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Lovely stuff!

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Hello there!

This is indeed original work and can be used for commercial projects. It is released under a CC BY-SA 4.0  (Creative Commons) licence and you can use it in any store/way you want, without any need to pay me or anyone else anything.

However, you do need to give me credits (as you already say you will do) as is stated in the licence agreements:

I´m happy that you enjoy the song enough to let it into your game :) GL to it & you! I would be happy to know where it ends up, but you´re not forced to do anything besides giving credit. 

Ps. I would also love a rating on the track/asset, if you do like :)

Thank you, and amazing that you found your way to my little "game"!

Looks great!

This sounds great & confident,  keep it up!

Thank you for playing, and rating :)

Thank you!

This pack is just awesome! However, a few other different obstacles besides the log would have been amazing, for further building. It's pretty hard to find these kinds of 2D assets that would work with this "2.XD" style.

Woot! Downloading straight away :)
If you ever need some free music for your project(s), do check out my profile here at Itchio!

Great stuff!

MegoGame, where did you go? Into the Ether?

This is a newly released pack with 31 seamlessly looped short tracks and full tracks (all looped). 
FREE to use for any non-commercial project! 

The music can be used for any project but is made with Sci-Fi, Mystic Adventures & Chillout in mind.

You can download it in WAV, MP3 or OGG format here:

Excellent! Great with Public Domain!

Like the art, and the simplicity! However, as you say, maybe a little too hard? Maybe just putting on "autofire" instead of clicking will make it a little easier?

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Oh man! That kinda made my day :)

Was on a bit of a flow here with the music production (can't promise the flow will forever flow, I have a 3 year old on my back most of the day), but was hoping for some kind of response, even though I see great projects and art pass by here without much interaction or attention.

So, again. Thanks for your kind words! If you do use any of the music, please let me know. Would love to see it being used in something! And don't forget to follow me so you don't miss anything new if it should take some time until next!

And, if you wish, I would be grateful for any ratings I could get here at Itchio.

But why not keep it a secret for now :)

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Amazing GDevelop template! Great jobb, and thanx for sharing!

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A nice license to know about! :)

You make some Excellent stuff for the GDevelop community. This included :)


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Hey! Thank you for taking your time to listen! See you on discord! :)

Great work in GDevlop, and great to see this kind of stuff where the "game" can interact with music in different ways (and the music was very suitable for this project)! I checked out your youtube channel, I like what you do! If you need some more original music for your projects, do contact me if you wish (you can check out 2 tracks of mine I just uploaded to Itchio).

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Thank you! IF you wish, please let me know if you make anything with it :)

This is made in GDevelop? And did you also compose the music?

Loved it! Relaxing indeed!

This is great!

This is great stuff, exactly what I was looking for. Still miss a thing though. Maybe that will come in Vol.2 that's coming... when? :)

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We just love free software!

PS. Infinity Falls Studio
Even though he wont accept your money from sales of your game, if you really want to give Deepnight Games some money, you could take the 50% (or whatever you want) and buy a copy of LDtk and use the "pay-what -you-want" option = you can give as much money as you want. 

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Amazing stuff. Happy you released the art for free, kinda sad the original game you was making will not be finished! Looked so good!

I would really recommend GDevelop, 100% free, open source game development engine for 2D games! Getting better all the time, and great for non-coders!

Would one be able to use the graphics from this example in a game?

Your GDevelop stuff is top notch! Hat off! 

Looks really nice, and as Emily say's, would be great as parallax backgrounds! 

Jay seems to be like a guy you wanna hang out with on Mondays! Sweet animation! 

I made it, they all reached the city :)

Great GDevelop game! Cool work!

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If you don't want to code (or don't know how), and don't want to pay for the software, I really would recommend GDevelop. There is a steady stream of updates, and on Youtube/ etc there is more and more tutorial videos and templates. Remember that GDevelop 5 still is in beta, and is being updated all the time. It has it's limitations today, but that might change in the future. For someone who's new to game making, GDevelop is a great tool! It's like a free (but more limited, yet anyway) version of Construct 2/3.