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Hello there!

Hot-fix time. Sadly version 1.2.9. contained some "glitches" :(

Bugs everywhere

First and foremost please accept my apology for the bugs that I left in the game. Multiple discussions were started and you reached out to me with detailed descriptions and useful reproduction steps. I'm really thankful for having such an understanding and helping community. You are awesome!

Besides delivering the fixes I will do my best to minimize the occurrence of issues of any caliber in future updates.

That is a promise ;)

Nightmare retry

A glaring issue. I'm really sorry about it. I don't know how I could miss this. Originally (before the 1.2.9. update) when retrying or restarting the game on Nightmare difficulty, the new game would also start on Nightmare difficulty. I messed this up with the Nightmare and Treasury shuffling and changes in the Inn and it always switches back to Normal.

Now it's fixed and I wrote some new automated tests to make sure I never break this feature again!


An achievement (more specifically Nightmare achievements) related problem was described in a community discussion. I could not reproduce any related errors on my local build, but I did make changes to Nightmare and Treasury mode handling for update 1.2.9., so I decided to look into it. I haven't found any blatant mistakes, but I did put in some extra safety code changes.
Hopefully, if there was any bug in Nightmare achievements handling it is squashed now.

Teleport path-NOT-finding

The new movement mode (teleport) seems to be very well received, which makes me super happy :)
On the other hand, I did manage to leave a bug in this feature as well :(

Not a show-stopper, but the path-(NOT-)finding and navigation systems do not handle broken chests correctly (the "Toolbelt" item allows you to break them).

Normally you should be able to plan your movement through the broken chests without a necessary stop.
Now it works as intended.

Next stop

Progress is slower than expected on tying up the loose ends of the expansion pack. Steady, but a bit slow. I may change my mind in the end and release another smaller update beforehand. Will get back to you with the decision soon ;)

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

Until then, take care and stay tuned!

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Hi everyone!

As the title suggests progress has been made, but I took a really bumpy road to get here. I'm done with a new update, but even though I mentioned around two weeks multiple times, it took more than a month :/

Big-ish? Or lots of small-ish?

I wanted to release some of the new goodies of the planned expansion pack without spoiling the new content. Just new functionality. For this to happen I had to make a version of the game which is halfway between my current development build and the existing released builds, which took way more time than I originally expected. Silly me. Regardless of not featuring new content, it does bring lots of convenience features and quality of life changes :wink:

Teleport to target

There's a new mouse control mode in town: teleport!

If you play the game a lot and dislike waiting for the movement animations this will speed it up to be *instantaneous.

Path-finding is still the default option for mouse controls, but you can change your settings within the "Options" menu under the "Mouse" sub-menu using the "Control" entry.

* Only the tile-to-tile movement is changed to be lightning fast. Picking up stuff, fighting battles, or opening chests still animate the same way for the sake of clarity.


The game has been localized to Polish ( )! I'm hoping I Am Overburdened will be enjoyed by more players in Poland thanks to this. Ahoy from Hungary my dear friends :)

Special thanks to Daniel Oskar Moroz (MorDan) for his awesome work!

This build also includes a bunch of localization text fixes. Typos corrected, a few things renamed, some sentences re-worded, and such in multiple languages.

I would love to add even more supported languages, but at the moment the translation of the updated content is still ongoing. New translations will probably not happen in the near future. I did add support for non-Latin characters/languages (e.g.: Cyrillic or CJK) though, so strides have been made in this direction.

Where credit is due

The game officially supports 8 languages already. For this to happen many people contributed and I wanted to honor their work more appropriately. Previously only the translators of the currently selected language were shown in the credits menu, but now there's a menu entry to cycle through the names of everyone who worked on the texts of the game.

Nightmare and Treasury confusion

There was a "discrepancy" between the Main Menu and the Inn area in the way the Treasury game variant and the Nightmare difficulty can be accessed. In the Inn, the Nightmare difficulty (goat-skull statue) worked as a difficulty toggle and the Treasury mode was a special trapdoor.

Personally, I liked the functionality of the Main Menu much better and it made more sense (to me at least). Nightmare being a different more vicious dungeon and Treasury is simply a game alteration toggle (like the Elite variant or the Stash items).

Now the Inn matches the Main Menu. There's a separate trapdoor for Nightmare difficulty and a toggle (golden lock) for the Treasury variant.

Only fools seek their own destruction

From now on Nightmare difficulty can be unlocked and accessed immediately (without completing a dungeon on Normal first). A present for those who are feeling a bit overconfident :P

Quality of life

Quite a few menu changes and fixes found their way into the game with this update.

I re-organized the Help menu screens to (better) describe all the inn entities.

For multiple menu entries, "page-turner" widgets were added for enhancing mouse support. These include the "Language" entry of the Options menu, the "Window" and "Scaling" entries within the Graphics menu, and the "Control" entry in the Mouse menu.


Multiple mouse right-click handling and mouse movement focus handling bugs were fixed (Start and Controls screens).

Is it over?

The change list for this update is, but the work on the big content patch is not yet. I know this must be tiring :( but it is really, really close though. In fact, I'm so close to finishing it, that I don't plan to publish more tiny updates beforehand.

It looks like the next one will be the one and only long-awaited expansion pack which I'm dubbing "The Encumbered Edition" :)

I still don't want to pick a date since I'm super bad with deadlines ( as you can see :D ), but I want to give some structure to its release. I will start preparing and posting more info (+screenshots and gifs) about it in the following days.

Stay tuned and take care!

Hello there!

Not much news on my front, but I'm doing game development (at least some, sort-of) and I'm still alive :)

Where have you been?

I disappeared for a looong time from the online world and from I Am Overburdened development. I really wanted to continue releasing updates for the game, but I wasn't in a good place and my circumstances did not allow it. I hope you can understand and forgive the prolonged silence.

Where are you going to?

Not a Blue Cafe specifically, but I wish to finish my plans. I wasn't putting in many hours, but progress did happen bit by bit on the I Am Overburdened content update. I'm excited to return to it. I don't know if I'll be releasing it piece by piece or as a big package, but you can come with me if you are still interested in this journey ;)

I want to know what is new!

Hold your horses (and your enthusiasm) just yet. This is a tiny update. Kind of a "first step" for me as well towards the release of the long-awaited expansion.

New dungeon templates

5 new assets were added for allowing the map generator to create even more varied levels. The game launched with 20, now reaching 40 with this update. These new ones were carefully balanced to fit into the difficulty range of the existing game well.

Level balance fixes

Many of the existing levels had balance "bugs". The underlying dungeon templates allowed the generator to create too easy setups, or just the opposite, quite grueling ones with too big of a chance. On a few levels you easily had to fight 3 or 4 enemies to open the way to the stairs, but sometimes 0 were put in your path.

9 dungeons from the existing ones were retouched to make these less frequent and/or less extreme.

An achievement hint

I remembered that the "Van Helsing" achievement left some players confused or puzzled about the last monster. Now a small hint appears if you unlocked all the other monsters and met the one you are supposed to unlock, to "nudge" you in the right direction.

