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this is so adorable and so charming! no wonder it got such high rating!


haha it was a bug

if gamemaker has a game crashing bug it just turns black when its on web form and it turned out my sine variable was not set before reading or something like that

  • hello there my friend
game was great

audio was awesome as USUAL


thank you so much for writing this! i agree, the rocks shooting you was a bit unecessary on its own. i really wanted to solidify that they were enemies you were swapping with to fit to the theme, but it ended up being frustrating to players. I really like your idea as using that as a mechanic, but I'm not sure how lmao. thanks so much though, your critique is much appreciated!

thank you!

i know what you mean haha


thank you!

controls should be fixed after the jam!

holy scuffed

well otherwise you would just fall through then wouldnt you... 

thanks so much! sounds were a lot of fun to make and im so glad you liked the art!

yeah seems to be a general consensus. kinda wanted them to be enemies of some sort so i could fit the theme

lmao forgot to code that

Wow, i originally thought the controls were too slippery but man they're just perfect! Great game with high skill level and great art

haha this was AWESOME! going to tour website i was already charmed by your cool artwork. Clear idea, fun levels, mechanics are cool! 

yeah, honestly i can see how it is diffcult for players to play and having W as the jump key was a mistake. Thanks for playing!

Game was fun! The goal was a bit unclear but aside that the game was fun to try and work out!

unfortunately there was a game-crashing bug after level 6 and I wasn't able to fix it in time. Thanks for playing and yeah, I should have used another key to swap. Space was just my go-to for coding and I guess I never changed it lol

cute game with a charming art style!

haha i quite liked this! even though the graphics are minimalistic it looks good and is fun to play!


we actually planned the character to have a collection unit like a bowl above the character to collect raindrops! in the end, it never made the cut.

glad you liked the game!

Thanks! i'll probably update the game to be less jank after the voting period. 

already considering adding a new enemy, different attacks, fixing music issues, and now probably decreasing cooldown time, so thanks for your input!

i might just try that, thanks!

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you guys made this in 48 hours?

this game made me laugh, especially with the otamatone noises

 very well done 5/5 game, top 20 at least

the game idea is really unique! i don't know if it was just me or it got really laggy sometimes

thanks! i thought control switching was something unique, and it kinda worked out in the end.

as if my game couldn't be hard enough!

i agree. dang pre-planned trips always messing up my game jams

especially GMTK. :/

thanks! the dice sprite was a real struggle so i'm glad you liked it!

i considered having a poker chips enemy, real bummer i wasn't able to add it

also the music looping is such a pain in the butt that i haven't figured out that comes with exporting gms2 games to html

thanks for the feedback!

the music is great, the aesthetic is great. this is the first game that is so simple but is so fun to play.

 top tier game!

great choice of music! i destroyed the AI every time which gave me a massive ego boost
great game, interesting concept!

i found a way to just spam the dice when the game was sped up. The atmosphere, music and looks are awesome! 

The music is awesome! Although the physics are a bit floaty, I like the sound effects!

the game has a great concept! the game is a bit difficult though, and I ended up cheesing the game by clipping into the walls. I also loved the sound effects and music!

vimlark never disappoints

The game looks great, and the gameplay is fun. I wish the dice timer was slower, but other than that, it's a good game!