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Hey there just droppin by to say one simple thing: This game is totally more than I had hoped for. I'll be honest, for a game on I was expecting, maybe, an OK-ish story with some basic tropes and a half-assed fighting system.

Now, I just got to Otecho but already this game has blown my expectations out of the water! Did you guys make some deal with the devil? you know... Midnight at the crossroad? Otherwise, how do you explain being this good?

Anyhow, Merry (belated) Christmas and Keep up the great work!

I recently bought an Acer One 10 because I needed a bare bones laptop that was just small enough for me to bring pretty much everywhere. Obviously, I had to try and install HEARTBEAT on it, I'm glad  it runs quite well and with headphones I don't have to compromise hearing the terrific soundtrack on the builtin speakers.

Welp, there goes my productivity...

Thanks a bunch dude! I guess my lifelong habit of glossing over read me's has yet to pay off...

I´ll keep on playing the demo and getting the Tickets before I move on to the fully fledged goodness 

I bought the game some days ago and before I go right back I wanted to know how having played the demo affected the full release or how am I supposed to let it know that I played the demo. If there is a FAQ section where this is disclosed then please point me to it.

Great game, I'm glad it got a full version because the art style is just... Damn! 

Wow... it's been 39 days since my last comment.

Just downloaded it and played for a bit before I have to make dinner and just the music and the whole style of it got me hooked!

This is the kind of game that should be getting publicity on a huge scale!

Love the music and the way the chicken wizard builds up speed keeps it from being dull, it´s a great game.

Great visuals and the music is just right for the quirky nature of the game. Getting rid of the grinding is a good idea but what made this game great was randomness. 

Very nice

The visuals and the music are completely engaging and the game feel was odd at first but with trial and error it felt unique. This will totally give away how old I am but it feels like on of those games you'd see featured in the frontpage of Newgrounds and just play for hours or just when the teacher wasn't looking

Youtube recommended this dude's review of your game and the thumbnail art alone got me hooked on the idea of playing this. It seems there's no demo right now? 

I hope there's one soon cause you guys nailed it with the art style.  I'd also like to know if there's an ETA on the finished game, not because I want it to be out ASAP but to have an idea of how hyped I should feel about such a unique WIP.

Keep up the great work!