Miles of endless roads

Yep, that is it and indeed it is not much. Regardless for me, it feels like a lot, since it means I still have the drive to release updates for this lovely project and hopefully the expansion pack will materialize.

To keep my momentum up and to not leave you waiting indefinitely again, I'm planning to write another post in about a week or so. Sort of like a follow-up to detail how and when this eluding expansion can happen.
Maybe it will be accompanied by another tiny update too ;)

Thanks for your relentless interest.
I really appreciated all your inquiries and kind words even if and when I had no strength in me to show it to you in any form!
Take care, talk to you soon.

Hi kleintux!

Thank you very much for supporting the game and sorry for the inconvenience.
This has happened before with another customer and I suspect it may be related to the backend. I just checked a minute ago and external steam key distribution is set up and there are enough keys prepared for I Am Overburdened. Each buyer should receive one.

Could you please contact support with this issue?
Since it is the holiday season, I suspect they have their hands full and may not be able to reply fast. If so and you wish to play the game using the steam client, please send me an e-mail to my mailbox with a follow-up post in this thread (indicating you
've messaged me from your address, like: s#* so I know which message to look for) and I'll reply with a steam key immediately ;)


Hi there!

Been pretty much out of touch with the online world in the last few weeks. So I guess it is time to break the silence with an I Am Overburdened update and some news about the expansion :) ?!

The update

Showcasing version 1.2.7. will be short as it is a refinement build. Nothing spectacularly, just a bunch of fixes and tunings.

DPI/mouse issue bug-fix

There was a problem limiting the mouse movement which occurred on non-default DPI settings and/or high desktop resolutions. Now it is fixed and there is no need for using the workaround posted on the community forums of the game.

Book of monsters enhancements

To fix the confusion around the monster unlocks I've added progress visualization. You just have to kill a single monster from a given kind and then you can check how much more of it you have to fight to successfully open detailed information about them. As a tiny addition mouse-wheel scrolling is also supported in the book (forgot to add it in the last update).

Treasury and stash upgrades

To make the item selection more streamlined in treasury mode I moved the "Random artifact" option to the first slot and implemented in-game inventory highlights based on the currently focused item. It works the same way as with other pickups (e.g.: in the shop).

Repositioned the random stash item selection too mainly for consistency.

The expansion pack

It's almost at the finish line, but not properly baked yet. Let see what it already brings to the table!

Warning, spoilers ahead...

New boss fights

The original boss fight feels underwhelming to me mechanically. I like how the story, the characters, and the outcomes turned out, but the fight itself is a bit lame. More like a randomized stronger special enemy and less like a boss :|
I decided to introduce 3 new completely different scenarios, to keep you on your toes while battling the Buzzard wizard.

As you can imagine the new fights will not only make the conclusion of a run more varied, but new strategies will be possible and the value of many existing items will be altered.

New artifacts

More than a dozen new items will find their way into the expanded version. I haven't settled on the final number yet, but at the moment it is close to 140 artifacts total :O ! They will introduce new skills and allow way different strategies especially on the early levels (e.g.: stash choices) and in the end game (e.g.: boss fights).

Another goal with the new set is to introduce more synergies and heavier focus on "neglected" attributes (vitality and defense) too.

New monsters

All the 5 new creatures planed for the update pack are ready to be released. They will work as "variations" of certain enemies. Kind of like mobs in many other dungeon crawlers. In some runs you may encounter the "Leach", in others, you will have to fight the new "Ooze" in the sewers instead. Of course, you'll be able to unlock info about these variants the same way.
This system besides making the existing game more varied will be the foundation for adding even more monsters in the future ;)

New features

These changes are still a bit WIP and subject to change, but they are now in a shape where I can reveal them:

  • Attribute redesign! "Defense" will get a bigger boost and both "Vitality" and "Speed" will receive a little reinforcement.
  • The help menus will get more detailed information on certain topics (attributes & pickups).
  • A new game mode affecting pickups is under development.
  • Enhancements on the unlocks and statistics front.
  • Re-balancing some of the existing items and obviously the boss battle(s).
  • + A big secret I'm keeping to myself until release :P

The release?

All that is left is the when and how!
I really wanted to let this package loose this year as a Christmas present latest, but I'm not 100% sure I can do it. Will try my best and in the worst case, it will be an early new year's gift :)
I settled on the pricing though. Essentially it will be a free DLC. But! I'm going to charge more for the game once it is out in the wild. Only raising it by a few bucks, since charging 10$ for it would not be reasonable.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post and thanks for your continued support.
Stay tuned!

I Am Overburdened my silly pixel art roguelike indiegame full of crazy artifacts and a "hero" who has 20 inventory slots, is going on a week long sale at its historical lowest price!

It's 55% off, only 2.25$ - I Am Overburdened

Plus it's getting regular updates (last one just recently) and a bigger expansion pack is in the works too ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for checking out the game.

Hello there!

Time for one last small update before I go into full promotion mode regarding the new I Am Overburdened expansion pack ;)


The new 1.2.6. version is more of a refinement over the existing stuff, but it packs a lovely change which I hope receives a warm welcome.

Screen transition

I've been fighting with level change for a long while to make it look good and readable. I always wanted to help the player instantly recognize where Joey is when entering a new dungeon floor. Finally what I have now feels really good :)

I should have looked into cartoons for inspiration long ago.


While testing the new content I made for the expansion I've stumbled into a few issues :(

A huge error found its way into the game code with the previous update. Wearing the "Wizard Hat" item could cause a crash in certain cases upon reaching a dungeon level with a number of hallucinations in it. Now it's fixed!
Please accept my apology if any of your runs came to an unexpected end due to this mistake. I'm really sorry.

As you can see on this gif some item combinations could mess up the boss fight scene. Not a major problem, but it looked pretty weird.

Bad karma (balance)

I constantly tweak difficulty related things with each update and this one is no exception. With luck and a few right choices early on you could become too overpowered and I tried to address this "problem". Now the game tries to push back a little if you are shredding everything in your path with ease. It isn't drastic but affects your luck and the pickup and chest spawn rates a bit.

The second half of the gameplay was affected mostly so the change focuses on later dungeon levels as well.


The time has come to start showing some real footage from the expansion pack!
The first official reveal is one (or two in this case?) of the new enemies: the Ooze.
You can expect the same level of functional diversity. All new beasts are going to have their own special "thing" ;)

The expansion will focus on replay value first and foremost and will NOT extend the story. The new monsters will be introduced as part of the existing dungeons as "variants" at certain sections, randomly selected for each run. That is why the Ooze is encountered in the caves.

I made good progress in the last month and it looks like I'm only going to release one more update before I complete the enhanced edition of the game. This also means I'm going to reveal a lot more details about the new stuff in the next few weeks!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thank you very much for your support.
Take care!

Hi everyone!

