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I bought the game some days ago and before I go right back I wanted to know how having played the demo affected the full release or how am I supposed to let it know that I played the demo. If there is a FAQ section where this is disclosed then please point me to it.

Great game, I'm glad it got a full version because the art style is just... Damn! 


Hello, sneakyfletcher! There's a readme file that comes with the game  with instructions on how you can transfer save files from the new demo to the full game. I'll copy paste them here for conveniency:

1. Go to to HEARTBEAT root folder and find the save folder. If you've downloaded on Windows, it should be like this:
[DEMO] > www > save

If downloaded on Mac, it should be like this:

[DEMO] > > Contents > Resources > app.nw > save

2. Grab the files from this folder and copy it into the same location for the new demo.

For windows: [FULL] > www > save

For mac: [FULL]> > Contents > Resources > app.nw > save

3. Once your save files are in the save folder, open the game normally and you'll be able to continue from where you left off on the demo.

We hope you enjoy the full game!!

Thanks a bunch dude! I guess my lifelong habit of glossing over read me's has yet to pay off...

I´ll keep on playing the demo and getting the Tickets before I move on to the fully fledged goodness 


No problem! Let me know if you have any more inquiries!