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Sleipnir Dreamware

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That sounds awesome! Please give us a short hint, when you are done. Thank you!

Hi Frog,

does your plugin work on looping maps on MV? We are currently working with an other plugin, but the foodprints disappear on looping maps when the player passes the koordinates round about X 8 and Y 6. So if your plugin doesnt have this bug, we may change.

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The answer is not that simple to define.

Of all lines of Code there are still 22% lines of the original RPG Maker MV Code XD 

So RPG Maker MV it is for the time being.

The Hunter of Falkenberg by Sleipnir Dreamware (

THE HUNTER OF FALKENBERG is a 16 bit action rpg inspired by games like "The Witcher" and "Secret of Mana". Experience a memorable story, explore a dark fantasy world, use your sword and magic to hunt wicked monsters, find epic treasures and conquer the hearts of beautiful women.

Sigurd, The Hunter of Falkenberg | Cinematic Trailer - YouTube

Really nice idea and the I like how you did the theme. But I couldn't really figure out the controls. 

Was hoping to give a few ratings to least rated games, but yours unfortunately doesn't load. :(

I really liked your game! Really nice idea! It surely was fun!

Thank you 🤩

Sure, give us an update. I definetely want to try it again :)

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I'm the musician in our dev-team, and this idea is so aweseome! at least some creative output could make it onto here! Keep up the good work!

Kalle from Sleipnir :)

Some minor boofs with the floors, but all in all a cool idea and a good little puzzle game :)

Little short, but very nice game :)

Really enjoyed this one :)

Neat looking game, mechanics worked. With a bit more time you could improve on some of the sim mechanics to make it more complex :)

This was so good. Really enjoyed the idea. "joined together" was translated well in this game. looking forward to a version with more levels and maybe some music in background :)

The game itself is a bit confusing. But I would love seeing a  polished  version  of  this!

Really like the idea of "joined together" means connected to  cameras. The puzzleelement is good as well. Good game!

Cool animations!
On my first try I pushed the chest into the wall and was softlocked :D

Cool game!

I liked the introduction via discovering the texts on the floor. It looks pretty neat too. The music had some weird crackling that prevented me from enjoying it and I got killed by the flying guys all the time and couldnt figure out how to get them. 

Cool music and cute models!
I could not figure out how to pick up chicks, though.

Would love to hear your opinion about our submission as well! :)


Good to know! :) Feel free to also check out our jam game. :)

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I really like the art and music! The game was really cute! The jump could have been a bit higher, but besides that I really had fun. The dimension swap mechanic was really good as well! Feel free to also check out our jam game. :)

Sry man, not much of a game. And it seems to be broken, I guess? Played twice, second time I couldn't get to the point I got stuck the first time.
Maybe, when getting further in the game, the idea of "joined together" opens up more, but couldn't see it up to my point of progress.

But I like the visual artstyle and the concept of having a "text adventure" in your mobile. Idea turned out good to me, but as said: maybe there are some bugs that need to be fixed.

Took me a while to understand the mechanics and how to jump. But I really like the idea. The art and music is also very nice! Good job!

Nice music and idea! The graphics were a bit bugged for me though. 

Sry man, the game wasn't for me. I really like your idea of "joined together" meaning  being thrown into a zombie apocalypse and having to manage your ressources to stand a chance though! Very creative :)

I really like the the idea of a small puzzle game, though I'm not the  puzzle-friend. But the theme of a skribblestyle game really matches that "small game" concept very well :)

Think the idea of "joined togther" is well represented here. Nice work :)

So the download-version worked! I didn't manage to get all bananas, but I really had fun playing your game! The physics was quite interesting and took a bit to get used to. :D

Will try later this evening!

Would love if you take a look at ours then as well. :)

Overall nice idea, but the controls confused me a bit i have to say.

Your Game doesn't want to load all the way, as in many submissions, the Unity WebGL Build is broken :(

Too bad there is no game at the linked page. :/

Sorry, the link to the game doesn't work :(

Sorry, no game here. :(

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What made this game a bit difficult was, that falling letters that touched the leash added to the word. However, it was fun to play. :) Feel free to also check out our jam game. :)

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This game really captures the jam theme well. It really could have used a soundtrack though. It felt a bit boring without any music. The game was overall fun though! Feel free to also check out our jam game. :)

Uh, nice Game. The Idea with the light ist great and the riddles are getting pretty hard for me (in a good way) :)

Great artstyle and cool idea, but i fear i'm pretty bad when it comes to the minotaur. They catch me every time :D

Game doesn't properly load/start. :(

Nice shooter! I felt pretty powerful pretty quickly! Bang bang bang! : D