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When I hover over the tile I am choosing to place, I'd love to see a little popup tooltip telling me the score bonuses and penalties that apply to it. I find them hard to remember once there are more than a handful of types.

I can't find the tutorial. There's an option to show the tutorial button, which was on by default and I've toggled, but I can't find the button. Where should it be?

Are you comparing a 32kB Pico8 game with a 1200000kB Nintendo Switch game?
And are you unaware that Celeste Classic is the original that Celeste was based on?

The discord link on the game description is invalid or expired.

1000-BIT community · Created a new topic Paypal only

For some reason I can't pay with a debit or credit card through for this game, just Paypal. Not a problem with other games, maybe something about the author's account? If not for this restriction, I'd buy the game.

Do you have any plans for a printed/paper version of this game?

Great game. I wonder how much more complexity could be introduced by allowing changing boys at save points...

There seem to be a lot of games in that are not at all playable by blind people. It would be nice to see a little more curation of the Accessibility categories.

Why is this game in the Accessibility: Blind Friendly category?

I had to manually install the 32bit versions of libxcursor and libxrandr to get the game to launch instead of exiting with code 127.

sudo apt install libxcursor1:i386 libxrandr2:i386

Could you maybe post a screenshot with a few annotations and suggested courses of action?

I just can't wrap my head around how to play this game. A bit more explanation would be very welcome.

Already purchased because I purchase ever programming game, even if I can only play it on the rare times I have a Windows computer available.

Title says it all.

I notice no one above suggested Patreon. Maybe get a bunch of people to pledge $1/mo or similar for early access to updates during development?

Seems to run fine under Wine

Fix from tomtl on the Rogue Temple forums, apply this style to the canvas element:

transform: scale(0.5);
transform-origin: top;

Also eager for a mac version. Sad to report that although the game launches in wine, only the music plays, otherwise just a black screen :(

On Mac I can get past the title screen but the game font is garbled. Maybe both problems have the same cause, something unicode-y where it shouldn't be?

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Seems like this is because the canvas is much wider/taller (2400x1600) than the iframe containing it (1200x800)

I can only see part of the game, maybe the middle half of the screen. Same in fullscreen. Chrome on OSX. The intro screen and introductory text/choices are cut off on all four sides. in the game proper, I can't see the whole starting area, mostly cut off on the bottom.

mac (or linux) howto:

download muxrl source from github

download libtcod source from

`make -f makefiles/makefile-osx release` (or -linux) from the libtcod directory, which may require installing some build dependencies

copy libtcod/python/ to the muxrl directory

copy libtcod/*.dylib (or *.so for linux) to the muxrl directory

copy libtcod/data/fonts/arial10x10.png to the muxrl directory

`python` which may require installing some python dependencies


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To play on Mac:

download source from github

install and launch godot gui:

import project.godot file


A bit more guidance on what the icons/numbers mean would be really helpful.