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Honestly, I got frustrated after a couple levels because it took so long to get to the point I was at in a level then I got stuck and was forced to die so I gave up. This goes back to the movement mechanic being very slow and having annoying collision detection.

I could not get the hang of the jump smash mainly the fact that the smash is disabled when you run low on energy so I'd try to smash something and end up just crashing into it and dying. That's more just getting used to the controls though.

The aesthetics are one of my favorite parts though. I love the colors, and the stains. The enemies are simple but take some time to understand what they are but once you get it, it all makes sense. Fun game overall.

Love the style and the mechanic. Just the hit box of the spider was frustrating. I kept barely clipping ledges and getting stuck to death. But still great!

I played it again and full screened it and lowered my mouse sensitivity settings and it was less painful. I updated my ratings to match. Though I still felt the sensitivity was too high, but I typically play FPS's at low sensitivity.

That is odd. I was playing in the browser. Not sure if I can do a windows application. With the time frame, the aesthetics being lack luster makes sense. Maybe some small textures on the walls to indicate the difference between left and right, like a torch texture or something just to make it different so when I'm looking around so it's easy to orient myself. I'll try the game again though since you said you didn't have problems before.

I like the mechanic. I didn't know about the additional uses of the abilities when I played, or the fact that the bombs were different. The game is a little clunky but the mechanic is solid and I enjoyed the game.

I got a bit motion sick trying to play the game. The sensitivity was insanely high. The mechanic was cool but I kept getting lost and confused by the repeated textures and the insanely sensitive look speed.

I agree with jcoan on all points. The fit with the theme was pretty poor, but the game is fun.

As soon as you click to start, you shoot making you fly off in a direction. Then since the edge of the map just kills you I died repeatedly. Moving can stop you, but since I can't tell exactly where the ship is going to spawn before firing it was inconsistent on which way I would soar off towards before dying. Tone back the forces and the game could be pretty fun, but as it stands it's more frustrating.

Good game with solid puzzles. The difficulty felt random, but there was only 48 hours to make the game so I forgive a bit of random difficulty. The logic of the people is very obvious once you play a couple levels. Well executed!

A fun game. I enjoyed the gun but shooting blind is annoying. I couldn't tell if my bullet was hitting a wall or there was nothing there since there was no way for me to explore it.  I like the idea or how you have to nearly kill yourself in order to kill enemies. Neat mechanic, okay execution, and I like the art in the game.

One of the better games I've played so far in terms of polish. Like how much happens when you shoot. Creating light, dealing damage, giving you move speed, and taking health from you.

I kept getting stuck inside tiles which then prevented me from using the grappling hook. So I didn't get very far since I just got stuck repeatedly. Neat mechanic, the destroying blocks to gain health is neat.

I found the mechanic to be interesting however movement was a chore. It was slow and then the collision check happened after the movement rather than before. So if you collide with a wall it stops you dead and then you have to stop moving and then try again. Unity has a great collision system, you can even lock rotation so everything always remains aligned. So the movement mechanic was frustrating but the game mechanic was compelling and I could see it be used to very good effect.

My main problem with this game was that the collision was very imprecise but it was a physics based game where collision needs to be on point. The red spikey ball was constantly getting stuck inside blocks and it caused everything to become a hassle. I felt like it fit with the theme, the magnetism was difficult to control as the acceleration was immense but it was an entertaining mechanic that needed more polish. I avoided as best I could going any faster than a crawl since I knew the collision would just ruin everything if I went to fast.