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You might want to try the forum on our website, someone may have had a similar issue ( make sure you describe your issue well and there will usually be people around to help.

You need to contact Itch for that I am afraid. This page may be of help:

Sorry Meezl, we will keep this version up to date. We had a rocky launch which made us think we would not be able to launch on steam for a week so we were pointing people here, then that changed so we wanted to point them back to steam in case they really wanted to buy there.

Either way that is over now so there is no need for that sentence any more. I will remove it!

We still have the old free version available at GameJolt and IndieDB

Great way to gather lots of feedback quickly!


You can do so on our forum:

If you get a crash we would appreciate the crash dump files. This post on steam forum explains what to do with them!

You may need to speak to itch about that. Maybe try accessing the page with a computer?

If that does not help I would contact itch support.

That is great! We tried to keep harder difficulties challenging! Let us know if you have any thoughts for further improvements.

This page should help:

This may help:

But you should head to the page you were sent by itch and it should have a button to get the steam key!

Steam release will happen TODAY after all, we have been approved! just working out the details! FULL STEAM AHEAD!

We have sent a message out to backers now!

Steam sets the prices differently in various locations and we have just gone for what steam suggested to yes it could be different on steam. Itch do not do this.

Having a minor issue with backers and getting an itch key to them, give us a moment.

Hi Raux. Did you get this sorted? You may need to contact Itch support if you cannot get the key.

This page may help:

You can request the email again and on your page should be a link to get the steam key.

Hi! Sorry to hear that! You can purchase and play the game through this site at the moment! The purchase includes a download (this is the full early access version that will be up on steam next week) for you to download and run now and also a steam key that will allow download of the game through steam next week. So if your son can cope with running the game without steam for a week you can purchase and play the game here now!

This should help:

The game is currently going though Beta testing on steam. Only a few weeks to go and there will be  plenty more levels! Make sure you get your steam key.

Hi jthoward88

I am going to do a check of forum members to see if they should or should not have the badge soon. If you are signed up to the forum it should appear then!


Hi! I will take a look at this over the next couple of days on the forum. We are currently in crunch time trying to get the last few things done before Early Access

No problem! We know there will still be issues with the Linux build but we will solve them!

You should be able to download the backers demo and also you should get a steam key. The steam key will not yet be downloadable but you can download the backers demo from You should have been emailed a link to the download.

Hi Sdenning81.

The steam version of the game is not out yet, and will be releasing in a couple of months. At the moment you can play the backers demo which you will have been given links to download via can you tell us if you are having trouble playing the backers version?