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How do I download this?

Im struggling to incorporate the theme into my game in a way that it's not expository, and would be obvious to the player. Its implied to me, the writer, that this thing is evil reincarnate, but Im bad at my job, lol.

Just to clarify, in this post are you saying that we can write a sentence in the description as a valid incorporation of the theme?

Oof. With the 1 week restriction, my son and I only managed to make artwork and the opening scene for a game. He asked me to post some some lamentations about how we hadn't enough time. *shrug*

I hope he learned something at least. Did anyone manage to finish anything? Looking forward to seeing them all!

We are just going to roll oir project along, cause we put so much effort in. Good luck y'all.

thank you very much, I appreciate the clarification.

what do you mean, though? are we prevented from HAVING an inventory or should there be no access to an inventory?

thanks for the clarification.

I'm Sleepy Gary.  3 years ago, my (then) 5 year old son Stinky Boorito and I started a project about a man and his stegosaurus fighting bad guys called "Ike & Noonie". We used paper cutouts for the background elements as well as Ike and Noonie themselves. My son drew all the monsters and enemies, all of which were scanned and animated digitally.  If I had realized there was a 2018 and 2019 jam, we would have joined those, too.

This year, we are making a Fighting/Street brawl superhero game (think Maximum Carnage) about a super hero who is/makes/projects(?) fire, tentatively called "Fire Man". (My son names these games.) We are going to be using clay for the characters, which I will then photograph and animate in the traditional style of stop motion, probably paper and other elements for the background, and maybe some toys for other elements in-game. We're hoping to have at least 1-3 levels complete by the end of the month, but we'll see...

Good luck, everyone! We look forward to viewing/playing your submissions!

I believe the project file is lost. Unless I was smart enough to back it up somewhere, this game is as complete as it's going to get.

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Holy cow. I suck at actually dev'ing games, lol.

Sorry my friends.
Edit: I seem to have lost the original project file for this game. My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

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Can I make a game that only follows a few of the guidelines? For instance,  can I make a 1 room game with a character that doesn't leave, but interacts with other characters via electronic communications over the course of a day or 2?

Sleepy Game Jam community · Created a new topic The Rules
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Can you please explain "Don't be a bigot"? 

I want to make a game about Drumpf and why he needs to be removed, but I feel like doing so would disqualify my game for bigotry. Can we get a little clarity, please? Are there any more guidelines so I can work safely within the framework of the rules? 
Thank you.

The deadline has been extended! Give us a demo or something! We're pulling for you.

oh laawdy! Dis iss wunderbar! 

I gave up on my game yesterday. 

Decided today that if I had until Feb 23, I would continue working on it some.

And when I logged in, I find this awesome news. SWEET! I'll probably finish my game, I guess.

Hi! I was wondering if, in a few days time, I uploaded a "beta" version of my game (just in case  I get no further progress), could I upload a better version at a later point in time, before the jam finishes? I want to upload a completed game, but reupload a new version after I've added some polish and other quality of life improvements


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Hello! I own this tileset from a while back on steam, and my question is: Do I have the same license agreement as this pack (i.e. can I use the tiles in a non RM-game/engine?)

I am working on a game for an event that started on October 1, and I am wondering if I could join this jam, and submit the game that was made under the same constraints as this jam, even though I started it for another? 

hello! It's probably my dungball of a PC, but I can't get this to run. I keep getting a crash. Do you have any video of it in action? I would really like to at least see it being played. Thanks!

This is really cool, It needs music and sound, but I LOVE the atmosphere. Creepy to the max. Is it supposed to be a horror-esque game? It works, IMHO. Nice work!

Lol, I really loved this it was pretty cool! I had 1 minor issue, though. Since I like to use WASD, and Ctrl was set up for fire...I had some mishaps where it would be ctrl+W/A/S/D, and activate a shortcut (usually trying to save the webpage! :P)
I really like the visuals. Are you going to expand it farther? BTW, did you notice that the hearts in your game are nearly identical in shape to the hearts in mine? hahahaha. the colors are different but they look like they were drawn by the same people! I know they can't be, because i did mine. keep up the good work!

I like the additions and where this is going. Looking forward to more.

oh crap! I forgot to add the music....And thanks, yeah we are going to develop it a bit further to at least get 3-5 levels for this installation. (Still can't believe I forgot to include the music...)

I will try that out, thanks!

This is really cool! Did you make this in Blender or another program? Very impressive work, are you going to develop it further?