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Nice concept. Good Implimentation

Nice game,one of the best game i have played till now

Nice Game. Good multiplayer mechanism.

Really a unique game.Good Job

Unique Idea. But you can hold the rotate button and still win automatically.

The graphics,audio and idea was good. NIce Game

Nice Game

nice game

The Game is very nice . The use of the theme is very unique. This was a very good entry for the game

The controls of the ship is very good . but i think the game would look better without the pixel filter.

Good Game . Nice Visuals and Music

Very good entry for the game. The visuals are very good.

Very good entry for the game. The visuals are very good.

Nice Game , the visuals are very good.

Nice Game. 

The Black Hole mechanic is really

thanks for playing.

I didn't get the time to add any sound.

Click left mouse button to shoot 

Also thanks for playing

Nice Concept. Enjoyed it !

Nice Concept! Enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback!

The art style was super cute and the music was really good.

The Gameplay was super fun and the art style was nice too.

The game was Nice ! But the only thing lacking was my skills.

Nice Art ! Nice concept aswell.

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Nice Game!

Really liked the idea of witting on snow . The music was the best.

Really Nice Concept. The Puzzles were really good.  I got hooked into this game. And played it more than you would have suggested.

Nice concept. I really I liked the graphics.

Really nice concept . I really liked the lose screen.

Really an Amazing Game . I really liked the concept.

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool Concept .  the music was nice too.

Nice concept. I really like the interactable title.

Nice Concept. It can be a good mobile game.

The concept was fantastic. At first it was hard to understand what I was suppose to do. But the Music was Very Nice.

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Thanks for playing the game . Music and Graphic isn't my strong point. But thanks to Unity's Post Processing for making my game look nice. Also thanks to the  [queue the music] Unity's Particle System a great system to  . . .

Thanks for the feedback . The towers were supposed to be placed in order. But I forgot to label each tower.

Thanks. I will try to make this a mobile game and will release it on Google Play Store.

Thanks for playing . My music skills are not good and the music I made didn't fit the game that's why there is no music or sound effect.

Thanks for playing my game .