Here comes a not so spectacular, but hopefully funny update for I Am Overburdened. As the name suggest version 1.2.5. is way more swift than the previous one, plus it is equipped with a nasty new trick to terrorize artifact hunters ;)

Hallucination 2.0

Please welcome "positive" hallucinations. Previously when you accidentally drank poison or a venomous creature attacked you, monster phantasms (non-existent hallucinated creatures) would be placed randomly on the following dungeon level.

This feature always felt fun, but a bit insignificant. Its impact was quite low because if you played a lot you could figure out in many cases which of the monsters are hallucinated and you never feared extra monsters when in a good shape (health and loot wise).

Now other entities (chests, pickup, etc...) can be hallucinated and their placements are influenced by the level templates and the dungeon generator. The new version is way more effective, a.k.a. confusing :D

If you have an existing save-game no worries. The new save files may be a tiny bit bigger (due to the more complex hallucinations), but the game is backward compatible.

Inventory triviality

A tiny ease of use feature. Now when opening your inventory while standing next to an item or opened chest the relevant item slot will be focused. The slot of the last picked up item still has priority though!


I keep saying that I Am Overburdened runs on a toaster, but what does this mean and is it really true? Well, for the most part, it IS true. I have a 10+ years old laptop on which I test the game from time to time (1st gen 1.5Ghz Atom CPU, 1Gb RAM :O for real) and the game is able to run at 60 fps (not that it matters a lot with a turn-based game :D but still). My work desktop is also quite modest so a performance mistake surfaces easily. The more taxing parts where the real problems lie are switching between screens and launching the game.

Checking loot

Sadly the inventory screen had a blatantly unoptimized implementation. Opening it could cause almost a second long halt on my older machine. It was still my original prototype implementation. Silly me, sorry for the inconvenience. I simplified the layout data of the screen, remade the loading algorithm and voila. Now it can load within the same frame of the press/click even on a simple computer.

A bit slowed down recording of opening the inventory in the old and the new version for comparison.

Parts of these changes got into the previous version so you may have experienced the speedup to an extent already.


So on the before mentioned toaster, it took 5+ seconds to show the title screen after launching the game. This was mainly due to pre-loading almost all the assets and saved data so that handling the content while the game is running can be simple. I postponed tiny parts of this, but the logic largely stayed the same and instead I choose to simplify the majority of the game data to speed-up load times. Still not lightning fast, but I measured a hefty 40-50% win which is really nice :)


My hand is only a tiny bit better, but at least it is not killing me nowadays. I'm slowly and carefully working towards finishing the expansion for I Am Overburdened. Sorry for not sharing new details about it with this entry. To make up for it I'm going to post images and gifs showcasing some of the new monsters and items with the following update ;) For next time I'm planning to release another tiny graphical enhancement.

Thanks for reading my post and much love for your support.
Have fun in the dungeons and stay tuned!

Hello everyone!

This update is a tiny one with bug-fixes only. Life has interesting ways of slowing things down. If you stay till the end of the post and can put up with my whining I'll explain how come I could only make a hot-fix build in a whole month.

The update

Some glaring issues have been discovered lately and I just managed to repair a few long-standing problems so version 1.2.4. contains important fixes.

Not saved

Sadly the path was not "ensured" (existence of directories) in all cases when saving the game. I estimate, that this could affect quite a few people theoretically, but not many reported it so far. I hope this means it worked for most people and not many run into :S

If you did lose a save I'm really sorry. Please accept my apology and know that now "Save & Exit" is fixed and works as intended.

Hallucinated boss

Some items in the game are totally insane and their combinations, well let just say they can lead to weird outcomes :P
One of these is the "Carnival Mask" which can turn monsters into hallucinations. It cannot be triggered on the boss level, as there are no other monsters around the boss itself. Except when you have an item on you which can summon monsters in certain situations. Mix in some chemical X and bang! The boss can easily turn into a hallucination, preventing the completion of the run. Funny thing is that I already had a configuration coded for items to optionally disable them against certain enemy types (e.g.: the boss), but I probably thought this could not happen.


Due to the underlying technology I used the game could not support left-handed mouse usage (left and right buttons switched in the operating system). I swapped out parts of the tech and fixed this problem.
To all the left-handed people in the world who would have loved playing I Am Overburdened with a mouse: I'm sorry for not realizing this mistake before!

Focus on what you are doing!

There were some posts about the game occasionally capturing mouse input even if its window is not in focus. I tried fixing this before, but I never had the complete picture about what is going wrong. I'm still not sure if it is fully fixed, but I could reproduce a case when it occurred and with the input tech change, I could correct this problem too.

Special thanks to all the community members who reported and helped in the diagnostics of these issues.

The unexpected

Around a month ago severe cartilage damage and bone wear (arthrosis) was diagnosed in my right wrist-bone(s) :(

To sum it up: decades of programming, playing games and practicing art as a hobby took a toll on my right hand and it is totally busted. Permanently. It looks like I'm going to need surgery if I want to use it again for work...

Even though I'm right-handed (was?) and relatively fast at typing (was!) in the last 5 or so weeks I had to resort to my left hand only. That is how a tiny bug-fix update takes a month :D

Is this the end?!

This slowed me to a crawl (no pun intended), but there is no way I'm stopping game development :)
Besides making these fixes I was working on new features and content, so don't give up on me ;)
It will take some time getting used to my situation, so it is uncertain now how long it will take, but I will follow through my plans and deliver the content expansion pack for I Am Overburdened.

Thank you very much for reading my post and for all your support.
Have fun in the dungeons and take care!

I Am Overburdened my silly pixel art roguelike indiegame full of crazy artifacts and a "hero" who has 20 inventory slots, has joined the summer sale.

It's 50% off, only 2.49$ !

What's more, it just received a new update (and a few more recently).

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for checking out the game.
Have an awesome fun-filled summer!

Hi there!

So it came to pass, that only a tiny update gets completed within two weeks while working on another way bigger project :D
Hopefully, the user interface enhancements in I Am Overburdened version 1.2.3. will be appreciated still.

The Book of Monsters

The biggest (albeit functionally neglectable) change is the new "Book of Monsters" layout. Now the unlocked monsters can be explored using a scrollable grid just like in the case of the "Tome of Artifacts". It looks much less crammed + this was a necessary change for the future ;)

Yep, this also means new monsters will join the party with the upcoming bigger content update (currently it looks like 4 to be more exact) and for this to happen the presentation had to be changed beforehand to accommodate.

Scroll madness

All the scroll-bars (not just the new monsters book one) were updated to handle up/down clicks too + screens where scrolling grids reacted to mouse movement (Stash, Treasury), were fixed since they could produce horrible noises with the quickly changing focused artifacts.

Nearby beasts

How could I forget about this feature?! The same thing was implemented for the "Tome of Artifacts" with nearby items long ago, but somehow I missed this one. Opening the "Book of Monsters" next to an enemy now selects it immediately.

Tome hot-keys

I also added hot-keys for accessing the tomes (Left Ctrl + A for the "Tome of Artifacts", Left Ctrl + M for the "Book of Monsters") with only one press as they may be opened semi-frequently during play. The input guide was updated to reflect these changes.

In-game inventory on steroids!

