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The deadline has been extended! Give us a demo or something! We're pulling for you.

oh laawdy! Dis iss wunderbar! 

I gave up on my game yesterday. 

Decided today that if I had until Feb 23, I would continue working on it some.

And when I logged in, I find this awesome news. SWEET! I'll probably finish my game, I guess.

Hi! I was wondering if, in a few days time, I uploaded a "beta" version of my game (just in case  I get no further progress), could I upload a better version at a later point in time, before the jam finishes? I want to upload a completed game, but reupload a new version after I've added some polish and other quality of life improvements


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Hello! I own this tileset from a while back on steam, and my question is: Do I have the same license agreement as this pack (i.e. can I use the tiles in a non RM-game/engine?)

I am working on a game for an event that started on October 1, and I am wondering if I could join this jam, and submit the game that was made under the same constraints as this jam, even though I started it for another? 

hello! It's probably my dungball of a PC, but I can't get this to run. I keep getting a crash. Do you have any video of it in action? I would really like to at least see it being played. Thanks!

This is really cool, It needs music and sound, but I LOVE the atmosphere. Creepy to the max. Is it supposed to be a horror-esque game? It works, IMHO. Nice work!

lol, yeah, I spent a lot of time just bouncing off of the flowers. I shot a lot, too, but bouncing had a satisfying feel. Is the player supposed to shoot all the flowers, or only certain ones? Also, are you going to develop this further? *Thumbs up*

Lol, I really loved this it was pretty cool! I had 1 minor issue, though. Since I like to use WASD, and Ctrl was set up for fire...I had some mishaps where it would be ctrl+W/A/S/D, and activate a shortcut (usually trying to save the webpage! :P)
I really like the visuals. Are you going to expand it farther? BTW, did you notice that the hearts in your game are nearly identical in shape to the hearts in mine? hahahaha. the colors are different but they look like they were drawn by the same people! I know they can't be, because i did mine. keep up the good work!

I like the additions and where this is going. Looking forward to more.

oh crap! I forgot to add the music....And thanks, yeah we are going to develop it a bit further to at least get 3-5 levels for this installation. (Still can't believe I forgot to include the music...)

I will try that out, thanks!

This is really cool! Did you make this in Blender or another program? Very impressive work, are you going to develop it further?

Hello! I've been trying to get your game to run, maybe it's just my comp, but it crashes everytime I start it. I double click and then I am told it crashed and I don't have the symbols necessary to see.

So here's my dilemma...

I downloaded this game from a few days ago. I played it, loved it. Real good game, great. 

Then tonight, I am going through my Steam Library, and i remember I have purchased it. With real money. If I can furnish evidence of my copy, how can I acquire a copy of the soundtrack? 


Konami requires the Castlevania name only be used on pachinko machines. #FucKonami

how do I play this, even a demo? i need it in my life.

Will do! I have been having mic issues, but i am going to try with a phone and see if I can get decent sound.

Hey, I noticed you are still working on this, so I figured I'd inform you of a bug:
When you get to the fly and give it life, if you take back the life before it flies to the top, you can lock yourself on the left side with no way to progress.
Keep up the good work!

Oh man, if the hand had a shoe, and the TV turned on after a good beating, it would be just like my friends old TV. lol, thanks for the fun and reviving good memories!

Hey everybody, I am going to be making a video featuring playthroughs of all the entries that are available. Nice work, I've played a couple so far, but I am going to keep the rest a surprise.

oh, cool! I was wondering if it was a demo (like mine will be).
I really like the aesthetic and the atmosphere, and I am looking forward to the full game. Have you got an idea of when that might be? Good luck!

I really dig the aesthetics, and the atmosphere. But I seem to be stuck! The sink in the bathroom has a question mark, but activates nothing. Also, the couch by the fridge, and the white (picture?) on the wall both have question marks but no text or actions associated with them. I can't seem to progress past looking into the fridge for food. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

My boy and I have done a mix of digital/analog animations. We used paper cutouts with individual pieces making up our characters and other objects, and positioned them digitally, exporting each changed position as a new frame. It's been tedious to the max, but it looks really cool. A whole lot better than I had originally thought it might. (unfortunately, we haven't gotten as much done as I'd hoped. too much time in the details.)

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A surreality exploration simulator. I don't have enough time to implement my full vision, since i am learning blender and got started about 9 or 10 days ago, but I plan on expanding it a little and making it a little more full.

My son and I are going to work on a paper game featuring T-rexes, octopi, and lots of machine guns. Interested? We don't have a solid plan laid out yet, but thats the gist of it.