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A topic by Fisher created Dec 06, 2017 Views: 177 Replies: 3
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Hello all,

There are prizes this jam, though they are little. 

They will consist of game keys for smol indie games on

Think Memoir En Code: ReissueLieve Oma, and Hylics. I will give the winners a choice of their own!

I will be contacting those of you with winning entries (there can be up to five winners, a winner for each category) after it is done!

A game can win more than one category, and they will receive that many prizes!

Thanks for joining, I'll see you when submissions start!


I'm doing this one


Just to clarify, you can make as many games as you want and win prizes for each of those games! 

It is entirely possible for one person to sweep the jam, but that's not the point of it.