A real nemesis of mine. I could not find a good way to notify the player about nearby items so far. I tried multiple things in the past (some even made it into the game), but I was never satisfied.
I think I got it now? I really like the current version. Let me know what you think!

What's next?

This is the first "teaser" update where changes related to the expansion pack crawled into the official build of the game and I shared tiny but concrete info about what is to come. Expect a few more updates like this in the upcoming weeks, but soon (hopefully really soon) I will unleash a bigger and better I Am Overburdened upon the world :)

Thank you very much for following my progress and for all your support.
Stay tuned!

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Hello everyone!

This time instead of launching new content or features I'm upgrading the graphics of the game a little.

Graphical facelift

This is the first update for I Am Overburdened focusing only on the visual aspect. If the response is good I may create another similar one :)
Let me know what you think!


The biggest graphical improvement is the auto-tiling feature of the dungeon levels. In short, it is a technique to (dynamically) change tiles based on their neighbors to achieve a much less "blocky" look and to add depth to the scenes.

To me, the difference is night and day. It does make the grid structure of the levels less readable (functionally may be a bit of a downgrade), but it makes the dungeons feel much more claustrophobic so all in all, I feel like it is a big win :)

Crystal clear

The looks of the last episode in the game received some valid criticism. My original goal was to make the "Crystalline Cavern" a bit confusing. Almost like a place full of mirrors. I think I went a little overboard and visual clarity suffered a lot.

I've redrawn parts of the tile-set, recolored the rest and a new walking effect was introduced to preserve the reflecting and mirror-like feeling.


The ambient sounds in the inn just weren't doing it justice. I added some splash effects outside of the building to set a more convincing mood.

Bugs & Performance

The fixes and optimizations are graphics related too. The biggest enhancement is the introduction of multiple (rendering) layers within the effect system and overall improved effect handling performance.

Effect layers

This problem probably did not bother many players, but some environment effects looked funny before the introduction of multi-layer spell effects.

Mouse control sprites

There was a tiny sprite state related bug which could only occur when controlling the game with the mouse. Not anymore.

Spell performance

Although the game could always run on a "toaster" hitches and frame-spikes during spell heavy moments weren't uncommon. This is now a thing of the past.

Next stop?

Work continues on I Am Overburdened. The planned content expansion pack is shaping up nicely. So far, I deliberately kept concrete info about it to the minimum since I'm still really bad at estimating the work left and I would like it to be a surprising and bigger release. This means the upcoming few updates will be similar to this and the last one (just a bunch of tiny changes), but I'm going to start teasing the new features in the following weeks ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and have fun in the dungeons :)
Take care!

Yeah, the UI is slowly becoming super mouse and somewhat touch friendly. C# is not the best portability wise, but not the worst either so I'm going to give it a go ;)
Thanks again and keep up the awesome work on Smintheus. Looking forward to its full release!

Thanks for the warm welcome Neutonm.
I saw you changing your displayed name here. Is "Neutonm" still ok, or are you planning to switch/leave it behind?

Yep, I actually am considering it. It is on my menu so to say :)
I already checked out MonoGame just to figure out how much of a work a mobile port would be. I think it may happen because just as you say it is a good fit for mobile, but it is also not a small task (lot of UI & control changes required :/). I'm currently focusing on a project similar in size as a mobile port though. Going to reveal it soon ;) !

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Hi there!

My apologies for being dormant for so long. I'll explain what happened, but I want to jump right into the details of the latest update I've just released. I'm leaving the boring rambling to the end ;) !


Version 1.2.1. has a plethora of changes, but mostly just fixes and tiny additions. It is not THE huge content update I've been teasing, but has a bunch of nice things I hope many will appreciate.

The game has been localized to German ...) and Spanish ...). With this second set of official translations the game now supports 7 languages :O ! Hopefully this way even more players will be able to enjoy the wacky descriptions and dialogues :) I would love to add even more in the future, but I can't make promises yet as these take time and money. Will try my best.

Special thanks to the translators for their work:

Nico Weiß (canemus): German, Juan Buleo (PsychoKurt): Spanish

Mouse and UI

When I Am Overburdened launched it lacked proper mouse support. I patched-in this feature shortly after and I tried upgrading it ever since, but there are still a few ideas left worth pursuing.

Book graphics and controls

The menu book graphics were improved with a simple trick and all the screens received separate "Back" and "Close" buttons. This way it is way easier to navigate them (some menu "stacks" were quite deep) + now it is possible to move around with only the left mouse button easily.

In-game UI

There is a new book icon under the health-bar for opening the menus. Again this allows left mouse button only navigation during play.

Inn renovation

The same way the user interface needed some changes to better support controlling the game with mouse only, the inn had to be updated a bit to accommodate. I added a journal next to the innkeeper which can be used to access the main menu.

Stash confusion

Many players claimed that they did not notice the "Stash" in the inn and had no idea about collecting starting items. Mea culpa, this was a big design error on my end. Now when it has items in it there is a smoke effect triggered when entering the inn similar to the ones accompanying other unlocks and play variants. Hope this helps in discovering the unlocked starter items.

Bug-fixes and tweaks

Besides adding new languages a lot of localization fixes found their way into the game. Layouts of the menus were changed a little to make translated content better fit them. I also increased the item pickups notification time for longer fluff texts as translators suggested

A small balance change was applied too. The luck penalty on nightmare difficulty has been decreased to 3 from 5. It is not a heavy impact modification, but it does make nightmare an itsy-bitsy less luck based.


I made a mistake in the underlying path-finding system which caused a rare but weird issue when controlling the player with the mouse. Fixed!

That is all for this update, but soon more will follow!

So what's up?

Sadly In the last six months I had to face a lot of difficulties (financial, personal and housing/moving related). Due to this I had to hibernate work on the game :(

Thankfully it looks like everything is settled now. In the upcoming months I'll focus on completing the updates I've been dying to deliver for a long while. I already re-organized my TODO list and plans :)

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Have fun in the dungeons!

No prob, thanks for checking by and saying hi :) !

Hello Nim,
How can I help you?
In need of some assistance regarding the game/latest-update or just touching base regards the updates I'm working on :) ?

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Hello everyone,

I've been away from working on games for months, but thanks to some new opportunities it looks like the time has come for me to return to active development again ;)

Version 1.2.0 is live and the highlight of it is the save-game feature! Besides this one major addition, it is mostly a bug-fix and tweak build.

Save & Exit

Finally the game can be suspended in the dungeon and continued later. Since a full play-through is relatively short plus I Am Overburdened is primarily a rogue-like and save-scumming would undermine this core idea so only one save slot exists. Of course more could be added with slots only having a continue option if there are genuine requests for it, but I think the game works well this way.

This is more like a convenience feature to be able to stop playing at any point you wish and finish the run when you have the time to spare.

The pause menu had to be reorganized a bit, since it was already crammed. As you can see it's cleaner now and the last option saves and closes the game.

