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please come back...

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i had a very limited amount of assets and i wanted nighttime okay ;-;

first question, im bad at naming and thought about the ending screen and said "hey wait a minute"

second question, the firr does grow if you put stuff into it

third question, i relate cabins too camping and i realte camping too spring (i was originally gonna do a garden game but then boom thought of this)

fourth complaint, thats a issue due too scaling

fifth question, i wanted it too be at nighttime and since the only background that was at nighttime puzh made was a graveyard i just used it

sixth complaint, i use the web-version of gdevelop which doesnt allow sounds

seventh complaint, the  game isnt meant too be challenging its meant too be relaxing (think like sw:shs first gym challenge for milo)

also this was made after a 3 month break from coding also, its my first infinite game so its gonna have some hitchs (aka the random spawning sometimes is a godsent sometimes its your worst enemy)

the fire grows

and camping which i correlate with spring 

wish i had the patience too play more but from what i saw if you got the patience i recommend it 

i was in love with it till it broke and didnt let me continue too level 3

you can activate a checkpoint infinitely and its blinding dear god 

cant figure out how too get past the title screen i spent like 10 minutes trying too figure it out

there is no game, JUST STEM

but in realty you didnt upload a single version of this game

no clue how too work this and there aint no tutorial soooo i cant tell if this is good

love it!

just wish it was a bit longer

computer which as you said was a watered down version , so i just realized this might be a computer issue

i would probably like it more if i was into the matching genre but i guess ill still say the issues i found

i wish there was a way too break the moss like in most matching games would break ice, cages , etc

also at the beginning you have no idea its a matching game youre just flicking randomly and hoping too god something works

but other then that great job

yes that would kinda be a game breaking bug. but youre gonna lose out on a lot of early voting so id start working on it stat

my only two complaints are that the hit boxes are a bit wonky and the retry button doesnt really work

but other then that great game

oh cool! and thank you for the complement its what i was going for

simple you just grab salt and CONSUME

pretty sure its for the debug menu

this is a payed jam and you just tryed to pass off someone else work for your own why would i give you credit for copyright infringement

so yes...

wait a second aint this just the shooter example for gdevelop?

sal what are you grabbing onto theres nothing there

so yeah go check that out

instead of math make it vocabulary

(1 edit)

so awhile back decided too ask this tab if they'd be interested (no one really responded but eh i'm doing it anyways) a rythem game jam so yeah i made it


well you dont really have a reason not too its not like by joining your making a commitment

we have rythem games

 we're gonna have a theme and limitation instead of just a theme

its a new jam competition that i'm hoping to keep going for awhile

you can apply for judge if you don't want to make a game

its a ranked jam



so when you collect the soap item it makes it impossible to go to the next floor because you cant stand still

whats it blocking for fnf?

like what does it say its blocking?

i just realized that means you made 7 thousand dollars in 18 hours dear god


didnt they confirm it was cam in a tweet?????

you didn't reach the dance goal this is so sad ;-;

how the heck do you get four its the only one i didnt get first try ;-;

you act like this will get you any



we at 15

as soon as they did it a person did it again thats rough

andddddd it already fits my game idea this is a sad day