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Nice game. 

Holy shit this is awesome!

Music and fog effects are awesome. Very impressive for a solo submission!

Really fun game congrats! Really great that you were able to develop something so cool alone! The different movements of the chess pieces force you to play around them in different ways which is really fun the sounds and musics are also on point.

Super jeu! Marche très bien et nous donne une idée de la difficulté pour le peuple de suivre les lois à cette époque.

Fun game ! I love how the gameplay is defined by your creative input system and going up the walls. It is very hard to know the hitbox of the avatar but otherwise the game is nice!

Nice fun game. Especially for a first jam! I would recommand putting a little more time in the polishes like the ennemy hitbox on the y axis, making the music seemless, matching the characters visuals with the terrain colors and a little death animation. But besides some problems like that the game is very functional and the gameplay loop works which is an achievement you can be proud of in itself!

It was nothing to annoying. I was using a 1920:1080 screen so it's perhaps not an aspect ratio issue. If you want I can send you a screen shot. 
Anyway  congratulation your game was awesome and you can be proud of it!

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That is weird. The controls are either WASD directionnal arrows or controller. Glad you enjoyed some of it at least!

Really fun game. Perhaps not the most creative but great level design. I would put more feedbacks when ennemies are hit and rework a bit the movement which felt a bit weird,

Very fun! good take on the theme. The difficulty is well handled. 

Incredibly fun. The scope of the game is unbelievable.
I loved the narrative part music was awesome and very nice sound track.

 The aspect ratio created some probleme in my screen and the game suddenly becomes very hard.

Thanks for the feedbacks. Visual Clarity and better management of the difficulty curve are definitly things we will try to manage better in future projects!

Fun game with nice visuals. The music was very nice and it was quite enjoyable to see a slower pace approch to the bullet hell theme. 

If you were to go further try to work a bit more on the feedbacks when the player is hit or hitting the ennmy, and the signs on how HP the player has left. There were also some ways to exploit the system like staying at the bottom where the bullets didn't reach.

Honestly really good game! I loved how you implemented the long ranged attack through the ball coming back around the player every x secs. The terrain evolution was very nice. Congrats.

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Nice visuals and sounds. Very creative and close to the theme. The controls make it a bit akward and it felt very difficult.

Really fun. This game takes a very creative approch of the confined theme that works very well.

The level design, pattern design and difficulty are incredible and amke the game one of the most fun of the jam. The game is also very juicy.

It would be nice to have more UI for HP left or number of bombs available. The sound design is fine but very loud with aggressive sounds that can be a bit anappealing.

One of the greatest entry. 

PS: I really wanted to use a mechanic similar to your evolving terrain. For some reason it makes me think of a mechanic of Will You Snail.

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Very fun and polished! Some UX and UI problems and the game gets to hard to fast. Also perhaps making the hitbox a bit smaller than the avatar would make the game feel less unfair

Most fun game overall in the jam to me. Perhaps could make the ennemies more threatening and improve a little bit on visual clarity. But congratulation fantastic work!

Best game I've played so far in the jam. Most creative. Very fun with an unbilievable concept. All around incredible. Looking forward to future games you'll be developping.

Thanks for the feedback! Did you manage to  get the 4 pillars down in the third level?

if you get it right the game will definitly be banger! Althought it already is.

We went quite hard on the difficulty haha. Glad you enjoyed the game!

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Fun game. The sound design was good. The work on the environnement the other innmates and the body was a nice touch of story telling and made the game lively.

Felt weird to shoot through other innmates. Beginning the game is a bit long since I have to go through the first room with no challenges. The ennemies shoot through walls. A more detailed material on the bullets could have made the game a bit more polished. 

The game is very fun though and challenging in the right way. 

Also the game stands out from beeing a top view shooter which is quite nice. 

Congrats for first game jam! I couldn t get the game in full screen. The music and visuals are nice. It was interesting how i ned to move around the enemy to hit it instead of its bullets. Perhaps make a different model for the ennemy's bullets

I like the idea of timing challenge in a bullet hell game. Felt like signs and feedbacks were a bit lacking. The sound design was quite bad. I didn t understand for a while that I was getting hit because there was to much emphasis on it. Lots of polish put in the progression system.


Had a hard time figuring out the controls. It was a bit to challenging to me and I felt a bit overwhelmed. The staging visuals narration and sounds were superb though.

Very polished. The difficulty curve was not well handled to me and I feel like i was never threatened. Didn't see a lot of patterns and the levels became a bit repetitive. The soundtrack was very good and the game is very visually appealing.

Awesome sound design. Very juicy. Needs a bit of work on the feedback and visual clarity. Also a bit of error prevention on quitting the game. Otherwise really fun!

Really funny game. Mixing together bullet hell and dating sim is not easy and you made it work! Could have perhaps used some more variety of patterns.

The game is awesome and beautiful. Only thing that was a bit counterintuitive was appearing at the other side of the screen when going out of frame. Since the avatar is not visible at that point it makes it confusing to go in the darkness. Otherwise this is clearly one of the best game of the jam congrats! 

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I had a bit of trouble finding out the controls, but once I understood them the game felt great. The dynamics created by the match of the alt fire and normal fire are really interesting and most of the patterns are fun to play around. I love the aesthetic and how polished the game felt while keeping it's old school vibes from it's texturing!

I am sorry but this is an old student game we don't intend to expend on it.

Incredible game made by incredible developpers!