Immediate (Save &) Exit

The immediate exit hot-key was remapped from F10 to F9. Sorry about this change, it was a necessity (os/platform reasons), but as a bright side it also supports saving the game. So now if you hit F9 during play and the game could be continued (e.g.: the player is not dead :) ), the state will be saved just like when saving and exiting using the pause menu. This change is already reflected in the input guide.

Pesky bugs

I've been working on the game on and off in short bursts in the last months and alongside with the community I discovered some problems too. I fixed quite a few things so I'm simply going to list them:

  • Few items and their related skills could cause a crash under super specific circumstances. It's not likely many of you run into these issues, but if your play was interrupted by a crash I'm sorry.
  • Certain item skills with persisting effects (e.g.: Fear, Cripple) could get stuck or be triggered on freshly summoned/resurrected monsters in rare cases. These were not visible, but could affect how well you did, so my apologies for the occasional unfair (de-)buffs.
  • The positioning of hallucinations from toxicity effects (e.g.: Toad monsters, poison in potion) were not correctly randomized. These hallucinated monsters were always placed in the upper-left quarter of the map, breaking the illusion. Now this is fixed.
  • A while ago I added item-slot notifications to item pickups and chests when standing nearby. It did not occur to me though, that with this modification the treasury pickups and chests triggered unnecessary ones too. Oops, fixed!

In balance

With this update balance tweaks found their way into the game too. There were still some complaints regarding this aspect, so I made normal mode a tad bit harder and nightmare difficulty a tiny bit more forgiving. These are not substantial changes, only slightly affecting the pickup and chest spawn rates. Another extra is "near death" detection. Simply put if you end up in a really bad situation at some point, the game tries not to punish you even harder on the next dungeon level :D
These changes are subtle, so they keep the game challenging, but they were introduced to make it more fair at the same time.

Boss confusion

Some people found the boss level corpses confusing. I don't know if the new version will work out better (this is not the first time I change this :S ), but now the number of corpses (below the one serving as the story hint) are tied to the unlock progress of the boss entry in the monster book.

I know some other unlocks still need more and better hints too. I'm going to work on these problems in the near future...

Still alive?

Is the game still supported and under active development? Yes, pretty much. Due to personal and financial reasons I had to put game development on hold for a long while, but I'm back now and I will be working on it in the upcoming months. Before I vanished I teased possible ports, a bigger content update and more official translations for I Am Overburdened. These are not forgotten and progressing well ;) In a few weeks I will reveal more details about my plans.

Until then, have a fun-filled time.
Thanks for reading and take care!

Hi there artifact hunters!

It is time for another tiny update. 1.1.8 is online, featuring mostly fixes and fine-tunings, but lets see in detail what it has to offer


Achievement bug fixed

Due to some timing and file-reading mistakes in rare cases some achievements were not unlocked. The boss, monsters and the four artifact unlocking related trophies may have been affected for some players.

Now the problem is solved and I added an extra step to the startup logic of the game so that achievements missed by previous versions will be unlocked automatically (e.g.: if you unlocked all the monsters, but the achievement is missing).

My apologies for each of you who run into this problem.

Item pickup and shop enhancements

Item pickups (especially buying one in the shop) bugged quite a few people, due to not knowing what kind of item one receives. I wanted to leave item collection as a "mystery" and unlocking artifacts being both a reward and a learning process, but I understand the inconvenience of this. To alleviate it a little I added a simple item slot notification when the player moves next to an artifact.

Another hopefully useful addition is the "same item speech" in the shop, which triggered before when you tried to pick up an item you already own, but now it triggers before buying items you have equipped too.

What's next?

Finally the Mac and Linux ports are getting closer to the finish line and the save-game feature is already functional :) ! It will still take a week or two to stabilize and complete them, but they are next and will be out later this month ;)

I'm also working on a bigger update. I may have mentioned it before, but it is still too early to show anything in action, however it will see the light of day by the end of summer.

Thanks everyone for your patience, understanding and for your continued support.
Good luck and have fun in the dungeons!

To greet the summer Operation KREEP, the best couch co-op (local multiplayer) Alien satire, went on a week-long sale (83% off - only 0.50$, base price is 2.99$)!

You can buy it here:


There is also a demo if you want to see the game in action first!

If you are interested in the development process, my devlog holds a great bunch of write-ups about how it was made.

In space no one can hear you KREEP...

I hope you check it out and it will be to your liking :)!
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


Hello everyone!

I've just released another update for I Am Overburdened, my silly roguelike full of crazy artifacts and a "hero" who has 20 inventory slots. It is now at 1.1.7. with nice new additions.

And a big +

Currently it is 40% off for two weeks as a special promotion so you can get it for 2.99$ (may vary based on region).

You can buy it here:

The game has been localized to French ( ...), Danish ( ...) and Romanian ( ...)! These are the first bunch of official translations besides English and Hungarian. I'm hoping the game will reach more players with new languages added. Of course I would like to add even more in the near future and I already started talking to translators to make this happen.

Another addition is the "developer" tools for localization and QA. In the latest build of the game three debug screens can be accessed. Of course these were developed for internal use, primarily to test translations, but I thought they could help anyone who would like to localize the game.

So I cleaned them up and added an option to access them in the release builds too. I also created an official guide how these tools can be used and how new languages can be added to the game.

P.S.: I guess using them could be considered cheating :P (spoiler alert!), since you can see all the items and monsters the game has to offer even if you have not unlocked or seen them previously.

Thanks for taking the time for reading my post and for checking the game.
Take care!

Hello there dungeon crawlers!

It's been a long while since my last I Am Overburdened update and I haven't posted anything online for more than a month now :( . Version 1.1.7 is online now containing some nice additions :) , so I'll showcase the changes and I'll go into what happened to me.


The game has been localized to French (   ...), Danish ( ...) and Romanian ( ...)! These are the first bunch of official translations besides English and Hungarian. I'm hoping the game will reach more players with new languages added. Of course I would like to add even more in the near future and I already started talking to translators to make this happen. 

Special thanks to the translators for their work:
Nicolas Fourcroy (French), Victor Fisker (Danish), Fazekas Sándor-Imre and Vezsenyi Ákos (Romanian)

Another addition is the "developer" tools for localization and QA. In the latest build of the game three debug screens can be accessed. Of course these were developed for internal use, primarily to test translations, but I thought they could help anyone who would like to localize the game.

So I cleaned them up and added an option to access them in the release builds too. I also created an official guide how these tools can be used and how new languages can be added to the game.

P.S.: I guess using them could be considered cheating :P (spoiler alert!), since you can see all the items and monsters the game has to offer even if you have not unlocked or seen them previously.

What is up?

So yeah, long time no see and this update isn't a huge one neither. What is going on with Magic Item Tech?!

Last month I stopped focusing on my projects and made the decision to find a full-time job. I already have a position secured at a studio. This does not mean goodbye, my contract allows me to keep my company and I'm not abandoning my games. Magic Item Tech and I Am Overburdened will not be forgotten, only they are becoming a secondary commitment.

