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It's a combination of pathfinding used in most games with tricks and tweaking to give the cars an advantage against you. The snow really helps them turn around quickly for example.

Thanks, I really enjoyed your videos of the demo so looking forward to seeing you play the full game 😁

Awesome, glad you like the demo! 😁

Yes, sure! You can post Decimate Drive videos on YouTube.

Thanks! :D


Thanks! And good point about the one with the camper 🤔

I've just finished up adding all the new stuff and am working towards a testable version. I'll be sure to send a key your way once it's available 👍

Yeah, sounds have a huge impact on both the gameplay and tension building.

It's interesting to make a horror game with cars as the 'monster', since everyone is fully aware of the way a car sounds and handles. Something I try to make good use of :D

Thanks! It's awesome to hear that someone from the area can appreciate the look the game is trying to recreate :D

When I started making the game all cars actually had their headlights on, but I found it to be less scary since you always knew where the danger was coming from.

So in the final product most headlights will be off. Except in some levels to mix it up. Or in specific cases, like when a cars approaches you from behind.

Thanks! I look forward to showing off more of the progress.

Awesome, thanks! I'll be posting more news on the game in a couple of weeks or so. If everything goes according to plan :D

There is also a lot of spam being posted on one of my games. It might be different from the spam mentioned above, but is exactly the same as mentioned in this topic:

The spam is posted from a different account each time so banning doesn't solve the issue. An option to approve comments before they're shown to other users is really needed... or at least comments with links in them.

Thanks for checking it out! I thought I made off-roading difficult enough, but you made it work anyway 😁 Agreed on the intro, unfortunately I did it in a way that made making it skipable a bit difficult.

Yeah, I noticed that there's a chance that one or both of the cars gets stuck. This is something I'll be working on for the next release (more on that in the next devlog btw).

As you suggest, there are more ways to have the cars mess with the player. I have quite a list of ideas for this one 😁

The story is purposely vague so you can read it any way you want. Another way to see it is that the pillar and red lights are real and that the driver sees them as a way to 'fix the past'.

Nice! This got me thinking what other speedrun strats are possible in the game 🤔

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Thanks! Glad you liked it 😁

I've updated the game so getting past the cars is not as easy anymore. Feel free to check it out!

Thanks for checking it out! I get what you say about the (lack of) creepiness, something to improve if I do an update for this game :D

Thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look at optimizing the game futher in the next release.

I believe the settings mostly affect the graphics (not memory and CPU), this is something I also want to improve.

Post anything related to Road to Glory here.

Please post any bugs and issues you encounter here.

Thanks! I'll take a look and see if this is something I can fix.

Hmm sorry about that! If you want you can send me the log file. That could help me understand why the game crashes.

  • You should be able to find the log file on your system here: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\LocalLow\Some Random Designing\Road to Glory\ (Add your Windows user name where it says [your username])
  • Open Player.log in notepad and copy everything except the first two lines.
  • Paste the content on, click 'Create new paste' and post the link to it here.

I know it's a bit of a hassle :D But I might just be able to fix the issue. Thanks in advance!

What are your system specs? Does the game run smoothly before it crashes?

Cool, thanks for posting your playthrough!

I noticed the controls are confusing, something I should look at in the next release. You can spot without clicking (clicking is for launching smoke or flare).

Thanks! I hope to include Poland in the next release.

The Portal games are a good example of how to do this I think. Puzzles, enemies etc. are made up of just a few elements. But they're constantly mixed up to create new, more difficult challenges.

The minimap is definitely on my todo list. In the future I also hope to add more enemies you can fight directly, but the core of the game is dealing with enemies indirectly. Not being able to save is also intentional, but I might add a continue option.

Thanks for the input! I posted a devlog about when to expect a future release btw.

Good point, I'll try to include sound and controls options in the next release. For now I added a How to play section to this page. Thanks for the input :D

Awesome, glad you liked it!

Thanks for posting your playthrough! It gives me a good idea on what I can improve too :D

Thanks for trying it out and posting the video! And agreed, I already have a couple of ideas to expand the game in the future.

It should work. If needed, you can tweak the graphic settings in the option menu.

Unfortunately the game is only available in 64 bit. The 32 bit version of the game crashes because of a bug I can't solve. I might look at this again in the future, but I can't make any promises.

Awsome, thanks for trying it out 5mg!