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Pretty fun little game! It was surprisingly difficult, I couldn’t get past level 3, but still fun, I got to be pretty decent at quickly spotting the little round guys, and the music was good.

I like how the henchmen light up when your mouse is near them, and that you don’t have to put the mouse directly on them to select them, that made the game feel much more responsive and less annoying.

I was initially very confused on what to do because I tried to jump right in without reading the description and there’s no in game explanation or tutorial so I had to stop and read the description.

Overall, a very fun little game :)

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Thank you for the super detailed comment, this is really helpful feedback! I’ll try to respond to as many points as I can:

nice typewriter font, seems very fitting :)

Thanks! Meta found that hunting around on Google Fonts and specifically picked a creepy and somewhat obscure one to make it feel unique

Controls are layout-independent!

I’m glad other keyboard layouts work, although that was not intentional lol, I guess it’s just a side effect of the library I used

Dots to show interactions + dynamic indications: really user-friendly. :) Including the red colour; by the way, tints of grey + red is really great relatively to the theme.

Thanks! It took a few iterations to get them looking nice. They were originally grey, but they became extremely difficult to see

Ah, you can examine things only once! Actually, good to know what has already been done. :) BUT you have not to miss the lines!

It drives me crazy in games when you can interact with something over and over again and get the same results, this also made some other things slightly easier to code.

Just realizing now that the view (including top-view characters) and flashbacks are reminiscent of “Hotline Miami”. :)

Never played Hotline Miami, I was actually inspired by Darkwood

in the past: misspelling “themself” -> “themselves” (first one I spotted including the game page; I noticed the writing seemed conscientious :))

‘Themself’ is correct grammar when referring to a single person of indeterminate gender, or at least that’s what I was taught

dot on lamp not obvious, as there is a circle! XD Really small detail, nothing serious. Suggestion: maybe make the white dots’ opacity ‘oscillate’? This would help ensuring the dots are always visible. Maybe also add a black outline as safety, in case a dot gets displayed on a white element.

The dots originally did have a border, but we thought they looked ugly, but I might experiment with it a little more

You REALLY see the coffee stain rings on the coffee table! X) Awesome attention to detail.

Thanks :), Meta insisted that they be clearly visible

Weird, during the line on drawing people, the camera is centred on a couch with nobody on it (although I sat), and on one of the screen captures, this very same line is displayed while the character is shown sitting at the table… I wonder if it is a bug.

The player is there, but they’re hard to see due to low contrast, I’ll try to fix that for the next patch

Small detail I notice: the walking animation keeps the right frame when you turn. Yes, I am a sucker for checking details. ;)

Me too, I spent way too much time perfecting the player’s walk cycle. Did you notice that the characters shoulders and hands are visible above furniture, but their feet are not? It’s almost never noticeable in game but I spent an entire hour on it lol.

misprint? “somebody who wants to poison” -> “what somebody who wants to poison”

Thx, fixed for next patch

Takeaway: very atmospheric narrative game, both visually and for the ears, with awesome writing. Having the constraint materialize as a flashback is cunning. The debugging-turned-final feature of dots and the use of colour also made interacting very clear, including knowing whether some action is a point of no return or not.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

The only and obvious possible criticism I can really think of would be on gameplay: I tend to think having the player as an actor rather than a spectator is paramount, and even if you go for a heavily narrative game, you can still make things less linear or let some guesswork for the player, so if it were just me, I would wish there were something along those lines in the prototype and the final version, but it depends on what you want to achieve, and if your aim is to tell an interactive story, then discard this. ;)

This was for two reasons:

  • It was easier to code
  • We wanted the story to feel inevitable, we know the Escapist is already dead right? We didn’t want the player to feel like they could have any action that would save the Escapist in order to make the story feel more tragic. We may end up giving the mortician more agency though.

Tysm! It makes me so happy that you connected with the theme and tone!
And yeah, it was a lot of work, I basically spent 10 hrs a day for three days drawing furniture. Thankfully code-wise this game was pretty simple.

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! The little circles were actually originally for debugging, but I found them so useful I just left them in the game.

I like your ideas! We’ll definitely be adding more to spice up the both the flights and the moon exploration sequences. I think you’re right that the first few levels are too easy, Meta actually told me to make them more difficult but I ignored them lol. Designer hubris I guess. I’m glad you liked the artstyle! This is my first project with multiple artists and I’m so glad it didn’t end up discordant.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, it is pretty boring after the first few moons. This was way too ambitious for a jam game, we would have loved to add all the things you mentioned but unfortunately we did not have nearly enough time. The lack of any weapons was a deliberate choice though, I wanted chill pacifist vibes. Adding a progress bar is easy, I’ll throw that in the post-jam patch. I’m glad you liked it, expect more from us in the future!

Thanks for the feedback.

I admit, we were not expecting players to have difficulty figuring out the Stalkers, but in hindsight that makes sense given other creatures reactions to sound. I’ll go ahead and add a line suggesting that sound may help against Stalkers.

As for saving… I don’t really feel like it’s worth the effort to implement such a complicated feature in a three minute long jam game.

That was incredible! I loved the bossfight at the end!

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it!

That was amazing! It’s really challenging, but it’s so funny I kept at it just for the heck of it! Once you get past the steep learning curve it’s really really fun.

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Submission survey because we ran out of time to fill it out:

Team Members
Small Bug Games - Programming, Sound Design
MetaphysicalMonsters - Art
CoByte - Programming

Software used
Audacity, Medibang Pro, IntelliJ, Processing

Use of limitation
There is no way for the player to harm the creatures of the forest, they can only scare them away or escape.

Cookies eaten
None, but we did have some scones!

Wow that was good! I love the art and music, it makes for a really great atmosphere.

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Thanks again for the music! I’m planning on using your music again for another jam game. I’ll edit this to include the link and attribution once the project is submitted.

Here’s a link to the game

Wow that was clever, and really grim! I love the way you interpreted the limitation, I never would’ve thought of that. The art and atmosphere is really incredible and really pulls this game together!

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Thank you! As for the black screen, which version did you download and what level did this happen on if you remember? Also I really loved your team’s game by the way, it was really creative!

I can confirm that the MacOS build works, although I had to override my security settings

Hi! I'm planning on adding some of your music to my former jam game once the submission unlocks.  This is what the attribution will look like:

All music by Abstraction Music
racks used:
Ludum Dare 38 - Track Two
Ludum Dare 38 - Track Eight
Ludum Dare 28 - Track One
Ludum Dare 28 - Track Seven

Thanks for the amazing music!

Dev here-

I highly recommend you download through the app, it will make launching the game much much easier.

It seems to work just fine on Mac without needing to use the terminal if I launch it through the desktop app.

Really clever game btw, it's super relaxing!

Wow, this is really clever! I love the art, it's really well done. This is really fun, and really really difficult!

How do I run this on Mac? is labeled as if it can run on Mac but it only contains .exes

I managed to figure it out! The last level was really clever.

This is really fun! I love that I can make the bullet orbit myself then slam it into enemies. This is really delightful little game! 

Your game page is completely devoid of information (or maybe it just wasn't loading for me) so I had no idea what to expect from the game. Maybe add some text explaining a little about the game?

How do I advance the dialogue? Clicking doesn't seem to do anything, and it won't accept my keyboard inputs except for shoot.

Really cute! I love the art style and sounds effects. The premise is really neat, being able to make blocks move together. Could really do with a tutorial, I wasn't really sure what to do when I got to the third screen. I know it has something to do with flinging the blocks over the gap, but I'm not sure how to pull it off.