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I Am Overburdened

A silly roguelike full of crazy artifacts and a "hero" who has 20 inventory slots. · By Spidi

1.2.4 cracks showing

A topic by Spidi created Jul 23, 2019 Views: 154
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Hello everyone!

This update is a tiny one with bug-fixes only. Life has interesting ways of slowing things down. If you stay till the end of the post and can put up with my whining I'll explain how come I could only make a hot-fix build in a whole month.

The update

Some glaring issues have been discovered lately and I just managed to repair a few long-standing problems so version 1.2.4. contains important fixes.

Not saved

Sadly the path was not "ensured" (existence of directories) in all cases when saving the game. I estimate, that this could affect quite a few people theoretically, but not many reported it so far. I hope this means it worked for most people and not many run into :S

If you did lose a save I'm really sorry. Please accept my apology and know that now "Save & Exit" is fixed and works as intended.

Hallucinated boss

Some items in the game are totally insane and their combinations, well let just say they can lead to weird outcomes :P
One of these is the "Carnival Mask" which can turn monsters into hallucinations. It cannot be triggered on the boss level, as there are no other monsters around the boss itself. Except when you have an item on you which can summon monsters in certain situations. Mix in some chemical X and bang! The boss can easily turn into a hallucination, preventing the completion of the run. Funny thing is that I already had a configuration coded for items to optionally disable them against certain enemy types (e.g.: the boss), but I probably thought this could not happen.


Due to the underlying technology I used the game could not support left-handed mouse usage (left and right buttons switched in the operating system). I swapped out parts of the tech and fixed this problem.
To all the left-handed people in the world who would have loved playing I Am Overburdened with a mouse: I'm sorry for not realizing this mistake before!

Focus on what you are doing!

There were some posts about the game occasionally capturing mouse input even if its window is not in focus. I tried fixing this before, but I never had the complete picture about what is going wrong. I'm still not sure if it is fully fixed, but I could reproduce a case when it occurred and with the input tech change, I could correct this problem too.

Special thanks to all the community members who reported and helped in the diagnostics of these issues.

The unexpected

Around a month ago severe cartilage damage and bone wear (arthrosis) was diagnosed in my right wrist-bone(s) :(

To sum it up: decades of programming, playing games and practicing art as a hobby took a toll on my right hand and it is totally busted. Permanently. It looks like I'm going to need surgery if I want to use it again for work...

Even though I'm right-handed (was?) and relatively fast at typing (was!) in the last 5 or so weeks I had to resort to my left hand only. That is how a tiny bug-fix update takes a month :D

Is this the end?!

This slowed me to a crawl (no pun intended), but there is no way I'm stopping game development :)
Besides making these fixes I was working on new features and content, so don't give up on me ;)
It will take some time getting used to my situation, so it is uncertain now how long it will take, but I will follow through my plans and deliver the content expansion pack for I Am Overburdened.

Thank you very much for reading my post and for all your support.
Have fun in the dungeons and take care!