Besides job hunting, organizing and integrating the translations, I also worked on new features. If you checked my Trello board recently you already know that the "save game" feature is getting close to completion and I'm still planning to release ports and content updates in the future! They will take more time due to working on them on the side, but I will try to make all the ideas I mentioned before a reality ;) .

Thanks everyone for your understanding and patience and for all the support I got from you. Currently I'm not sure when, but sooner or later more updates will follow.
Take care!

Hello there dungeon crawlers!

I know it's been a while since the last update, but this one will be a relatively small one regardless :( . I'll go into why this is the case but lets start with the list of changes and additions first ;) !


  • Now the game supports a much wider range of controller devices. With older joysticks and game-pads it tries to emulate the mapping of the Xbox 360 controller automatically. In the "Controls" menu you can re-map your buttons if the game fails to capture a sensible layout. If you had to use x360ce before you probably don't need it anymore :) !

  • Pressing Left Ctrl + R in the dungeon restarts the run immediately without confirmation now. I forgot about this modification, but many of you requested it multiple times so I finally added this hot-key.

  • A little balance fix: the skill of the Zombie was tweaked heavily. Their regeneration now only triggers if you can damage them for a given minimum amount (5), so you won't hit a wall going against these monsters regardless of your build having high defense/health/dodge but low damage. I hope this is another step in the right direction for making the game feel challenging, but fair.

Another tiny extra is the downloadable "InputGuide". It's an official documentation containing all the relevant information about possible control mechanisms, hot-keys and default button mappings. I'll do my best to keep it up-to-date if something changes and I'll provide localized versions too in the future!

So as I mentioned it is not a huge list, but took some time to deliver. The reasons behind this are the larger features I'm working on. I'm currently juggling between several longer-term projects and they take up all my time. These are: organizing and delivering official localizations, more robust tools and guidelines for translators, the "save and continue later" feature, porting the game to other desktop operating systems (Mac & Linux) and I'm also working on a "secret" big update, but that is all I can tell about this as I want it to be a surprise plus I'm super unsure when I will be able to finish and release it.

I'm hiding in my room, working in silence, but development on I Am Overburdened is still going strong :) !
You can check the Trello board or follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.
Good luck and have fun!

Hello everyone.

Sadly I made a mistake in the code of the latest "elite" update :| so I had to upload a new build today. A pesky bug crashed the game on startup if you completed the game prior to the update once (and only once). I guess still many people could run into this wondering why the game is not starting. The problem was with the automatic unlocking logic of the skull candle.

Please accept my apology if you wanted to try the new update, but the game did not launch :( . In 1.1.5 this problem is fixed now and the game should work properly.

Looks like I'm struggling with keeping the updates bug-free like Joey is struggling with the loot on the animated box art :D . Sorry :( ! I'm going back to making new features and content now and will try my best to don't make new issues while doing so.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!


Hi there!

I’ve just released another update for I Am Overburdened, my silly roguelike full of crazy artifacts and a "hero" who has 20 inventory slots. It is now at 1.1.4. and received quite a few enhancements since the first major update ;) .

And a big +

Currently it is 35% off for a week as a special promotion so you can get it for 3.25$ !




The latest additions can be read in the release notes on the community discussion board.

Thanks for taking the time for checking the game.
Take care!

I've just released another update for I Am Overburdened.
It is now at 1.1.4. and received quite a few enhancements since the first major update ;) .

Latest additions

  • Elite variant

  • There is a new "decoration" in the inn. If you complete the game twice on normal or on nightmare difficulty you unlock the skull candle. Once lit, there will be one tougher "elite" monster on each dungeon level. If you completed it before the candle will be unlocked automatically.

    I don't consider this a new difficulty as it is a variant working on both levels, but if someone finds nightmare too easy :P or too painful :( with normal not being a challenge any longer it can spice them up ;) .
  • Ease-of-use

  • The most requested UI enhancement was inventory screen access through the in-game inventory bar. Plenty other UI and mouse control enhancement found their way into the game (e.g.: the handling of speech bubble fade-out effects are not instantaneous when using the mouse).
  • Effects beef-up

  • Both the battle effects and the level entry (player spawn) got a little more love. The later one especially got many complaints. Hopefully from now on the player will be instantly recognizable when reaching a new dungeon level.
  • Fixes & fine-tuning
    There were some annoying problems which were fixed with this build. Rendering and input handling works correctly when the application is not in focus and there was a more serious item skill problem too (dodge wasn't canceling some penalties & de-buffs even though at the end not suffering the hit causing them) which is history now :) !

The future

As always I have quite a few plans for the future! I would like to add more variants (like the Elite or the Treasury) in the near future and I started working on the next big update: Saving. Don't worry no save scamming, this is a roguelike after all :D . This feature would only allow you to suspend and close the game any time and be able to continue later on where you left off.

Sadly I don't have the capital to pay for professional localization yet, but who knows, the game is sold on a special promotional price for a week and it may turn out well, fingers crossed ;) !

Good luck and have fun in the dungeons ;) .
Stay tuned!

A crash-bug slipped into the latest update. Anyone who run into this problem, please accept my apology. If you waited at the last cut-scene till the end the game most probably crashed due to a timing issue when ending the game (launching credits).

Again, thanks for the report and I'm really sorry about it. I will increase the automated test sets for the game to try decreasing the chance of similar issues occurring when I release new content updates.

Thanks for your understanding.
Take care!

Hello there dungeon crawlers, a new update is here :) .
Sorry for the slow delivery. I know I promised this version a bit earlier, but a nasty flu knocked me out and I spent the last few days in bed :( ...


  • The inn has a new "member". There is a stash from which you can take one blue (tragic) artifact with you into the dungeon as a "starter" item from the ones you previously unlocked in the Tome of Artifacts.

    Taking a starter item with you does not affect achievements or unlocks. They can be opened the same way. The stash item will show up in your statistics though, but has no other side-effect.
  • The stash game mode affected the balance/difficulty of the early levels significantly so some items and monsters had to be tweaked. Also a few later monsters and monsters skills were modified a bit to have a more fair difficulty ramp-up mid game.

  • The mouse sprite graphic hiding logic had a problematic design. Now the mouse graphic becomes visible immediately if the device is active (e.g.: moving) and it only fades out if it is inactive for 5 seconds. There is also a new setting under the options/mouse menu to fully disable the mouse graphic hiding if you only prefer to play with the mouse!

For the next update I'm planning to create new game "mode(s)" like the treasury or the stash. As always if you are interested in how the development on the updates are progressing you can check it here:
Magic Item Tech - I Am Overburdened Trello Board

Have fun and stay tuned ;) !

I'm not going into a big yakking this time, bugs happen no matter how hard one tries :( . Here goes a tiny hot-fix update (1.1.1), to have a clean start for the new year...


  • On the treasury menu screen (when playing in treasury mode and picking up an item) the keyboard based selection (enter/space) was broken by the mouse update and items could only be selected with the mouse. Now it is back to normal again.

  • Multi-monitor setups had problems with broderless full-screen modes. I tested this fix on various GPU-s and multiple monitor setups, but I was limited a bit by hardware variety. Hopefully this works properly now!

