objectives to push the player forward. Also towns that do something, caravan repairs and upgrades, and more interesting items and creatures to encounter.

Thanks for playing. The feedback is very helpful as I continue to work on the game post Jam. I hear you on controls and plan to add full key customization and gamepad support. Gamepad is a must for me too for this style of game.  

Re the power cells (green dots) that you can't reach, you do have a jetpack in your inventory (Q to toggle through inventory items, E to use them -- there are bugs here...). Currently the dots aren't used for anything besides score. There are plenty more on later levels.

Re understanding how to get to next room, I gather you are suggesting I add some sort of prompt to press up (W) to enter the door.

Re level gen, loads more is coming here.

Re art, full credit to the original artist for the sprites. I loved the look and only made very small tweaks to get them to work in the context of the game. The trick will be animating them. Hmmm... Maybe he's up for a commission.

Excellent little game -- another I'd love to see on mobile. Pick 1 of 2 powerups are great and something I wanted to implement in my entry but ran out of time. Took me a sec to get the controls but I accidentally skipped the intro so may have missed the instructions :)

Plays well and looks great! Perfect for mobile :)

Thank for testing! Yeah, the level gen is basic and buggy but I have plans. The jetpack, wrench, and grenade inventory items can get you out of jams and you do need to plan your route. There are also supposed to be pickups and upgrades but I ran out of time for this version. Controls could use some love too :). 

Ha, this makes me want to quit my own effort :). Brilliant work.