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Thanks for buying the Racial Justice bundle! I hope you are enjoying the vast collection of games.

When I submitted this game for inclusion in the bundle I had no idea it would take off as much as it did. Doubly so, I am surprised how many people are taking the time to play this weird experimental game of mine. There's a few things you should know if you intend to play, and some of them are not obvious.

1) Many parts of this game are in service of an ARG that no one played and ended years ago. If there is an unexplained element in the story, you can maybe google it and come across one of several secret online sites related to the topic.

2) I haven't looked at the code for this project in years, and it was made before I actually worked professionally as a programmer so many of my habits were bad and therefore much of the work I did is basically unintelligible now. This means that there are bugs, and I may be able to fix them but it will take a long time and my time is sadly quite limited.

3) The plot of this game is a bit Edgy™ which is sadly to be expected from the result of the sleep-deprived mind of a retail worker. There's nazi stuff, and it absolutely could have been handled better/more respectfully. This game is, however, explicitly anti-nazi.

Once again, thanks for checking this game out, and please get in touch if you have issues or questions.

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Hi, thanks for playing!

Unfortunately, this is an issue that occurs with save states in the game, and for some reason this happens to some players. This issue usually only occurs on the Steam version, and can sometimes be fixed by just doing it over and over again. I realize that this is not workable and frustrating. I have looked into this issue many times before and Construct 2 does not offer robust enough debugging tools for me to figure out exactly what is causing this issue. This was my first "big game" and it's likely I made a mistake somewhere, but it's unlikely that I'll be able to find it in time to get an update out soon.

I apologize, please let me know if you do progress eventually, but I also understand if you'd rather drop it.

Side note: I will be pushing an update that will allow people to erase their save shortly. Perhaps the update may solve your issue, but it may only help if you restart :( 
There are some shortcuts in the game though! If you are stuck here then I can take you to the next phase of the game without too much time lost hopefully. Please let me know if you would like to know, as it is a bit of a mechanic spoiler in my opinion.

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Please see my response to DemoMash. be sure you're doing what the game asks, this is supposed to be a little bit of a puzzle.

If you have done as the game asks , then it looks like there are some serious issues so I will have to put out an update soon to hopefully fix these issues D:


Have you done what the game asks? You have to do something in the folder to continue.

If it is still not working, then that is a critical bug I will need to fix. Looks like I will need to put out an update pretty soon O_O

Thanks for reporting!


First of all, thanks for playing! You've gotten pretty far if you're at this point (or you've found one of a few shortcuts... shhh!!) so I hope you've been enjoying the game and you're not too put off by the vague weirdness of it all.

It's been a few years since I updated the game, so I'm afraid I can't offer you an update that will fix this issue immediately because I'm no longer familiar with how it all works. I do know that the flag to continue can be triggered if you simply have the folders on your desktop (assuming your desktop is accessible for files). You will still have to do what the game asks.

Download this ZIP:
It has the folder the game is supposed to generate on your desktop. Simply extract this to the desktop as is (do not put it into a subfolder or anywhere else). 

If this doesn't work, I will look into a bypass solution or attempt to fix the issue. Let me know!


I figure I should say a few things about my submission! This was a semi-failed transmedia project I worked on for a long time between 2015 and 2017. It's an ARG, but it's also an arcade game, and it's also got a bunch of sub-games. The story as presented in the game is extremely vague and it takes a while for it to eventually surface, but many of the folks who played through the ending found it interesting. Since then other games have come along and done similar things in better ways, but I think it's still worth checking out :)

This is exactly what folks said was impossible with Construct 2 only a couple years ago, now here we are! Extremely impressive work!


I was speaking in the context of using the Construct engine, which loads sprites at incredible speeds in its latest runtime. 

Thanks Jupi!

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Hi, I've been using this software for the past week and it's been extremely useful for getting isometric sprites generated. I have two requests to help make this process more painless.

 I would greatly appreciate if this feature were expanded to creating 32 angles and 64 angles for smoother transitions in practice. 

This second one's a little more petty... 

