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I really like this take in reverse tower defense. Game itself simple to start but has it depth. Took me a while to find good strategies. Plus graphics is lean and cute.

Thanks. Something to play until Phantom Liberty release ;-)

Неожиданный поворот после первого уровня ;)

Игре бы не помешала большая вариантивность.

Офигенная игра. Залип до конца. Вот эта смесь простого менеджмента и живых историй заходит на ура. Я бы с удовольствием поиграл в полную версию такой игры. Добавить чуть больше глубины в менеджмент, больше историй и получается суперски. Чем то напомнило papers, please.

Динамичненько. Эта рожа у здания мне теперь сниться в кошмарах будет.

"Падал прошлогодний снег" какой то. Ещё и музычка в голове застряла. Понравился простой арт. 

Только скажите откуда в декабре земляника в лесу?

Thanks for feedback. You are right, popups breaks rhytm.

Couldn't solve game fully. It it a very interesting concept of using two boxes and switch between them to solve physical puzzles. Would love to see a full game based on this mechanic. 

I like the concept of the game. Music is nice and backgrounds looks cool. Was a bit hard to figure out what button to use and I just clicked all of them every time.

Спасибо :)

Спасибо за отзыв!

Игра в жизнь всегда актуальна. Идея с рандомизацией интересная. Привычные фигуры не собирались, а уникальные периодически появляются.

Вообще очень интересный микс. С одной стороны похоже на айдлер и тайкун, но, то что надо бегать конкретным персонажем прям добавляет интереса. 

Мне почему то сразу вспомнился Anomaly:Warzone.

Если не считать технических мелочек (управление, отсутствие туториала), то выходит вполне залипательная игра. Ну и строить фаанг компании весело.

Блин, я туплю, но что нажимать?

Thanks a lot!

Gameplay is so addictive. I enjoyed a lot.

The best part is a proper timing of when to reload between enemies. I found it challenging but very fair.

Graphics is nice. Despite enemies being photos I didn't really care and was feel nice shooting bad guys.

Very addictive game with an awesome art. I also like that music theme.

This is one of the best settings I've ever played. Many war games are about killing people. This one actually shows the real side of a war. It gives sad feeling when you loose people and can't do much because too many of them are dying. The game brings me very strong emotions.

On a technical side: art is top and sound is immersive. One of the best games on a jam. Hat off.

I like this type of game and I've never seen one about ships. Small choices make me feel connection with crew. 

This game is pretty good considered it's done in a few days. Would love to play final version.

Wow! That is awesome to hear. Obviously game is free to play for anyone!

Too hard. I always loose :(

While gameplay is simple everything feels like real game I would happy to play (and maybe pay). History part was educational as well.

Your review is a beautiful continuation of the game.

Thank you.

Cool art and story. And cute dog too!

Cool gameplay. I couldn't make it and ship sank. At least I did it historically accurate :D

Ps. visited that museum once. One of my favorites!

Nice small game. Not much from mechanics perspective. I wish it has keyboard button instead mouse (pretty hard to play on touchpad)

Game is pretty much tower defense but enemies don't go same route. Nice twist on genre. I found it bit easy because I was able to build wall just from the beginning.

Simple, yet nice approach to present historical event.

Hight effort game. Backgrounds are awesome. My favorite part is a history itself. It was interesting to know about these events.

Funny game. I'm not quite sure I understood how to play it.

Super fun gameplay. Simple but addictive. Multiplayer version could be awesome to play.

Nice introduction to that moment of history. Pretty cool gameplay idea. It was a bit hard to find cities sometime.

Interesting approach to mix game and vide. Too short. Would love to see some evolution of that idea.

Gameplay is awesome. I'm missing  games about ships. Sank one time before get it :D

Despite simplicity game has a very nice style. I enjoyed playing it.

This reminds me pictures in fantasy books. Got a memories about inspecting Middle-earth. Very cool to see this can be generated.

So cure. I like this visual style. Can easily imagine this being in a game.

Thank you for kind words.

Thanks for valuable feedback!

Incredible game for gamejam. Nice art, mechanics. It also requires some tactical thinking. 

Would be really cool to see more enemies, levels, cards.