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The browser version should be good now, the wait is over!

I highly recommend downloading it until I get to fix the browser version, sorry about that guys!

Yeah, I made sure to stick to that theme for sure.

That was the plan!

Yeah, it signifies the end of the demo. Thanks for playing :D

Sorry about the multiple game jam posts, is that against the rules?

Thank you for your feedback, it’s appreciated! Also, is there a limit to the game jam submissions? I’m pretty new to this site.

A nice and relaxing game! It felt a little frustrating trying to attack the slimes while in the air because the slash only hits in the front  (maybe an aerial attack that hits all sides?) But it was a good challenge.

This game looks awesome! Is it possible to have the plane turn so you can dodge the obstacles better? Because it usually gets its wing caught in a lot of them.

Haha very slippery I like it! I would have different colors for the platforms to distinguish it from the background but other than that it's good.

The art style of it is beautiful and the mechanics seem to be very well thought of! My only nitpick is that it takes a little long to get to max speed from walking and the bosses hitboxes are a little wonky. But other than that, very solid!

This game is awesome! There are not many that have the cool 3D effect like it. I would have the weapon switch mapped to the scroll wheel though.

Sadly this is not an actual GB Game, but a Game with the GB art style. I am looking to export it through HTML5 soon though.