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Okay! :D

I've seen the nightly build and it looks great. I love the new features but i wanna ask, when will 1.0 fully release with all the features and all? (No rush ofc /gen)

I'm currently stuck unable to play it (full version)

I keep getting errors

Godot Engine v3.4.4.stable.official.419e713a2 - OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL ES Batching: ON   2022/07/25 19:33:18 Game version: 1.3.1 OS: Windows ERROR: Connection lost with the server. clean: False    at: call (modules/gdscript/gdscript_functions.cpp:774) - Connection lost with the server. clean: False connection closed ERROR: Condition "!is_connected_to_host()" is true. Returned: FAILED    at: put_packet (modules/websocket/wsl_peer.cpp:243) - Condition "!is_connected_to_host()" is true. Returned: FAILED WARNING: Unable to send data to the server    at: call (modules/gdscript/gdscript_functions.cpp:788) - Unable to send data to the server ERROR: Connection lost with the server. clean: True    at: call (modules/gdscript/gdscript_functions.cpp:774) - Connection lost with the server. clean: True

Where'd you find the "Download for Playdate" sticker for the cover? or did you make it?

But you can...?

open PICO8, open your project and type "export exportedgame.bin" for windows, or "export exportedgame.html" for HTML5

you might need to press F2 to capture a cover image of your game.

You might be able to, but frankly I doubt it.

For PICO8, your tools for publishing games are heavily limited. Technichally, You can with the export command in the pico8 console, but there isn't really a market for commercial PICO8 games, because there are already so many available for free and open source on the BBS forum and here on itch.

That's extremely difficult to enforce for such a small company, and PICO-8 Games (and fantasy console games in general) are rarely profitable, so it wouldn't be enough to make a living.

If you're looking for an open source/free tool I reccomend TIC-80 (which has a pro version for 10$, though you can go to the github repo and compile the pro version for free, and they even encourage it) or PixelVision8 (although PV8 isn't very simillar to PICO8 or TIC-80 from what i've heard.)

The Unity Business model just doesn't work for this type of tool.

Is the purchase transferable?

Because it's software that takes time and effort to create, if you don't want to pay, you should probably look elsewhere (Like for example, Pixel Vision 8)

The title explains it, Do I need to submit my SCP to the SCP wiki, or can I put the SCP data in the project description?

I was reading the "User Readme" and saw there was a discord server, is it still up? how can i join it?

i got the banana ending on my first playthrough


Thank you! Is the 'Nightly' version available with the steam betas feature or is it exclusive to itch?

So I know theres a lite free version, and i've seen on the buy page there are 2 versions, pro and 'Nightly', whats the difference between them all?

this game is amazing, music is crazy, detection is a bit wonky but overall great experience

What a masterpiece, this was amazing to be made in such a short time frame

Its a great game, the art & animations was a bit flashy but thats the only thing i don't really like about it, with a bit of tweaking and an endless mode, this could be a great mobile game

So emotional

The only thing i really want to change with my game (that would make it 2 handed) is to add aiming with the mouse instead of Auto-Aim.

I asked one of the moderators on the discord and they said:

"sure, you can do that. make sure your submission follows the limitation though. you could make web build one hand control and then include a downloadable with option to have classic controls"

after the jam ends, I'll make the non-jam controls the default one (that plays in browser)

I really hate 1 handed controls, and was wondering if i can make 2 control profiles, Jam Controls and Classic Controls, so i can play without needing a hand thats doing nothing.

isn't it, free? what?

Yay :)

Didn't he stop doing youtube and game jams?

I Would recommend either using free to use music or gathering a team for this jam

Just DO IT!

Don't let your dreams be dreams

Just DO IT!

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I Made this small music library with music I made for people to use in their games called SlimeyyTunes, If any of you need some free music for your games, you can get it here (I Will be adding more tunes during and after the jam)

a local broker server, the server that connects everything together

Where can I find the documentation?

Very Good Game

Cookie Jam 2021! community · Created a new topic first pog

i mean its pretty pog

very good game



hehe its weird because I can't draw (lmao)

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll be sure to keep that in mind

the game doesn't run