I noticed that when an 8 directional sprite group is generated the naming convention is object_cardinalDirection which imports in the correct order when dragged into Construct 2/3, but files with more than 9 sprites receive the naming convention of object_number which usually get placed out of order since the importer recognizes 10, 11, and 12 as coming before 2 and 21, 22, etc as coming before 3. So when importing a 16 angle export batch as an animation, the frames will be in this order:  0, 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. This is easily remedied by adding zeroes in front forming a three digit number. 001, 002, 003... 010, 012 and so on. This would save time having to reorder frames later on. 

Thanks for your consideration. This product is awesome and I've been recommending it to all of our local gamedev folk in Vermont.

sent to your email :)

Sorry for the delay, I've been extremely busy this week. Messages should go out tonight.


Who won?

Well, everyone did!

There are only 5 entries, so why not have five winners?

I will try to reach out to you, but if I don't please email me at!

Congrats all!

thank you

Wow, this is remarkably polished for a jam game! Well done!

When you can't find any good CC0 music... beatbox!!!!!

Wow! This really went above and beyond, good job!

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Hey all! Thanks for participating in this! In the future I hope to do more jams like this and attract more folks.

Voting begins at midnight! (20 minutes from now)

Be sure to share your game far and wide!

Congrats! I'm excited to play once I get my submission in :D

Thanks for contributing anyway! Hope your finals go well!

Just to clarify, you can make as many games as you want and win prizes for each of those games! 

It is entirely possible for one person to sweep the jam, but that's not the point of it.

Thanks for joining up, and I'll see you at the finish line!

Again, this is a very low pressure jam. Don't feel the need to do any all-nighters, smaller games are better for this sort of thing.

If you have any questions on rules or guidelines, post em here and I'll do my best to answer quickly!

WikiHow Dreams Jam community · Created a new topic Prizes!

Hello all,

There are prizes this jam, though they are little. 

They will consist of game keys for smol indie games on

Think Memoir En Code: ReissueLieve Oma, and Hylics. I will give the winners a choice of their own!

I will be contacting those of you with winning entries (there can be up to five winners, a winner for each category) after it is done!

A game can win more than one category, and they will receive that many prizes!

Thanks for joining, I'll see you when submissions start!

I'm glad I used the keyboard for this game.

I needed the keyboard to play this game.

Dujanah community · Created a new topic My Brother

He's in the states now.

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BRKÖUT community · Created a new topic Game out soon.

Perhaps you're wondering why 1.0 isn't out yet.

The game is done and ready. It's been done and ready for months.

But the codebase kept growing, and my computer was acting more and more strange.

I've taken so many precautions. There was only one explanation.

I solved the problems.

Game will be out soon. 

Would love to try, but the windows version needs a data file in the zip. :(

Next update will be 1.0. Then mass release and marketing push.

For everyone who hasn't read these logs... I'm so, so sorry.

It's some sort of infection... Not really the right word for it.

If this is what it seems like... well, everything I know about hardware and software is out the window.

It's coming. It's coming fast.

This will be the last post on the changelog before it comes out in full force.

If you've been downloading the updates, it's too late... You're already primed.

Maybe lubricated is a more accurate term.

I'm so, so, so sorry.

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For those of you who missed the news... yes, we were Greenlit. God help those who aren't reading this blog.

In fact, God help us all.

I've thrown my life away for this project. I had friends. Real ones, not the back stabbing kind like Aaron. I haven't seen any of them for months.

And after so long, now that I'm uncovering some fraction of the truth of what's going on? Friendships, acquaintances, all falling apart and dying. The bodies keep piling up. Running out of room, already knee-deep in the dead.

I loved once. A few times, actually. Not for three years now.

I won't lie, life before this project wasn't perfect. I was in a slump of my own. I wanted to go to college. I wanted something more than holding a slightly-more-than-minimum-wage job and ghosting through every day. I wanted to draw blood, cut out the living heart of existence and put it out for display. I wanted to feel like a vulture clutching to the wings of an angel. I wanted to be art, not mediocrity. Aaron sold me with the promise I could be more, that I could build a new world with him. A real business, a true universe. Real people who would respect and love us just for doing what we did.

When we started on remastering BRKÖUT I felt like we were breaking new ground, like a vein of gold had split open at our feet. It wasn't long before I realized it was pyrite. Then the pyrite turned to magma. Then it boiled over.

