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Very nice to get the update for frontview version, good work! 

Hi, I think I've found a situtational minor bug.

By using these 3 plugins (yanfly core, yanfly battle core, dual wield), if a character equips a weapon that has tag <Twohanded>,

then uses an item that uses gainHP formula such as  b.gainHp(Math.randomInt(50) + 51); b.startDamagePopup();, the heal effect becomes twice. 

Using <Mainhand> does not cause this bug.

Thanks for the reply. Too bad this cannot be done, I'll figure alternate way buffing dual wield characters then.

Hi, is there a way to make a state add bonus to specified hand? I can make condition to check if left hand or right hand is a specified weapon type equipped, however it can only add regular state which increases the to hit/damage/critical bonus to the character which affects both hands.

It works properly now. :)

Found another bug.  Billy and Suong aren't treated as friends in ending rolls (would still help to build house) therefore don't unlock the trophy.

Thanks for the reply, hint for new game+ and the game. 

  • Does it happen only after the last cutscene, or are other cutscenes triggering it?

It happens after the trio walks out of bunker, then following them once out that first map (I think that map has a lizardman is there guarding a car battery one) has scrolling disabled, but fast travel still works. However fast travel to church if I choose Suong has church map stuck too, so I chose the Russian and had the game finished.

The game doesn't freeze, just the character can walk out of screen not transferring to different map (or trigger event in new game), turn off the game still has the bug. I didn't skip any cut scene. 

There (Mr. House place) I think I also noticed something different. When pressing esc (or q, not very sure), an extra menu hud would appear from the regular one iirc. Seem to get different color and texts. It looks like the tutorial hints if I remember correctly.

Should I upload the save somewhere? 

Just saw a new veresion coming out, but since I just beat  0.37.3. yesterday here I'll report some bugs seem to have near the end.

Once after the choices and leaving Mr.s White's bunker, multiple maps no longer scroll.  

Seem choosing different characters get different maps stuck, one has the church map stuck while another one works.

The bug inherits to a new game. When going to the cut scene where player meets Helena and the priest, nothing happens and the player is stuck at that map. 

Also curious how to get the new game bonus inheriting character imprint mentioned when beating the game. When starting a new game, the character now has 6 attribute points to spend but cannot find the other features mentioned.

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Good work fixing it, congrats. :D

Hi, the music is very good I'd like to put some of the tracks into the game. Are there any specific usage terms?

Had lots of fun, cannot really think of something to suggest. For other bugs, I think when spending the attribute points very often have the event picture "stuck in the blue scree." Characters can move but the screen block most views, have to turn off the game (the blue event page is shown at title screen as well)

I've finished the demo when I posted. :p  (unless I miss something in VIP room, cannot seem to interact with the two named characters).  

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Just found the demo recently and played the demo, it was a great experience and looked wonderful.

Noticed a bug - after you did the first quest with Sly, went to the Dr. and then received a call going to garage. If you go to the inn instead, Sly'd still use his previous dialogue (start mission) and the game would get stuck there unable to go to anywhere (because the infiltration quest was already over)

Just bought it for mv. 

What I meant was because the 2 picture with sv battlers examples don't show other animations, I cannot know if they acted like the 2003 ones that only have baisc movements or are more like FF ones. Not buying it for 2003 :p

Good to see the list of animations, thanks for the reply. :)

Saw the bundle on sale. I'm interested in this, would like to ask are the sideview battlers like rm 2003 ones or more like final fantasy where there are damaged, prepare, victory, knockout poses? 

Cannot wait for the oni and drow.

Thank you very much.

Hi, is modifying pictures allowed if used in a pixelated project? 

Hi, does this work with tiles that are from asset packs (none official ones like clockwork raven, mega tiles, super retro world, etc.)?

Even the default image would lose most pixelation if exported, please help. Just bought it on sale.

Resizing the images do not work, most pixelated detail is gone. 

It does seem to miss the Buy now button.