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I think the thing that threw me off a little bit is that Oracle 2 seems patterned in someway off the Fortune Roll but the wording is a little different. The Fortune Roll assumes that a high result (6, critical) is in the player's favor and each tier lower is less favorable. Depending on how you "ask" Oracle 2 your question a high result might be really bad for your character - so - it just takes a moment to think about how to frame the question.

If you were unsure of the starting Posture (Position in Blades) would you use the Engagement Roll from Blades or perhaps make do with the Oracle 2 "how strong?" check? Some guidance on this in the tips & options section would be good I think.

Early review thoughts: This is based on an initial read-through and some very light playtesting.

This is a thoughtful take on Forged in the Dark genre-less style gaming for the solo player. I've played Scum and Villany (and read Blades in the Dark) solo and while it works remarkable well "out of the box" there are some challenges that can be difficult to hack around with the assumptions built into those two games. The Crew (Blades) or Ship (Scum) "playbooks" are mechanically intertwined in the game - they add flavor for sure but they also will really hamper your efforts as a solo player if you don't leverage and honor the mechanics that are embedded into the systems in on those playbooks. If you want to hack them (alter the setting, try new genres, etc) it can take some work to untangle the effects of the Crew/Ship sheets on the game. What Cezar has done is give you a clean base to start from for your solo game. If you are playing a game where you still have a fictional crew, party, or team working together then you can slowly add back on the pieces you need for your game - if you are not using these component Cezar has saved you a world of time spent hacking/editing that you can instead spend playing! I always believe that starting light and through play, building up your game/table specific modifications is a much smarter way to go that to start with something else and have to strip away what is not needed.

I forwarded an example on to you!

Any chance you could make a version of the mobile variant that is monochrome as well? I often read PDFs in night mode and the colors are throwing things off a bit in my phone.

Looks great otherwise! Thanks for putting this together.

Ahhhahhhhhh!!! That. sounds. amazing! Love the typeface choice (again!)

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I'm not normally a fantasy RPG person as I prefer pew-pew and whooshing engine sounds in my games but I stumbled across this awesome game via a tweet (yes, the hell site did something useful for once!)

First, I've been searching for a d100 rules lite chassis for a while and this system really hits the mark for me. BareBones Fantasy is close but there's no SRD. OpenQuest, BRP, RQ, and Mythras are a bit too much for my liking (I'd have to tear out too many pieces.) As I don't really like playing "grimdark" games, I don't think that I would have ever cracked open Sledgehammer to look at this system (something, something books / covers / judgement.) I love systems that overload dice results to get a little more "data" out of them - e.g. reading the first number of the d10 pair for damage is right up my alley.

Second, I love the tone of this game. I much prefer settings that have the shades of hope and optimism (even if that's not the main thrust.) The art feels really great and it is interesting how the typeface and layout choices juxtapose the potentially "grim" art in some cases. The setting veneer has pretty light touch but I think there's just enough nudging in the art and content to set the ideal tone the game was setup for. 

Third, after reading the comments on this page I became quite endeared to this product because as a parent of three kids just trying to make it through a pandemic year I can relate to a lot of the challenges the author must have faced in getting this product over the finish line. I'm looking forward to the proposed bestiary and "creature creation" supplements.

(And now to run off and hack this up for a space-themed romp.)

Aces mate!

Any chance we could get a variant without the background texture? (Feedback wise, I like this - quicker than the StoryForge cards but a similar amount of detail can be generated in most cases.)

Based on the "framing the scene" I think I understand now :) Looks the valid values are 1-6?

What's the valid Stability range? 4,5,6? Or is 1-10? I wasn't quite sure having re-read the rules just now. Thanks!

Is this material licensed the same as Blades in The Dark itself or some other way? I'd like to include some of the rolls/tables as part of JavaScript library one could use to build a Discord bot or some other tool but I'm not sure if it is available and how to best credit you.