Had any of you even heard of a Vic 30 before you started here? Not a Vic 20, an honest to god "Saving Grace" Vic 30 with the dumbo ears and all. I hadn't either until Aaron showed me his collection. It's his personal machine I'm using to develop the goddamn thing.

Well. I was, anyway. I'm not sure who's developing it now.

Stack that and the fucked up shit with these computers, I'm losing it. Really, really, losing it.

I look back at what I tweet, and I just find vague and cryptic shit I can hardly remember tapping out. I tracked down telephone lines leading from my house for a long time. I started putting them up just so everyone knew. I need help. I am so very, very fucked.

Enough moping. Here's the part where I try to rationalize a little bit.

So you saw the video. I started filming because I noticed that my icons just randomly rearranged. The cliche little "I'M WATCHING YOU" at the end. Then my webcam came on, and you all saw my shocked and embarrassed face for a second.

So as I said before, I thought that I had a virus or maybe someone had access to my computer. Anyway, what happened in the video fed my suspicions. I took a vocational course in high school for networking (almost got certified), so I looked around. Couldn't find any obvious holes, so I doubled down on a firewall and locking down my logins. 2FA wherever possible. Changed all my passwords. Rogue code kept showing up.

I took myself off the internet entirely. Unplugged the modem, unplugged the router, backed up locally, changed passwords again, removed wifi antennae from everything, even unplugged my phones. For a few days that put my mind to rest... but then it just started up again. Then more messages. These ones got weirder, a bit too personal for my taste.

I switched entire computers. I scraped together my savings and bought an entire new computer. I copied over the backups I had made and tried to get anything - anything - done. I almost succeeded too, but I couldn't recognize any of the work. It's just... so foreign. It's like a completely different thing now. There's 200+ commits that, again, I did not make. None of them are labelled, none of the code is commented.

And then the commits kept coming, and then there were more messages. Even more personal. Even more weird.

It gets worse, and this is important. Whatever it is, it spreads. I had a laptop on the same network for a while, I took it to a Starbucks the other day and I got another set of messages. I had to leave, I nearly spilled my frap over the keyboard. I've only confirmed this over LAN. I don't know if it can spread through the internet, but take any email you may have gotten from me with a grain of salt.

Listen. This game is going to come out. I can't stop Aaron, and he has me by the balls with a contract. I can get away with what I say here because Aaron never reads these, but everywhere else I need to keep up the ruse. I need to sell BRKÖUT, but my personal advice to you?


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It's still going. Every day feels like a week.

1.0 delayed. February? March? Dunno. Still not greenlit, but that's all Aaron.

Aaron Taylor. That motherfucker. Equal parts salesman and pirate.

That son of a bitch thinks we're going to make a mint. He thinks obscure Vic 30 fanboys will come out of the woodwork and snatch it up. Fuck that, no one's heard of this thing. Fuck him.

New info. It's starting to happen to my laptop. Whatever it is, it spreads. I think I'm figuring out how. Tracing it myself. Wanna warn you but you won't listen. Pretty sure I'm writing these for myself. Might as well get poetic.

I feel this one a lot. Great work.

No release, just a note.

For those of you wondering about the game's current status, I honestly don't know where it's going anymore. I think I've lost control. Completely.

Looking at the damn thing gives me a headache. Every time I boot up the IDE I'm looking at new changes. Sometimes it's working perfectly, other times it will randomly shut off... or a level won't end... or god knows what else happens. I don't know what it's doing anymore, I just don't.

I tell my therapist about it and she just keeps telling me to take more Melatonin so I'll sleep better. Everyone thinks I'm making it up... and it's not like I have convincing proof. I show someone the software, they just think it's buggy software or it's a "pony island ripoff", whatever that's supposed to mean. No one even reads these changelogs, even though I beg them to, not even Aaron.

My business partner Aaron does not understand the situation. He's CONVINCED the game will be a hit, he thinks we should have released on Thanksgiving. It shouldn't be released at all.

Fuck this contract. Fuck BRKÖUT. Or TETRARKHOUT. Or whatever. I'm done. I'm so fucking done.