I got some reports about other minor issues too, but due to the holidays (visiting family, spending time with friends etc...) I had no time to fix them all yet and I really had no time to add new content to the game. I'll fix these problems early next year and I'll do my best to make the world of I Am Overburdened even more lively and crazy :) !

I would like to wish a happy new year to all of you and to your friends and families.

Have fun in the dungeons, see you soon ;) !!!

Hi everyone!

The first major update for I Am Overburdened is live! It took way more time than I first anticipated, but this seems to be a re-occurring thing with development :) .

Since this one is a bigger release I decided to do a Microsoft like thing and left out version 1.0.9 :P . Jokes aside, now the game has full mouse support and a bunch of new content has been added to it ;) .


  • The most visible and biggest addition is the mouse support. Besides having a path-finding based mouse control mode with visualization and a context sensitive pointer a simple four-way mouse movement mode has been added too. This is for players who would like to control the game with the mouse but like to plan their own routes and figure out the optimal ways themselves.

  • All the menus have been updated to support the mouse too. All the screens and widgets react to mouse movement, clicks and drags. The right mouse button can be used to back out from sub-menus and the middle mouse button enters the inventory screen while in-play. If this layout bugs someone I can add mouse button remapping to the game too (please leave a comment). This way 100% of the game can be controlled with only the mouse without touching any keys/buttons ;) .

  • 5 new map templates were added to the dungeon generator to spice up the level variety. As always they been carefully crafted to preserve the balance/map difficulty.
  • I received some complaints about the Epic item roster. I admit there could have been more powerful end-game items so I decided to add new ones :) ! 6 new items were added and 4 of them are purple (Epic). A few even have new skills, so good artifact hunting ;) .


Now onto the bugs. If you run into any of them and it ruined your run / play-session, please accept my apology. I do the best I can to squash every problem before releasing/updating, but games are pretty complicated and some issues slip through my net...

  • A problem was reported with the Spyglass item. The player could retain the skill even if the item was swapped to another one. I could not reproduce the issue reliably, but I did discover some problems in the code. It may have effected a small fraction of other items too, but I think it is fixed now.

  • The poison damage wasn't handled correctly so some items which react to to damage did not fire their skill. For example even if you wore an item which could save you from death it did not work if the cause of the death was poison. I fixed this!

  • Sadly some achievements could be opened even if the player did not reach the relevant cave level in nightmare mode. Now this is fixed.
  • Some players with Intel GPUs and UHD monitors informed me about display issues on start-up and in borderless full-screen mode (e.g.: weirdly sized or placed window). I found an issue and I made a modification, but I could not test it adequately (no available HW). I hope, that the game works properly on more GPUs and displays now :) .

Plans & future

This is a big update, but as you could see it took a few weeks to make. Thankfully I could complete it for the holidays :);) . I would like to make similar ones in the near future too, like the save+suspend & continue later feature, but developments like these take a lot of money & time. The game is not selling too well and it is still far from covering its development cost. Of course this is my mistake for failing to promote and market it properly. I will try my best during the holidays too, but I may not be able finance full-time development on it further. If this happens I will still make updates for the game, maybe even bigger features too, but releases will happen much less frequently. If you would like to help, please share a link to the game with your friends. Every bit helps :) !

I would also like to wish all of you a very happy holiday and a super awesome new year!
+ have fun in the dungeons ;).

Take care!

Hi zingrook!

Sorry for the slow response and for not clearly communicating about the Steam keys. Steam and may be different platforms and thus different services and businesses too, but I would really dislike to sell the same product multiple times so that my customers can have it and play it on multiple front-ends/machines etc...

So I added Steam keys to the system. Now you can request your Steam key on the store page if you bought the game, it is included.

Thanks for buying the game and thanks for the kind words. I'm happy, that you are enjoying it :) !

Hi everyone!

I know I mentioned that this update will be ready early this week, but I went a bit overboard with my ideas and making the new content took longer than expected.

Good news is, that this build has crazy sick new items and item skills :) !
I hope it was worth the wait.


  • 7 brand new items! Most of them have new never before seen skills too and I'm really excited about those. They will allow more varied strategies/builds and different ways to play the game :) .
  • A tiny ease-of-use functionality was added to the pause game menu. If the player stands nearby an item (revealed item pickup, opened chest or shop item) the "Tome of Artifacts" will open on that one. This way if you unlocked an item before and you find it in the shop you can check its details in a few steps.

This list is relatively short, but the game has some really fun new stuff. I'm hopeful you will like it and it will keep you entertained in the dungeons of I Am Overburdened until the next updates ;) .
A little sneak-peek into the new stuff:

What comes next? I can promise more updates, but most of my ideas on my task list take longer time than a day or two. I would love to deliver bigger updates too like the "save and continue later" feature and mouse support, but both of them is around a week-long work if not more, so I have to ask for your patience regarding these changes :) .

+ I'm open for voting too! If you would like to vote about what bigger features or what type of new content should come next feel free to chime in with some comments ;) !

If you are interested in how the updates are progressing you can check it here:
Magic Item Tech - I Am Overburdened Trello Board

Stay tuned!

Hello there!

Just a mini update this time. I'm going forward with adding more items to the game, but I wanted to solve some issues before weekend. You can expect a much bigger update probably early next week.


  • The "Parrying dagger" item had a problem. Its description and actual skill did not match up. I wanted to address it somehow, but in the end I decided to add both items (the described and the actual existing logic) to the game. So now the "Parrying dagger" does what its description says (with a tiny nerf, because it was a bit too powerful for a yellow item) and there is a new similar item in the game ;) .
  • A bunch of typos and grammar errors were fixed in the item descriptions.
  • The Hungarian localization was missing the achievement texts.

I'm really excited about the new items, especially about the new skills I'm adding to the game. Currently I have 5 sort-of ready so you can expect at least half a dozen new artifacts to collect next week ;) !

As always you can follow the day to day progress of the development here:

Magic Item Tech - I Am Overburdened Trello Board

Stay tuned!

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Hi everyone!

Another update with some new content goodies too ;) !
Again, not a gigantic one, but more is coming of course.


  • The chance of finding an item multiple times within one run was significantly reduced. It is not completely eliminated from the game, so there is still chance to run into an item you've found before or wearing already for example on a shop level (wanted to keep it as a minor risk with items/chests/shop), but this will happen much less frequently. This change affects both normal and nightmare mode. I think the game is more fair and has less frustrating occasions thanks to this.
  • The item re-roll chance change affected the balance heavily (made the game less random but also a bit easier), so some tweaking had to be done on monsters. Nothing major, just some tiny attribute changes and some skill chance changes here and there. On some levels their spawn chance was modified too to achieve a better pacing / difficulty curve, so one of them actually became less of a threat!
  • 5 brand new dungeon templates were added again, raising the variety of the generated levels for the 1.0.6 version by a big leap. I also updated a few old ones. I'm pretty happy how diverse maps the generator makes by now. No repetitions during a run :) !
  • Last but not least a new Joey speech (hint) was added to the game. It is triggered when the player tries to pick up another instance of an already equipped item, just to convey the idea, that it is the exact same thing and only one item of a given type can be carried.

