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Seems to run fine under Wine

Fix from tomtl on the Rogue Temple forums, apply this style to the canvas element:

transform: scale(0.5);
transform-origin: top;

Also eager for a mac version. Sad to report that although the game launches in wine, only the music plays, otherwise just a black screen :(

On Mac I can get past the title screen but the game font is garbled. Maybe both problems have the same cause, something unicode-y where it shouldn't be?

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Seems like this is because the canvas is much wider/taller (2400x1600) than the iframe containing it (1200x800)

I can only see part of the game, maybe the middle half of the screen. Same in fullscreen. Chrome on OSX. The intro screen and introductory text/choices are cut off on all four sides. in the game proper, I can't see the whole starting area, mostly cut off on the bottom.

mac (or linux) howto:

download muxrl source from github

download libtcod source from

`make -f makefiles/makefile-osx release` (or -linux) from the libtcod directory, which may require installing some build dependencies

copy libtcod/python/ to the muxrl directory

copy libtcod/*.dylib (or *.so for linux) to the muxrl directory

copy libtcod/data/fonts/arial10x10.png to the muxrl directory

`python` which may require installing some python dependencies


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To play on Mac:

download source from github

install and launch godot gui:

import project.godot file


A bit more guidance on what the icons/numbers mean would be really helpful.