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Would one be able to use the graphics from this example in a game?

Your GDevelop stuff is top notch! Hat off! 

Looks really nice, and as Emily say's, would be great as parallax backgrounds! 

Jay seems to be like a guy you wanna hang out with on Mondays! Sweet animation! 

I made it, they all reached the city :)

Great GDevelop game! Cool work!

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If you don't want to code (or don't know how), and don't want to pay for the software, I really would recommend GDevelop. There is a steady stream of updates, and on Youtube/ etc there is more and more tutorial videos and templates. Remember that GDevelop 5 still is in beta, and is being updated all the time. It has it's limitations today, but that might change in the future. For someone who's new to game making, GDevelop is a great tool! It's like a free (but more limited, yet anyway) version of Construct 2/3.