What else is coming?

I'm still experimenting with minor balance changes, nightmare still could use some help :| , but it is slowly becoming better and as you can see I'm also focusing on producing new content :) . The next content update will take a little more time as I'm working on new items and new item skills (especially excited about those, they will be awesome ;)), but they are complex to create. I think the next package will be ready by the end of this week or early next week... 

If you are interested in the day to day progress you can check it here:
Magic Item Tech - I Am Overburdened Trello Board

Take care!

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Hello there!

The first update which contains new content too is released ;) !
Not a huge one, but there are some goodies in there...


  • The content update consists of 5 brand new dungeon templates. I spent some time to carefully balance them too (a little more on this after the change-list). Since the generator tends to select templates used "long ago" or not at all yet during a run you will meet them even if you boot up to game only for one or two short runs ;). I think they turned out really cool and more will follow ;).
  • From this build the free chest on the early levels (The Flooded Cave 1-3) will guarantee an item! This was added for balancing reasons and fair play. Especially for making nightmare mode less of an RNGesus. More fine-tuning will follow, already experimenting with some stuff ;).
  • Some tiny user interface changes made it into the game. The "Help" menu can be accessed from the "Game Paused" screen for popular demand :). Now the "Game Paused" indicates if you are playing on nightmare or on treasury mode.
  • Two items suffered a tiny nerf. I'm sorry about it, no substantial change, but they were a bit to OP.
  • A bug was fixed which wrongly started the game on normal mode if you launched it in nightmare/treasury mode from the main menu really really fast shortly after the application started.


I'm constantly working on improving the balance of the game, trying to make it more fair. Especially on nightmare, sorry about it, I know it still needs a tiny bit more tweaking :( . Dungeon templates are no exceptions, maps need care too otherwise the game could generate something totally unacceptable. The following is a bit far-fetched, but you get the idea :D :

I wanted to share my feelings too this time:

I loved making this game and I love working on the fine-tuning of it and these updates. I'm really thankful for everyone who buys and plays it and  for you being patient and helpful and for anyone who contributes for its future, be it reviews, ideas or feedback. Means a lot.
I got a hold on a new: T-shirt

Stay tuned for more!

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Sadly another "deadly" bug was discovered. I hope I'm winning this battle and no other pesky little issues will be discovered. Please accept my apology. I try to be really thorough with my work, but games can be complicated under the hood and I Am Overburdened is no exception.


  • A crash bug was fixed which was triggered by the "Shoulder cannon" item on rare occasions. I scaned through the code of all the item skills to triple check these logics this time.
  • Sadly the generator could come up with dungeon levels where some of the tiles are unreachable (stairs blocking the way). I fixed the affected map templates and extended my testing system to save me from these pitfalls. Before uploading a build now it checks if something like this could happen with the dungeon templates (no blocked parts in the maps from now on ;)).

Please accept my apology if you run into any of these problems!

Now I'm continuing work on the first bigger content and balance update ;) !
Again, if you are interested, I'm keeping track of my development progress here:
Magic Item Tech - I Am Overburdened Trello Board

Stay tuned!

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Okay, here we go again ;) !

As the name suggest these modifications were relatively easy to add. I wouldn't call this a hot-fix now, just an ease-of-use update.

Note that upcoming content updates and bigger changes will take more time. I'm going to publish new changes (items, maps, balance fixes etc...) for the game, but producing them will take more than a day or two, so the next update comes closer to the weekend. Thanks for your patience!


  • When you open your inventory the last picked up item will be focused! If you checked it and open the inventory again or you are inspecting statistics (or when you have no items yet) the Chest slot will be focused. From that slot all the items can be reached in maximum three steps so no more inventory rummage ;).
  • The story scene and the boss fight cut-scenes can be canceled with the escape key or the back button of the controller :) !
  • Some props were missing from the tool-tip pages of the help menu screen. Now they are there.

I would like thank you all for your helpfulness and support for the further development of the game. I'm working hard on making all the ideas about the game a reality :) .

Just to reiterate: you can follow the progress of the upcoming updates/features:
Magic Item Tech - I Am Overburdened Trello Board

Take care and keep crawling in those dungeons ;) !

Wow awesome! Coming from the maker of itch himself, I don't really know what to say :| !
After a few minutes of shock, and I'm back online
I mean, you are a personal hero of mine, so this means a lot, thanks :). I really poured my heart and soul into making this game shine !
It's a wonderful feeling that it is not going unnoticed (feedback is really positive coming from multiple sources so far :) ).

And for the homepage featuring: now you are not just a hero, you are way better than the spider and the bat guy combined, for real ;). I suspected something like this, based on the views/traffic during the weekend :) .

Keep up the great work, itch is super cool ;) !

Ok, now I'm really stopping my embarrassing fanboy outburst :|, sorry for the goofy response, couldn't hold it in :D (yes I'm usually this emotional).
Thanks again for everything :) !!!

The "balance hot-fix" is here :) !

It actually has some non balance related updates too, but I primarily put out this build due to hellish :P difficulty problems in the nightmare mode of the game (sorry for the bad pun).

Keep in mind, that this is (as its name states) a hot-fix and not a fully finished elegant solution to alleviate all the problems with the early game on nightmare difficulty. More updates and fixes will come for making the nightmare mode less frustrating, but it will take some time. Probably all the planned fixes will be rolled out during the next two weeks though ;) .


  • Few item attributes were tweaked to be less punishing (Commonplace armor pants & Stocks).
  • Starting player attributes for nightmare increased (+1 starting Vitality & Speed).

Again, this makes the early parts of nightmare less punishing, but it still can be ridiculously hard :| . Will fix soon.

Ease of use

  • Traditional focus driven menus can be navigated with the W, A, S, D keys now. These are fixed and can not be remapped as the player controls, but if you use the default W, A, S & D keys to move around you don't have to change hands when entering the menus from now on ;) .
  • Players claimed, that the game starts really loud for the first time. I lowered the default value for the master volume to 5 from 10. This will not effect existing settings, those stay the same.


  • Some localization characters (e.g.: ß, È/É/é etc...) from the "tiny" font were missing. Now it has almost all the Latin-1&2 glyphs.
  • Many text grammar errors and typos were fixed (mostly in item descriptions).

Another really important note about updates:

I'm a big believer in open development. This way players can follow how something progresses and they can learn about the development process. I documented (blog + video series) the making of the game :) . Another big aspect was task management. From the very get-go anyone could check every single day how I Am Overburdened was progressing and this is still a possibility ;) !

I have an open trello board. If you never heard of trello it is essentially a fancy webpage for managing your TODO lists. I tidied it up during the weekend and added all the tasks for the upcoming updates (tasks what I'm going to work on in the next few weeks).

Here it is, you can check it any time what I am currently working and what is going to be released in a few days:
Magic Item Tech - I Am Overburdened Trello Board

Stay tuned for more ;)!