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Good game lol




A really cool game! Interesting concepts and an amazing art style.

Hope you can add more variety to enemies to encourage players to try out different combinations of modules! It will also be cool if you can combine the abilities of modules with exploration~

Looking forward to what the complete game will look like!

Cool game! Feels so great to fly around! Love the locomotion

Somehow I can't float up to Normal Space... Anyway, pretty good game!

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Cool Robots!



such a wonderful game!


OMG this is amazing!


I like the visual paradox, though the game's pacing is a little bit too slow...

A very good looking game! Really hope you can further improve the feel of movement

Wonderful! Love the idea! Even though it looks a little small on my screen...

A very interesting game! Also creative to integrate story and gameplay!

Good game, but sry I have to give you a bad rating...

Why don't you join the Finally Finish Something 2022 jam instead?

A really enjoyable game! loving it!

Interesting back story! Like the atmosphere of sound and music too~

What a good game!

A really good concept! Well done. (A little bug is that you can still jump in the are as long as you "walk" off a platform)

An interesting interpretation of the limitation. But the gameplay seems to be a little static... Really hope we can shoot the cable out lol

OMG I really LOVE the dashing bugs when you max out your speed! Really fun to play!

Not a bad idea! Really like the sound lol~ but the control of jumping seems to be a little awkward to me

Sry for making it too hard to understand... I really ran out of time to make a good in-game guide...

So the first thing to do in each round is to control your movement. You can decide how much energy to put into this turn's moving phase. The energy input will be converted to "movement output" according to your mecha's state (if your jetpack or legs is destroyed, you can only move a shorter distance with the same amount of energy input). Then you can choose to move either closer or further.

Then you have to decide which attack to use in the attack phase. You can choose multiple attacks in the same turn as long as you have enough energy and they are performed by different parts. You can also use arrows next to the skill button to decide how much "fate fuel" to put into this attack (or charge for CORE BEAM). After confirming, you then need to choose the target enemy body part for each attack.

Good game!

As long as you stay on the far right, it seems perfectly safe... Really hope your idea can be better presented

It's a really wonderful game! Well done!

What a brilliant game!

Interesting idea! But you really should consider a different type of camera or so...

Cool parkour! Wish next time you can develop your gameplay with jam's theme in it~!

Not a bad game! I just stand still for the most of the time lol

Very interesting idea! but the movement and control just don't feel good...

Cool game! Not bad but it's pretty sad when a bomb spawned right in your face...

Many thanks to my friends, and to SSMG who came up with the name for this game

Solid puzzle game! Like it!

Good point!

I thought of that but I was thinking to make it feel more fun by making the control a little bit harder... Really should try on that idea XD