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Removed my submission

A topic by Cold Sweat Games created 99 days ago Views: 84 Replies: 6
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Hi Everyone, 

I joined this jam with the intent on learning some new artistic techniques that I had never embarked on before. I have accomplished those goals. 

But unfortunately achieving those goals was at the detriment of the gameplay experience of Moonlight Drive.  Simply put: it was no fun, and mechanically frustrating to play.  Plus a myriad of technical problems from trying to blast through some areas to get to others meant I'd be spending unfortunately large amounts of time fixing what became of them, and axing features. 

I decided to restart the Moonlight Drive project from scratch last night. 

But it will be a while before I have anything truly worth playing, and with only 9 days left, I decided it best to retract my submission and recess into the dark corners of my own little world to quietly work away at this game that I've found myself inspired once again to make. 

Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey here in this jam, I wish everybody the best of luck with their submissions (I cant wait to check some of these out). If you'd like to follow the development of Moonlight Drive, throw me a quick Follow here on itchio and the Moonlgiht Drive DevLogs will wind up in your itch inbox. 

The thing is, as fans of this genre, I would certainly love objective and subjective feedback as the game progresses form you, the #hardboiledjam community.  Your expertise in the genre would can only stand to help Moonlight Drive's legitimacy, as this is sadly an area where I , myself, need to spend a lot more time in researching. 

Thank you all again for having me!


~ Kyle
Cold Sweat Games 


Ay, sorry that happened to your project. I myself am personally not submitting to my own jam lmao bc I decided to start late. i started this jam out of the anxiety to finish something but also bc I wanted to see more types of games in this theme.  Your concept so far was pretty cool and I hope that you will be able to finish it at some point. But game dev is not only about finishing things at the deadline, it's also just about the process of creation. (well that's all art forms)

I can extend the deadline, but I have a feeling it may not be enough time and it may ruin the purpose of game jamming. I keep a look out on your dev logs. I check itch religiously so I know I will see them.

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I appreciate that greatly! I'm glad to hear you found the concept interesting :) 

Nah dont extend the deadline, it's ok. I could have opted to just power through this and release something, but I wouldn't have been happy with it. This wasn't an easy decision to make but it is the right one.  

I will definitely be updating the Devlogs with progress with the refreshed project


It takes real dedication to look at your game and think: I must restart this.   I commend you and look forward to the final release, whenever it may be. 

I appreciate that, thank you :) I hope it can live up to my own lofty expectations heh :D

The deadline has been extended! Give us a demo or something! We're pulling for you.


definitely not against it if I can pull something together by then :)