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RED-FIRE (Smedis2)

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thank you! i actually finished the majority of the level design and stuff on the last day of the jam, and I was away from home for about two days beforehand.

the game was mainly inspired by Kung-Fu Master, which is why it feels a bit stiff. it was originally gonna be a lot more fluid and even have combos, but i felt that it would've been out of the scope of the jam, so i stuck to something arcadey and reaction-based (and consequently a bit too difficult, as most people who tried playing can testify). there weren't many playtesters as well. 

i've considered doing a post-jam update to rectify these issues, but i'm not sure enough people would be interested.


Smedis2#7051, definitely could use an artist

this gave me the biggest, dumbest grin playing through it and i highly approve

Absolutely brilliant. The fact the enemy AI is based on their actual intended movements made me grin like an idiot.

having parallax scrolling while keeping everything readable was a huge priority and I'm glad to see it paid off. 

i responded to the other comment on a tip on how to beat the second boss if you need it.

hanging in a corner and staying still horizontally and jumping while Spark Drake is about to turn around is the most optimal strategy.  

The graphics are really pretty and the animation is quite gorgeous, but the mechanic of having to roughly estimate shots from a number and no real visual indicator is kind of weird. I think it would've been better had the camera panned over to show where everything is first.

Hello! I'm looking for a 3D modeller who's willing to make me some flat-shaded models in the style of games like Cyber-Sled and I-Robot. I'm working in Godot Engine, and can do music and programming but I've never been much of an artist. Discord is Smedis2#7051

Pick most of any of the Sega Genesis run and gun games, Gunstar Heroes, Contra: Hard Corps, etc


ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh I LOVE this one

The gameplay does drag a bit since it's just randomize setpieces, but the aesthetic tickles my brain in the best possible ways. Sure, it's more akin to a SNES SuperFX game than something like X on the Gameboy, but I still love it.

I think this game would've benefited from being made in a game engine instead of being made for real hardware. I like the weird world building and the general vibe going on here, but a game like this is a tall order for a game jam that's only about 2 weeks, compounded by having to develop and optimize it for the GB hardware. There's slowdown in spots where it doesn't seem like there should be, the movement feels janky and weird, combat is pretty basic, and all-around, I wasn't as impressed as I felt I should be, which is a shame, because I feel like there is a neat game concept in here.

An interesting idea with really nice graphics, but it doesn't have much in the way of longevity. I feel like there could've been more of a sense of increasing difficulty or something, but it starts to feel samey past the first few levels. The digging up and down mechanic is also kind of weirdly implemented. There could've been a spawning particle or something to indicate which way you were digging, so there didn't even need to be new animations.

Won't be able to submit anything since I was working on another game for another game + still getting used to using Godot Engine for 3D stuff.

i'm sorry as much as i can make it otherwise look as authentically ms-paint as possible i cannot live without layers if im working on comprehensible sprites As in, this classic.